Monday, April 22, 2024

Inversion and the Upside Down

John and I speculated about the potential reality of what is referred to as “The Upside Down” in Stranger Things. We also discussed the THX-1138-like underground facilities that house copies of people and it’s newest pop culture depiction in the movie “US”. These movies seem to be imitating a place I have been to- a very dark place. Is the darkness we see permeating into our reality being supplemented by intentionally opening portals to a negative realm that we once did everything in our power to keep from interacting with our world? Does the Luciferian Order have pacts with entities from this inverted realm and perform rituals to invoke them? We ask questions and present information but come to no completely solid conclusions. This is one simply to make you think, and to hopefully help lend more pieces to the puzzle through the collective. As always- think for yourself and use discernment. We are disclosure. -Ark


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