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Jeff Bezos killed my grandfather in 1998. The FBI has never detained or arrested him.

One thing you should know about Jeff Bezos is that from 1989 to 1998, he murdered friends, enemies, and competitors on behalf of the hedge fund company D.E. Shaw. My father met Jeff Bezos in 1989 on not-so-friendly terms, when he attempted to break into my father’s house in the dead of night, carrying a loaded Glock-17. At the time, my father was an employee of Kearfott Corporation, which had just been acquired by Astronautics Corporation of America. This business acquisition would not have been possible without the help of Jeff Bezos, who in his role as a broker with DE Shaw, helped Astronautics Corporation purchase the remaining shares of Kearfott Corporation. Behind closed doors, however, management at DE Shaw had a desire to simultaneously “clear out” Kearfott’s payroll of employees that Jeff deemed to be “not fit enough to ring the opening bell on Wall St.”

In the 12 months following the acquisition, DE Shaw instructed Jeff to eliminate an estimated 7 mid-to-high level employees. Jeff would travel to the Kearfott campus every other week to eliminate an employee, usually by slipping arsenic in their coffee or other beverage while he was making it for them near the breakroom. Those that had been targeted would either drop quickly at work or would go home and die in their sleep. No toxicology tests were ever ordered, as most of the victims had been middle-aged and overweight. The last employee he was taking a hit out on was to be my father, who had personally insulted and made fun of Jeff on more than one occasion. It was to be his most personal hit, so he chose to bring a gun to my father’s house.

Upon hearing the basement door open, my father awoke and immediately grabbed his sawed-off shotgun. Not wasting any time, he went to the room that was directly above the section of the basement Jeff was in and shot a round of buckshot through the kitchen floor. Jeff immediately ran back up the basement stairs and into the backyard, where he was now directly in the line of sight of my father’s shotgun. My father yelled out to Jeff not to move any further and that is when he dropped his pistol and held his hands in the air. My father went outside to finally find out who this person was, and upon recognizing Jeff, proceeded to beat the living shit out of him with the butt of his shotgun. My father is just as ruthless as Jeff, and it still shocks me that no one got killed that night. But after beating him to a pulp, my father dropped him off at a nearby hospital by throwing him out of the car and verbally warning him not to report what had happened. As my dad waited in the car for him, my father made his own list of DE Shaw executives he planned to kill, after he found a small stack of business cards that had fallen out of Jeff’s sportscoat.

Little did anyone realize was that DE Shaw had sent Jeff Bezos to go up against my father, who was a hitman for the Gambino crime family, and was 14 years old when he served as one of the hitmen who took the third or fourth shot that killed Jimmy Hoffa. Also unbeknownst to Jeff at the time, was the fact that my father also assisted with the burial of Jimmy Hoffa and had been personally trained by Richard Kuklinski, who also participated in the stabbing of Hoffa after he had been shot in Detroit. To make a long story short, Jeff was released from the hospital only to be greeted by my father, who gave him a final warning to never fuck with his family again. In the car adjacent to them was John Gotti, who upon noticing him being out on bail, Jeff began to plead for forgiveness. My father got in the car with John, backed the fuck out of the parking space, and sped off to the highway. Jeff and DE Shaw would remain hidden stakeholders in Kearfott’s procurement of defense contracts, now that they were under the thumb of The Commission. Everything would go smoothly until 1998.

In October of 1998, Jeff returned to my father’s house to exact revenge on my father. He flew in from Seattle and drove to my father’s house in a rental car. My grandfather, an Army Air Force veteran of WWII, was in town to give me a gift. Unlike my father, he was not affiliated with the Mafia and worked as an electrical engineer for Bendix Corporation. My father was sitting in the kitchen when Jeff parked directly in front of the house and kicked in the front door. Not being armed at the time, my father ducked under the kitchen table, while my grandfather was on the top of the stairs leading into the basement. At the time, I was sitting in the basement watching television when I heard three loud shots fired from the floor above. With the sound of the glass mirror shattering, I heard and witnessed my grandfather fall down the stairs head-first. Jeff ran out and left, while my mother flew down the stairs to grab me, so I wouldn’t see the trails of blood that were flowing all over the wall above the stairs. It was the last time my family would see or hear from Jeff Bezos. In true Gambino fashion, my father never reported the incident, and I have been threatened with death to not ever talk about it.

But my silence is over, and hopefully this will be an end to Jeff’s violence as well.

Included below is the blood-stained wall, where a massive amount of blood flowed from the staircase above. It’s been left untouched and unpainted from the day of the murder. I’ve left it this way for a forensics team to collect evidence from, but despite my tips to FBI, no one has responded or has shown any interest in it.

EDIT: A lot of people here don’t believe me because of the so called “star power.” That’s fine, but considering the fact that I know where Jimmy Hoffa’s body is, I’d reconsider. To give a bit of a preview, his body is entombed in concrete and is located in the suburbs of a New Jersey neighborhood. Carlo Gambino’s company provided the concrete to entomb him in plain sight; within the foundation of this house.

r/conspiracy - Jeff Bezos killed my grandfather in 1998. The FBI has never detained or arrested him.
r/conspiracy - Jeff Bezos killed my grandfather in 1998. The FBI has never detained or arrested him.

r/conspiracy - Jeff Bezos killed my grandfather in 1998. The FBI has never detained or arrested him.




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