Monday, June 24, 2024

James Rink is an example of this

James thank you for helping getting the truth about milabs out in the public. It seems there must be a lot of division and untrust among deep within the programs. Evil always goes in on its self. It is something we should never forget although we become accustomed to there all of their nonsense. And continued invasion of our lives we know what is right where as they lack in no judgement of morals of any kind what so ever apart from their continued work on their project that never goes further afield than when they had started from. As in the case of continued injections and upgrades those upgrades really never go to where they really want it funny that. Playing God at a human level will never work.

At an alien level and fallen entities level it will work to an extent but at the end of the day it all just ends up the same. In saying all of this we are not perfect either with in our own lives and that goes for me too. But in saying this never forget you humanity super soldiers  Some may have fantastic gifts, some may have supers strengths others able to remote view and manipulate time. But never forget you Humanity. If a person is needing a hand getting across the street help him or her. If you are on a bus and someone needs a seat better than you give it to them. If you’re in a queue waiting in line for something don’t fiddle and get inpatient like those around you wait quietly be course you will get there in the end. If someone needs a hand with something go and give them a hand. This is what humanity is all about putting other people first and learning how to interact with people. Which is something the projects and programs can never teach. So we are better than that as people.

And you are super soldiers in one form or another. You do stand out among the crowds, People know there is something different about you it shows so take advantage of this. But in saying this show what a real super soldier is someone that can be seen as balanced, approachable, considerate and adaptable and willing to lend a hand to fellow human beings never mind the projects or the programs or the aliens and generals and handlers or what they have done to you. We know where we are at and we know they are at already and that is know where important. But you are important and make an opportunity to shine a bit by keeping a little of that humanity that is what separates you from the projects and everything that comes with it.

Another opportunity is to make friends with people. Learn to communicate at as many levels as possible. James Rink is an example of this. Because although we are a terrible hidden world government we are the front people or those that the populations will come to know about so in saying this lets get the better up on that government and something better than what they will ever be.

But although we have been upgraded and changed and millions spent on us all and all the wonders of having avatars and  working in the disciplines space travel and time travel and space operations and portal operations let’s not be ungrateful either in some way use this all as an opportunity in some ways we are seeing things and experiencing things that the normal man in the street cannot even get is head around. We are not bad people just court up in world and galactic politics. So take opportunity’s and live a little and use that humanity.



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