JAMES RINK Your mission, if you choose to accept it, as laid out by my Arcturian brother, N Azul Alexander:

Hello there fellow Light Warriors! I just wanted to share some information and maybe present an opportunity to clean up a little around here. As you know, it’s a little messy in town right now with all sorts of psycho shit goin on and the ‘dark forces’ doing their utmost to maintain their illusion of control… There is a focused nodal point of energy that I perceive (on an astral/lower 4th level) that can be seen as a huge ‘cyclone of shit’ which is operated by the hidden evil control agents/centres that we all know so well.

It’s all centred around one of their instruments – a so-called ‘super soldier’ by the name of James Casbolt, aka Michael Prince. You may have seen his interviews on Youtube etc. There is a lot of very confusing information being marketed and circulated about the guy (purposely, by his controllers) and the stories that surround him are basically a sensational, intriguing mix of ‘truth’ and lies put out there to serve a hidden agenda. The problem is that the energies around him are particularly dark and malevolent at this time. They are in need of removal from the planes on which they dwell. .

James Casbolt is a pawn, an instrument. It is the energies around him, that reside in him, that require taking to the Light. This is an important point to bear in mind, as James Casbolt himself is not to be harmed in any way and is, in fact, extended the respect and Love of All. If anyone is interested in getting involved in what is already set into motion here, then please check inside/with your higher self to ensure that it’s not just your ego at work and that it’s the right thing to do. Archangel Michael is the Commander of this operation, in alliance with numerous other Forces of Light. All questions should be directed to him or to your higher self/inner knowing. Job requirements for the mission are: Purity of intent

Mr. prince is totally controlled by the dracos right now. He is a good person inside but sadly seems to have since fallen apart. We should all take a moment and visualize a shield of love around him and call in his guardian angels to protect him. – James Rink