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James doesn’t need friends


Wow James , this happened to me 20 min ago. Some guy wrecked his car into my home and he got walked out of the car and said, “James doesn’t need friends.” Tell me that’s not weird.

Here are the pictures of the wreck

Image ImageImage

The dude was out cold for 45 seconds and I’m sure he didn’t even know who he was looking at when he said that to me… I just thought it was weird…. And that he took out the fence porch and walkway…

I went out to see if he was Alive, he appeared to be unconscious. I didn’t touch him. But called 911 .

Then he woke up after a minute. Then he tried to back up but it was stuck and wouldn’t go. Then he casually got out of the car and said “James doesn’t need friends” and walked away .Took a quick nap and walked down the street. The cops said no drugs or alcohol on him and he was sitting on the sidewalk down the street and didn’t even know what happened. I asked him if he needed an ambulance but he didn’t answer me.

Just a coincidence really … But … Since he said that ….  I’m holding you arbitrarily responsible

And tell me you don’t know anybody who drives a decent Lincoln with no reg or insurance….

I don’t see who else James could be but you, I have a brother named James but I’ve been friends with him for 26 years… You’re the only James I’ve chatted up for no apparent reason in the last…

Then when I was writing this message to you I heard some noises in my basement. When I investigated there was a man claiming to check the foundation but he couldn’t have come in the front door, there’s a car in my front door.  I have never seen any of these people… Weird but the whole thing is weird

I wasn’t scared when it happened…. But you know what I did that surprised me. I put my son out the back door with the car keys and waited and watched the car for movement before I went to help him. I hid my son and didn’t help that guy for like a full minute. If he was hurt he could have died. That kind of surprises me about myself.

And the other weird thing …..No one came out of their houses for like 5 minutes … I was just standing there in the dark forever…. And then there were like 50 people. Surreal

Sorry to hear this it seems he got hacked by the archons. Something like this happened in a Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory episode called the brain invaders. Trust your intuition you knew on a subconscious level the car driver was being influenced by the evil eye and sought to protect your children, nothing to feel bad about that. And what a terrible waste of a beautiful car. Glad no one is hurt and now I want to know what happens on the timeline where we become friend’s lol

Alot of weird things been going on lately, Michael Prince said there was an assassination attempt on his life more information about this in a bit. While at the Marriott in San Antonio he was outside in the car parking deck and someone shoot him in the head with a gun and the bullet bounced off him and ricocheted into a car that was registered to the NSA at Fort Meade in Maryland. He then blacked out and came too two days later. He believes in this missing time he was taken to a underground base.

Additionally I am still getting needed, I believe I was activated for mission 6345. Just last night i woke up with a tiny triangular scab in my mouth. didn’t take a picture though.


July 10, 2013


July 12, 2013



  1. Cool Video you attached. I don’t watch tv so that was new to me. What I didn’t tell you (because I was texting you all that pretty much just as the fire truck arrived in live time) was that the guy was crashing into things all the way up the street and gunned it into my house going up a hill to get to it. He had to accelerate to slam the house that hard. It didn’t feel like he lost control it felt like he was fleeing in a panic…..that’s why I made my son get out of the house through the back door and stand in a dark place off in the woods. That’s why I held back in the dark and waited. I was waiting to see if he was being chased and didn’t want to be in the line of fire or let any one know there were witnesses if he was. …. but no one was following him and then he acted like a zombie. BTW: A neighbor came out today and told me the he knew the guy and he lived around the corner. We walked up the street to check on him and see if he was ok. He had no memory of the entire ordeal, no memory how he got home, and I asked him who James was and he said, “I don’t know. Who is that?” and he was a seemingly a nice normal family guy…….. The moral of the story……..In an emergency ….it turns out …..all my rifles are in completely the wrong hiding spots.

  2. There is no damage at all to anything in those pics.Not so much as a broken headlamp! I call BS. It is just a messy yard with a car parked up with the hood up.
    Unfortunately James you are having your time and good intent wasted by another Jay the MIB sort of person either suffering delusions or down right hoaxer.

  3. Thanks Steven, The adjuster came out today and its a 22K check, soooooo thank god for home owners ins. And by the way, I am not in any school of thought that I am in any way other than ordinary or having forgotten memories that other people feel that they experience. What I do claim is that something extraordinary happened (ie: a guy slammed into my house with his car at 3 am) and then acted traumatized (reasonably) and then said a kooky thing with the name James in it after having a friendly chat with James about his work. Serendipity? Weird? Maybe …..

    Truthful?….Yes (..and I completely agree that this type of topic sparks the attraction of all sorts of people from the mediocre with fantasies of grandeur to deceiving oppertunists to somebody with a potentialy important experience to narrate…if fact, I was asking James his perception on just that type of thing when all this happened…and that is why I told him about it)



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