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James Rink Speaking at 5D events Vegas

Folks please register your rooms at the Golden Nugget Hotel now for the NOV 4,5,6,7,2021 Las Vegas 5D Events our discounted 5D group of rooms are coming to the end soon. ***For Sleeping room king bed only Online Registration, please click on the below link: And for 2 beds you need to call below numbers: And for 2 beds you need to call below numbers: ***Or simply call Direct 1-702-385-7111 ask for reservations or dial 1-800 -634-3454 to make their individual hotel reservations. When booking reservations over the phone, guests must mention following group code: GSFDE21.


New Humanity Movement & 5D EVENTS
Present their 27TH epic event:
NOVEMBER 4-7-2021
Golden Nugget Hotel Las Vegas
129 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101
This event is in Person, please come in person or stream live at home.
Our website:
Our main website:
Expo Conference for Professionals & Consumers
5D events with 5 Dimensions of Science, Consciousness, Health, Business & Spirituality invites you to their 27TH epic 4-day event:
In the past 10 years 5D events has created over 26 life changing 3 to 5 days events that over 50,000 people as attendees and live streamers which have learned important information to build their lives in a positive way and many have got latest research information, healed, married, or found a business partners, others got awakened.
***Golden Nugget Las Vegas is a newly renovated 4 Star Hotel and Casino with over 15 restaurants and 2,400 rooms.
***For Sleeping room Online Registration, please click on the below link:
***Or simply call 1-800-331-5731 to make their individual hotel reservations. When booking reservations over the phone, guests must mention following group code: GSFDE21
Our 5D events group rooms are in Carson Tower Renovated king rooms Discounted rate is $115 plus 13% tax and $5 resort fees per night. Sunday night is $89.
***Maximum Occupancy per room is 6 people.
You may book a Dbl/ Dbl room as King room price.
Cutoff date: OCT 15, 2021
Discounted $5 per day Resort fee for 5D events Group includes the following:
• Free Parking for 5D events Group (bring your ticket to be stamped)
• Free Boarding passes
• (2) Free in-room bottled waters replenished daily
• Access to the fitness area of the spa for (2) people daily
• Free Regular Wi-Fi up to (2) Devices per day
***Our event has a capacity of 500 people with over 5 Ballrooms and 420 seats and an exhibit hall with over 50 vendors.
***Nevada has a Mask Mandate:
All people visiting Las Vegas need to have a face covering, that can be a mask, face shield or a cloth.
Keynote Speakers in person at the event:
Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Dr. Robert O. Young, Bill Walsh®, Dr. Stephen Ezra West, Maureen St. Germain & Steven D. Kelly.
Other Speakers in person at the event:
Azucena, Eric Reza Dadmehr, Brad Olsen, Evelyne Ustarroz, James Rink SSP, Tony Rodrigues SSP, Penny Bradley SSP, Eric Hecker SSP, Saeed David Farman, Dr. Louis Turi, Bob Wheeler, Joe S Blanton, Miesha Johnston, Laurie Wheeler, Duane Ollinger, Raven Shamballa, Brittani Lynn LaBouff, Catherine Ann Clemett, Alan Bedian, Phillip Wilson, Aurora Buchanan, Nikita Ocean Sky, Kim Baron, Mary Delano Otis, plus many more to come.
International Zoom Live Speakers:
Professor Mehran Keshe, Dr. Sam Osmanagich, DR. Marek Roland, PROF. Dr. Mike Chan, Judge Alfred Lambremont Webre, Mary Rodwell & Michael Horn.
***Speaker’s Bio:
***To attend you must be at least 21 years old.
Kids, Pets, Drugs, Alcohol, Guns, Outside Food, Drinks & Backpacks are not allowed in the conference rooms. Dress Code is Dressy casual.
5D Events are about amazing epic 5D events are about creating a better future with Quantum consciousness, Space Science, ET Disclosure, Functional Wellness, Scalar Research and Technology, Stem Cell Research, Cancer research, Anti-Aging, Anti-Cancer, CBD, Cannabis and Hemp benefits, DNA Activation, Longevity, Quantum Healing, Tesla Technology, Survival of Humanity in Depopulation or Agenda 21, Secrets of Pyramids, Artificial Intelligence, Secret Space Programs, Super Soldier SSP Programs, Time Travel, ET contact, Business Leadership, CO-Creating a new Paradigm with a 2.0 humanity, Personal Empowerment, Mindfulness, Awareness, Transformation, Gratitude, Sacred Geometry, Spirituality & Life Mastery with many Lectures, Workshops, Panels, Exhibits, Speakers meet and greet party & Banquet Dinner parties.
Networking of Researchers, Scientists, Space Scientists, Disclosure groups, Lightworkers, Star Seeds, Consciousness groups, Quantum Medicine Researchers, Biomedical Companies, Tesla Science researchers, Medical Doctors, Business Leaders, Naturopaths, Health Practitioners, Nutritionists, Energy Healers, Mindfulness Coaches, Please join us at this amazing 5D event with diverse audience and amazing speakers with exploration of the five precepts which we consider to be fundamentally allowing ourselves to Quantify further & gauge the following “Health, Wellness, Science, Biomedicine & Quantum Healing”. Within these three days, we shall have the most prominent keynote speakers in each area of those dimensions which will discover and engage with workshops, lectures & panels on some of the most prominent questions in our lifetime.
Hotel check in time is 3:00 PM and Check out time 11:00 AM.
***Event hours:
Registration starts Thursday NOV 4TH 2021 from 5 pm to 6 pm, Dinner Buffet Meet and greet party with all speakers and attendees is from 6 PM To 11 PM.
Conference starts at 9 AM on Friday NOV 5TH, 2021 till 8:00 PM.
Or go directly to: ***Eventbrite Tickets:
Event 4 days early Bird ticket is $369 and Door Ticket will be $496 (covers all lectures, Panels, workshops & exhibits), (Dinners are extra).
***Live Streaming covers only the Main conference hall for $99.
***Each Buffet Dinner party is $110, Tickets on Ticket page and you must be event attendee, Speaker, Vendor, or staff to buy dinner tickets.
***5D VIP FULL EVENT TICKET: $1,000.00
VIP Ticket includes all lectures, workshops, panels, meet and greet party, all 3 dinner parties, front row seats, full set of events DVDs.
***Thursday Dinner Buffet:
***Friday Dinner Buffet:
***Saturday Dinner Buffet:
***Special event:
Meet & Greet Buffet Dinner Banquet, $110 at the ticket page.
Thursday NOV 4TH, 2021 FROM 7:00 PM TO 11:00 PM
Dinner and introduction of Speakers to attendees
***Special event:
Super Soldier SSP Panel:
Friday NOV 5TH, 2021, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Panel Host: BRAD OLSEN
Panel Speakers: James Rink SSP, Tony Rodrigues SSP, Penny Bradley SSP & Eric Hecker SSP.
***Special event:
ET Disclosure ALIENSHIFT Panel
Friday March 19TH, 2021, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Panel Host: BRAD OLSEN
Panel Speakers:
Steven D. Kelly, Eric Reza Dadmehr, James Rink SSP, Tony Rodrigues SSP, Penny Bradley SSP, Eric Hecker SSP & Dr. Louis Turi.
***Special event:
Friday night Buffet Dinner Banquet from 8:30 PM to 11 PM, $110 at the ticket page.
***Special event: Current Events Panel
Saturday NOV 6TH, 2021, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Panel Host: Saeed David Farman
Panel Speakers:
Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Dr. Robert O. Young, Dr. Stephen Ezra West, Dr. Turi, Eric Reza Dadmehr & Steven D. Kelly.
*** Buffet Dinner Banquet Party $110 on ticket page:
Saturday Dinner from 8:30 PM to 11 PM.
***Special event:
Sunday NOV 7TH, 2021 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Ascension panel, Panel Host: Kim Baron
Panel Speakers: Maureen St. Germain, Raven Shamballa & Brad Olsen.
***Special event:
Sunday NOV 7TH, 2021 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Achieving Results closing Panel, Panel Host: Saeed David Farman with speakers present.
Exhibit set up is on Thursday NOV 4TH, 2021 from 2 PM to 5 PM
Expo hall hours are from 9 AM to 6 PM.
Each vendor allowed to bring 1 assistant for free, Electricity and Internet are free.
***6 Feet Tables are $496
Please apply by sending business info to:
After approval, please pay on Event exhibit link below.
Exhibit Registration link:
***Director of the event: David Farman (
Phone: 1-310-908-6682
***Technical Directors: Dennis Whipple & Alan Bedian
Facebook event page:
Media contact: please email Director of the event, David Farman: or call 1-310-908-6682


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