Sunday, June 23, 2024

James Rink asked me to look at an amulet to see if I could figure out the symbols meaning

At the Martial Arts training center on a space colony, a bunch of students visit this center for training. these are Milab super soldiers, ninja warriors, assassins, and highly trained students. They come to train with their teacher and have to complete a certain amount of hours of training. The place is like a shopping mall. the stores contain a Dojo and Food Court on the bottom floor which is open to above and looks like a sitting area. Three stories above are the dorm rooms where the students live while training. James asked me to come look at an amulet in his room. I held it and put it under a black light. It was holographic but I didn’t understand much about it.

The training center was experiencing a high turnover rate so they called in James Rink to see if he would talk to me. I was training the students and I would demonstrate how throwing the opponents into the fire would be done with it. Apparently, that wasn’t okay. Lol



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