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James Rink – Secret Space Conference – 5/3/22

James Rink’s presentation at the Secret Space Conference – 5/3/22

JOURNEY TO TRUTH 2023 CONFERENCE – May 22 – 25 Grafton, Illinois
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James Rink is a meditation practitioner, researcher, author, and video producer. Through his Super Soldier Talk YouTube series he has helped awaken humanity to the secret activities of the covert government. Uncovering topics such brainwashing, trauma, milabs (which stands for military abductions), and covert harassment; all of which he has had to endure his entire life as a product of Project Surrogate and Ultra MK Milab Super Soldier experimentation. His book Lone Wolf chronicles these projects. He spends his time perfecting the “Neo Meditation Device” which is a chi energizer that helps users relax during meditation so that they can integrate themselves.


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