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It matters not whether people believe or not believe

Hi James,

I first came across your youtube videos when researching NESARA. From there I learned of your involvement in Milab and the super soldier program. I have personally enjoyed and benefited from your Neo meditations on youtube. You have a great soul and I know you will overcome the effects of what you have been put through.

Have you seen this post on Feb 8?

It seems there has been a secret UFO war going on for years that is coming to an end. The Cabal (Bush-Nazi folks) that runs the secret space program made alliances with bad ET groups during the 50s in exchange for technology including space and time travel as well as cloning technology. The bad ETs have been pretty much defeated by the end of 2011 and locked out of our galaxy. What remains is the Cabal and its space program and a few isolated bad ETs and their bases.

Unfortunately, many like you have been abused and violated in their effort to create expendable super soldier “clones” to man their secret space vehicles and bases on Mars. This post is more evidence of that fact.

Personally, my journey starts from a different place but ends up with the same knowledge about what really is going on in life.  For all my life, I searched for who was “Jesus” and what was his real message.  That brought me to the early work of Billy Meier regarding his travel back to meet Jesus with the help of the Plejaren.  In the Talmud Jmmanuel I found the answers.

I attached a transcript (that I made) of a youtube video that sums up what is going on and what this life means. I very much like his final words.  When I get discouraged I re-read this passage.

It matters not whether people believe or not believe. It matters not that we are at war. It matters not that humanity is the prize. All that matters is that it keeps going, that it keeps evolving. And it keeps learning to love and it keeps loving to learn ….and it will.

Click here to download the Transcripts

Best wishes and good health


When i first read the post at The Idylwild Group i couldn’t stop laughing. Here is some more info that was relayed to me about that event…..”They were on a scientific expedition to the lower 4th astral when some very large carnivorous Draco’s got on board and went into a feeding frenzy lol.” Take what you want about that one lol.

And thanks for these transcripts lots of good info in them. I also heard the grey are time travelers from the future. They are a slave race in the future timeline so they came back in time to try to stop them being turned into slaves. But it appears due to their own negativity they ended up manifesting their own enslavement. If they choose love and compassion chances are they wouldn’t have been enslaved at all oh well.

This transcripts reminds me of the time I got to talk to Tiyan a 12 ft velociraptor scientist from direds. A copy can be found in my book lone wolf.

Lone Wolf – James Rink

Well i look for the coming ascension i just hope the cabal doesn’t burn down the stadium and kill all the people just because they lost the game.

Ive read the Talmud of Jmmanuel I also recommend reading the phoenix journal number 2 I am sananda. It also parallels the Talmud of J.


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