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Inuaki — reptile in me.

Hawa Ariana. Inuaki — reptile in me. Extraordinary discoveries about the past, present and future of Earth


This conversation Romanian woman psychologist Ariana Chava with an unusual boy who says that the past is embodied Inua spent on the planet, which is next to Orion. In the dialogue, says David Arians about the planet and life on it, as well as for the planet Earth and the purpose of his coming to earth.

It happened cloudy summer morning. It was unbearably stuffy, and I decided to open the window, hoping the fresh air clear the air. I could not shake the feeling of discomfort — weighed in the solar plexus — and I know that it is an internal warning of more severe discomfort, that were to follow. I hoped with all my heart that my fears will prove false, especially since this morning was to be a new boy.

Exactly at the agreed time, he came into the room with her mother.

Quite malchenok, but what proud! Blue eyes the color of a summer sky, tousled brown hair, dressed in a clearly new jeans and a blue T-shirt with the inscription “Love me”.

I think it would be great if we all dressed the children in clothing with the words, “Love me.” So we’d never forget. He looked at me for a long moment and then resolutely sat down. I learned Vrochem, this information was already in the map, that his name was David (not his real name) and he was seven years old.
Usually, in a little while, when I feel I can safely interact with the child, I ask accompanying parents to wait in the lobby. To my surprise, David had asked her mother to leave.

Intrigued by his reaction, especially because nothing like this was not even mentioned, I tried to find an explanation. It turns out that his mother brought here because he “heard a voice in his head, as if on the phone,” with which he speaks and says everything that you get, including, for example, how to get a certain level of computer games. The answers he received the boy, always correct.

I asked him if there was a voice name for the boy replied that he was calling him Aghton that he is from another constellation, from which came and David in the process of reincarnation, that they have agreed to keep in touch throughout his stay here, in this ground. I asked him how he was going to stay here. In response, he said that if you count like this, somewhere 200 years, but that soon we will take the time in a different way, so he can not speak.

We talked for about an hour and I was more and more impressed by the maturity and depth of his answers. Clarifying how during the conversation, some of which belonged to the “voice of the phone.”

Before you cross the threshold of the door, David turned to me and said that last night, after he learned that in the morning he’ll take me Aghton asked him to a psychologist that he personally asked to write down everything that will be discussed, even if I do not like it, asked to believe that all that will be said is real, and not worry about the vase, I broke this morning, trying to close the window.

Imagine how scared I was at those words, because I was the only one who knew about it!

So I was given a confirmation that all that the boy had been true. It was as if a dark veil ripped from my eyes. Then I realized how unfounded were all my ideas about them audible voice, as the fruit of the imagination, from esoteric nature of life, prone to schizophrenia, or history, the source of which was to be above the rest, above average.

So I came to my present position — position of the writer. Under his direction, I tried to collect and present all the most important information. I present to you his message in the form in which they came to me, without amendment, of the authenticity and accuracy.

Thank you for taking the time to this book. Some consider it fiction, others would understand. In the former, I’m sorry, the second wish to find your way and to realize its mission.

During the second meeting, the boy seemed much closer. As if we had known each other a long time. Between us now and then that feeling of kinship, KOTRA is shared by only old friends.

I asked, do I ask questions, or he will tell us how he likes. Moment’s thought, he said that it will be easier to answer questions.

Ariana: What’s your name here on earth?
David David.

A: Do you have any other names?
A: Not now. I have had many names, but now — just one.

A: What should I call you?
D: David

A: Why?
A: Because now it — my name.

A: In the beginning you said you came here from another planet in the process of reincarnation. You know what it’s called?
A: It’s called Inua and next to Orion.

A: And its inhabitants are also called Inua?
A: No, they are called inuaki.

A: So you — inuaki?
D: I was inuaki, now I — Earthman.

A: What is your ex-planet?
A: It’s a beautiful land.

A: The relief there is the same?
A: Almost. There is water, mountains, fields, only plants others. Color of trees like silver there, just a little whiter.

A: There are times of the year?
D: Yes, but not like this. There is no winter and snow, only rain. And the leaves of the trees do not fall. And it is not as hot as this summer.

A: There’s seas and oceans?
A: Yes, the sea called Avata and oceans surim. There are fish, just a different color. In fact, all there other color.

A: What is this color?
D: Other. I do not know .. The same colors, but more faded. Red does not look like the local red, looks more like a red-and-white.

A: That is pink?
A: No, not as bright, as if a layer of white on it.

A: A inuaki what they look like? They — the people?
A: No, they — inuaki. Resemble lizards, but also to people, too.

A: So they — reptiles?
A: No, they — inuaki.

A: Can I write one?
A: They are tall, about how this bookcase (2 m), walk on their feet, they have two hands, like ours, but only three fingers, yet they have a wide and fairly strong tail. They have white skin and golden-violet eyes. Speak as we like them.

A: What is “they”?
D: So in my mind. They say something mentally and others hear.

A: How the messages that get you?
D: Yes, exactly.

A: A skin? What is it? With the scales?
A: No. Soft, velvety, like ours. Only they have no hair, no eyebrows.

A: Do they have teeth?
A: Yes.

A: What inuaki eat these?
A: The food, as we do, but without the meat. They eat what we might call the fruit, vegetables and seeds.

A: These plants are grown, as we are?
A: In a way yes, but this does not take that much time.

A: That is?
A: They need to plant the seed, add a bit of water and think about when you want to get results — they poyavyatsya exactly when you’ve decided.

A: That is, if I want to get the apples tomorrow, tomorrow they can be collected from the tree?
A: Not so fast. The shortest period of time — two calls.

A: What is the treatment?
D: Treatment of a planet around its axis. About 5 Earth days.

A: And everyone is gathering fruit?
A: Yes. Or, if you need to, say, you did not think in time, you can ask anyone — all ready to help. But this rarely happens.

A: And how is this miracle? As inuakam not get everything they want? Fertile land?
A: In a way, yes. The soil there is different from the local, in any case, it is very clean. But do not think that’s enough. Important intention. You ask for something from the Matrix, and it is realized, no matter what you asked. They do not ask for more than what they need. Nothing more. Everything is fresh. Keep food in the fridge does not make sense when you can get everything at any time. It makes no sense to ask for more, because it is to lose, and this is not like the Matrix.

A: And how does this happen? Sadish grain and think about when it should grow?
A: Approx. Sadish grain watered a bit of water, fill it with light and love, and, then, ask to connect with his universal matrix, from which it can obtain all the necessary information about how to age in a period that you need. At that moment the lights go inside the grain and begins to flow out in the form of a luminous thread that connects the sensor. Thus begins the process.

A: And after you have collected fruit and vegetables, what happens to the plant?
A: It will remain, but future benefits will only be used as seed. Then it dries, and you ask that it quickly broke down into the elements of which it was created, not to create a ballast for the planet.

A: So, you are no trash?
A: Almost none. They do not waste, because there is no packaging and household waste. Where, though, is something to throw away, it refers to a special location where work inuaki to help it expand into primary particles. Therefore, there exists mountains of garbage and abandoned things.

A: Well, if someone would refer trash in a special place, but just throw on the road?
A: Why would anyone do that? I’ve never heard of such! This just makes no sense.

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  1. This comes from a source that is probably pro-Anunnaki (because the name’s so similar) and wants us to think that all Anunnaki are peaceful, kind and harmless.

    It says that we were supposed to be in the 5th dimension since 2012 after a period of 3 months. Is anyone else in the ‘5th Dimension’ or did I miss that train-ride? And what’s with the ritual Sunday worship that’s encouraged? I’m guessing the grammar and spelling is so terrible because of the translation. But the way it’s presented it is so muddy and unclear.


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