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Jay Essex’s message to Spooks Central


It’s almost funny how someone asks others to have an open mind about things but dismisses the possibilities of what another is saying when he’s not even aware of what’s actually happening around him anyway. Dude, where is this god you talk about? I see everything on the other side. What you call god was actually the first being that made itself into two parts for company as it was the first being ever.

You like to lead people to your own conclusions yet ask them to have an open mind. Who’s selling snake oil dude. The next time you love yourself in a mirror, look a little deeper. Never mind, you’re too in love with yourself. Objectivity isn’t your strong suit.

The government has sent the FBI and Homeless Insecurity to my house, even asked for some Essenite stone I have. I told Mr. Homeless Insecurity, actually a really nice fellow, that he meant Star Essenite. Casino payout period is essential, no one wants to wait too long for getting the winnings. But even at fast payout casinos people should meet the playthrough terms and perform a Know Your Customer procedure. On this website you can discover instant withdrawal casinos whether you wish to receive the winnings at the same day. He corrected himself and said yes.

I almost feel sorry for you. It’s funny how you folks in the government feel threatened with me. I haven’t even started yet. The gentleman who wrote this comment isn’t the same as the one who wrote the other. I see energy. You can’t hide yours. You can write with the same computer or log in to the same general email, but you can’t change your energy. I read that silly rabbit. You people have no idea who I really am. That’s why, when you follow me, you send your little young new recruits.

You actually think I need line of sight to see you. I could see and read you on Mars dude. The NSA knows what and who I am. You’re a little group of children with computer access, government children. I’m here. Watch me continue to grow. Sleep well. I do.

Jay Aramaeleous Essex


  1. Hi Jay. Literally, on every count you stated in your response above, you are incredibly inacccurate, sir, down to the last detail. I will leave it at that.

    You have just made my point for me musch better than I ever could have.

    Good day.

    • Hi 7744jjopx. Your reply is that of one who has nothing worthwhile to say. You expose yourself well, especially for one who has to hide behind a name like 7744jjopx. Who’s the one with some thing to hide. You speak loud with that bag over your head.
      Try wearing aluminum foil for a hat. Maybe I can’t see you through it. LOL. This government is leaving as those who’ve been destroying the planet leave also. You’re cooked. Have your words.
      I’m evolving people’s brains all over the planet. They can feel it. The FBI and Homeless Insecurity are also aware of it. I don’t have much more time to spend on the likes of all of you at 7744jjopx. Ciao.

      • “This is a message for M. Sunshine. Please call me again. I need to crank you up, no payment involved. Thanks.”

        Losing clients already? lol

      • This is for the NSA email 7788jjopx. I’ve now cranked up people in over 25 countries. I had to just hire someone to help me with appointments as well as another to take care of my house and animal needs.
        You’ve been watching me since 7/27/2008 when I cranked up my energy enough to get the attention of your satellites.
        I have no time to continue returning your blabber. I don’t think James will let you continue to use his blog to release your disinformation either. His energy is Source Energy, from what I’m part of.
        Y’all have no idea how I’m going to take down your house of cards. There’s the short red haired guy that wrote this. Good to see you duffus. How’s your stomach ache going? You poor fools. You only fake yourselves out. I’m here. Y’all are leaving.
        Good bye children. This power over crap is about to end. I’ll be leaving this body about late 2018. You will all be “handled” before I go.
        You keep watching my energy and abilities grow, yet you continue to engage in worthless babble.
        This beautiful planet and it’s children, all the physical bodies, do not belong to you. We are not your fodder. That title belongs to y’all exclusively. As I leave this body the final purge happens. Please feel free to try to make it happen early. Your reptilian handlers won’t allow it. That’s too bad. I have a lot of work to do elsewhere.
        So, finally, good bye to this group of NSA children. I have important work to do, not babysit you.
        Did you really feel I’d be so easily tied up. Please try to get over yourselves, I am. You bother me as much as a burp bothers a tornado. Bring it ladies, just bring it or keep babbling. Either way it matters not. In a matter of months the big stuff starts. Y’all do some really stupid things to this country in particular. Guess who’s waiting? Would you fools like a hint? Remember, I’m everywhere at once.

  2. 7744jjopx, how does that make your point? That’s ridiculous it does no such thing. I find it arrogant of you that you think you can say what is accurate or inaccurate of anything anyone says. You made your point in your original novel long complaint. We all know we must use our thinking caps when deciding what we follow or not, thanks for the advice but maybe you cant read energy as well as you think or as well as others can. You are basing all your points on your 3d brain. That will only get you so far. You said before you are trusting your instincts, well that’s great. but who are you to say what someone is or is not, if you knew that, that would make you god lol. Instincts can play tricks on you. Since you’re so knowledgeable about psy ops you should already know this. Do you have anything positive to say or are you all about outing this guy? Whats your motive or intentions here?

    • My motives and intentions must have gone over your head. I suggest you read my material again ’til you get it.


  3. Well I too had to roll my eyes and shake my head ay Jay, sorry, not impressed at all, seems to get ideas only after someone stated something, then he jumps in with a remark. Maybe I can fry HIS brain with scanning (at least I got paid to do such officially)

  4. Make a Back Up

    Firstly, readers, if you’re interested, I advise you to download James’ videos of this fraud, as well as cut and paste all the posts Jay Bird’s made, and the ones I’ve made in response to his dribble. The reason is I have a hunch he’s going to want this stuff taken down, as it is probably cutting into his psychic reading profits. And since he has, unfortunately, has succeeded in deftly securing Mr. Rink’s trust in his person, there remains the remote possibility that the sneaky Jay Bird may likewise succeed in somehow talking him into removing this material (which Rink is actually not in the habit of doing once he has posted something, but you never know). So yeah, make copies of everything, just in case.

    Protect Yourself

    James, you mentioned a couple days ago that my claim that Jay Bird amounts to no more than a snake oil salesman and other claims I made to be unfounded. His asinine reading that he posted yesterday is my proof, and the real intelligence agents that monitor your blog, who know who and where I am, I’m sure got quite a chuckle out of that one. In reflection now, I have to tell you I only said he appeared to “not have a mean bone in his body against anyone” because I was trying to find something positive to say about this guy, as it seems you feel close to him on some level. But, at this point I don’t think that anymore; parading as a fraud is a mean thing to do. He’s plenty mean. Notice that Jay Bird didn’t address any of the comments I made about the content of his claims in the video. That post made me realize that Jay Bird is more disturbing than I thought. I don’t think I failed at objectivity as I tried to cede to out of my sense of fairness. On the contrary, I said everything I should have said, just the way I should have said it. I’m done extending grace to this moron. Yeah, I said it. Moron.

    In fact, I feel compelled to suggest, if you haven’t done this already (if so, disregard this suggestion), you do some background checking on Mr. Jay Bird since you are featuring him so much on your blog, and more importantly, since you’ve let him into the inner circle of your life, and trust him as a confidante. At bare minimum, just use one of those online services. Personally, I suspect either jail time, mental-institution time, or both. It doesn’t have to change how you may feel about your friendship with him, but at the very least I would think you’re entitled to know given the platform you’re giving him, and the fact that people are influenced by what they see and read of him on the blog. On a deeper level, if you have the good fortune of having intelligence contacts of any sort, try to see if there’s some file information on this guy they would be kind enough to forward you. This is just my suggestion I felt compelled to mention; if it doesn’t resonate, just disregard it.

    For Chrissakes, Quit Squaking!

    You know Jay Bird, I fear that people are going to start thinking we’re orchestrating everything we type here, ahead of time. I fear that people will think we wrote some elaborate script, casting me as the intelligent, literate straight-guy, and casting you as the comical dim-witted putz who gets the all audience’s laughs (a role you’re playing quite well, might I add). So, a word of friendly advice, here: save what little face you have left by quieting that squacking beak of yours while you’re still ahead (well, you’re not really ahead at this point, but still). Quit flapping your ruffled feathers everywhere, give it a rest. Every successive post you write only makes you look more stupid. And they only serve to prove every single point I’m making about you to be true, and in a very public fashion at that.

    But hey man, do whatever you want, it’s your (ego’s) funeral, not mine.

    Better Yet…Put Your Money Where Your Beak Is

    Here’s a better idea. Let me help you redeem yourself so your psychic reading business won’t sink into the toilet any more than it already has:

    Whichever people out there have a little disposable income they could afford to completely and totally throw away, visit the following websites where the psychic Jay Bird has set up his nest. Respectfully request a psychic reading from him:

    • F
    • F

    So, ball’s in your court, Jay Bird…“read” these fine folks with accuracy, redeem yourself.

    Business will be a-callin.’ Don’t be a ninny –answer your phone (or your emails, rather).

    And from me to you, a sincere wish for good luck with that. 

    Have fun, folks, and be sure to tape-record your reading. Note: no reputable psychic reader out there would object to having their readings recorded. So if he won’t let you do it, well, that’s yet another red flag to toss into the pile, along with all the others. Hopefully he doesn’t read you with the same delusional inaccuracy with which he read me. I mean, I was hoping to credit him with at least getting which planet I’m on correct, but no such luck. Just in case you get the same kind of reading, however, I suggest you mute your phones as he’s talking, so your giggles won’t distract him.

    An added request: if you folks who do get a reading with him would be so kind as to share your findings with us here, that would be great.

    I would participate in this little experiment myself, since he has no clue about anything about me. But two things prevent me: firstly, I’ve already received my psychic reading from him for free. And secondly, “time is money” and I have wasted enough of both writing my responses to the increasingly dimwitted posts this nut keeps making. That being the case, I feel I have, at this point in time, contributed generously to this little experiment already, and do not wish to do so any further. So, yeah, have fun with that, peeps!

    A Colleague of Drake?

    You know, I can’t help but think there has to be some kind MK Ultra sub-project we’re dealing with here with this guy, perhaps a “Project Moron” or something like that. The reason I say this is because this character bears a very striking resemblance to another (apparent) Project Moron graduate: Drake. Remember him from a couple years ago?! Same kind of general appearance and delivery style. They both have that same “folksy,” good-ol’-boy-next-door look and sound. Why, you’d loan your expensive lawnmover to guys like these. Heck, Jay Bird comes across like he’d probably return it to you with an oil change and a tune up done on it fer ya.’ He’d probably throw in some fishin’ baits fer next time ya’ll go a-fishin,’ just because.

    But seriously, compare:

    • Drake had that stupid cowboy hat he wore all the time (probably wore it while taking showers, and sleeping); Jay Bird here sports ubiquitous blue jean bib overalls in every interviw, as though he has no other clothing…now, what else says “salt of the earth Americana” more than blue jean bib overalls?

    • Both have a bit of a twang to their dialect, another folksy Americana touch. Their vibes come across with that “Hey there, I’m just one of ya’ll, and we’re all just a-tryin’ ta’ stick it to th’ man just the same, ain’t we? hehe”

    • They both have that same extremely fast-talking, name-dropping, NLP-type delivery (look at YouTube for examples of what NLP is), so dizzying to the listener that those not knowing any better hypnotically believe whatever they say. They drop key words and phrases they know the fearful masses want to hear: in Drake’s case it was “banksters,” “mass-arrests,” etc. In Jay Bird’s case, it’s “energy healing,” “energy/psychic reading.” And both of them employ “the government is out to get us,” quite a bit, as this sentiment always wins supporters among the fringe.

    • What I find most disturbing, however, is how they both have the same neurotic Messiah Complex. By the time Drake was said and done, he too believed he was God sent to save the Earth. No, I take that back, I think Drake believed he was God, Jesus, and Mohammed all rolled into one, if I remember correctly. This means that our Drake actually out-godded our Jay Bird twice over. Most impressive.

    Quit Looking for a Messiah, and Do Some Real Good

    Good people, this is why you need to stop looking for a messiah of some sort to save you, seriously. Each of us has to deal with the crisis at hand by drawing on our own inner-resources. That’s why I keep saying follow your intuition. Otherwise, we’re gonna’ get stuck with many more of these goofy Project Moron graduates….more Jay Birds, more Drakes. I think I’m going to be sick just the thought of that…Just Say No to Project Moron!

    For starters, if you believe the point that Mr. Rink’s blog has painstakingly been implying, that there has been a super soldier program going on (I know, we hate that term, but for lack of a better one, I will use it for now), that it has been presented as “entertainment” for the masses worldwide for decades now (see also the writing of Frank Zero, which is an attempt to piece together this connection),

    ….then do something like boycott the comic book, movie and video game companies. I’m dead serious (I could feel some of you videogame addict just drop to the floor of a heart attack at the very sound of that, lol). Do not buy their products anymore. And take all the ones that you have bought in the past to the post office and mail them back to the companies who made them.

    Include with that package a letter stating, “Look, we know what you’ve done here. We’re not stupid. Therefore, you have until no later than January 1 of next year to do the following, otherwise, we shall never buy another product from your company again:

    1. Make a contract going forward, effective immediately, with each and every super soldier whose life story you have made money on without so much as the courtesy of recompensing them for it, entitling them in the contract to 90% of all net profit you make in the future

    2. Include a stipulation that states that said individuals will also immediately receive back-pay for every cent made on their story on every movie, every comic book, every video game, phone app, and any other media you’ve created….everything

    3. Come clean about where you sourced the information about their lives –the government– and hey, if you get a spanking from said government, man up and take it because you deserve it for what you’ve done and continue to do

    Otherwise, people, realize that every time you purchase and use these items, are entertained by them, you act in collusion with the very military-industrial-extraterrestrial-complex that has grossly violated, and continues to violate this very moment, each one of their lives, in every possible way. By partaking of this so-called “entertainment” that serves to exploit them, you become party to this gross, egregious violation.

    What has been done here is not only a crime against humanity. They have used the DNA of other Terran beings, too, like dolphins, for instance (review the testimony of Aaron McCollum). If you care about these precious animals, then boycotting these blood-money “entertainment” products shows you’re taking a stand for the animals, too.

    And maybe the alien races feel that anybody’s DNA is just free for the taking, but we shouldn’t. I’m sure Cynthia Brewer would amen that (listen to her interview on Project Camelot for details). This means it is left to us, we Terrans, to carry the moral standard on this dilemma, and even take a stand against the abuse that’s been done to the other alien races too, even if they themselves don’t care. We should care that their DNA is also being used for these super soldier projects, too, because that’s just the kind of people we are. We care.

    This is only one suggestion that just came to my mind. I hope you think of, and implement, even better ones.

    In short, quit dickin’ around and looking to morons and frauds for your leadership, humanity. Get Off Your Kness, and as a species collectively grow a set of balls. Quit acting like dissociated, TV-watching, videogame-playing, mind-controlled zombies.

    Quit being entertained and amused by this blog, or Anya Brigg’s blog, or the Former White Hat blog, or any other website you visit for your daily fringe thrill. Instead, view the information they’re telling you as a cry to arms. This is real, people. You may despise Michael Prince because of his Nazi beliefs, but listen to the message behind what he’s saying. He’s telling you their agenda. This shit is really happening to us, in real time, and it ain’t good. Take it seriously. Use all your time, energy and money to make some real change in this world! …before we no longer have the luxury to fight this fight at all. That is the plan for this planet, you know, and be advised that your sheeplike apathy and addiction to “entertainment” works to aid and abet that horrific plan.


    • You seem really good at putting together research. Perhaps you could apply all this energy and time getting to the bottom of the heather material instead. If Jay is a fraud we will find out soon enough,so in the meantime lets focus on something really important like whats going on in Baldwin Park.

  5. Jay’s video is gone? I think Maury Povich should do DNA testing on Jay and some Super Soldiers. I can imagine Erin Green Hicks on there. “And the DNA is NOT 50% REPTILE!” -crowd goes wild as she puts her head in her palms

  6. Hi jay how are you doing brother ? Where shall i start from ? I have an ability that i can tell something is going to happen 6 months before it happens. I have no special ability or power. i cant do this when i like. When it happens i could be doing anything and for some reason i stop hearing daily humdrum of people an other noises and i feel so calm and relaxed that it scares me. I then hear a voice in my brain and the voice is so loving and wise and the voice will tell me a future event. Its never a bad event but its an event that takes the mask off ppl who know me and that i should be wary of them. For the past 4 yrs things have gone downhill really fast. I lost my job,i lost the respect of my family, i got type 2 diabetes, my wife had a brain heammorage , my brother who 2 yrs older than me died, i became a fully fledged alcholic , i was at odds with everyone , i almost died 3 times in a 12 month period. One day i woke up and thought enough is enough and i gave up drinking smoking and i gave up smoking drinking an eating meat fish an eggs. Since 2012 when i gave up everthing i noticed everyone says something to me and then they twist it round and tell my wife an parents a totally different account which is now causing me so much heart ache. for some reason i cant sleep at night and only get about 3 nights worth of sleep each week. Sleep paralysis is happening to me more and more it started off once in a blue moon and now it happens every week. I also feel that theres something missing in me and i cant put my finger on what that is but it makes me deppressive and i dont want to talk to anyone. Jay im asking for a bit of advice as to whats happening to me. Im really sorry i cant pay you because im living from hand to mouth. Please help me sir im at my wits end and i feel like im going to explode.
    Thank You sir.


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