Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Jeff Bezos’s Child Abuse Ring

First and foremost, I work at Audible and have for the past 7 years in a role where Jeff and I directly communicate quite frequently. The one thing about Jeff Bezos is that no one really knows who he really is, he’s a man that always needs to be the top guy in any pursuit he embarks on. Like Epstein, they are both obsessed with numbers and economies of scale. Both men are chameleons in every sense of the word. But the downside of being a chameleon is being cold-blooded. I knew both men, worked with them as well. I’m risking everything right now by breaking costra nostra, as Jeff would call it. Everyone who has broken the oath of silence in the social circle has passed away or committed suicide because Bezos ruined their life.

What am I getting at? Well, Jeff and Jeffrey were in an intimate relationship together, from the 1990s until he became a registered sex offender. They loved each other, but were mortal enemies at the same time. Each of them ran their own respective elite circle of friends and associates after 2005. Before that time, they both ran a child pornography and abuse ring. After Jeffrey’s conviction, Bezos considered him to be an untouchable security risk and would not go near any of his properties. From that point forward, Bezos was hell bent on eliminating him as a competitor.

In July of 2019, Bezos and Carly Fiorina set Epstein up by hiring landscaping contractors to break into his New York City apartment and plant evidence of sex trafficking. They used a network of informants to call in false reports of a kidnapping taking place at his property. This triggered federal agents to obtain and execute a search warrant. The planted evidence was found, and Epstein was arrested on charges of human trafficking. At that time, Epstein was not engaging in any child abuse or sex trafficking. Instead of killing Epstein himself, Bezos had federal law enforcement officers do his dirty work.

Stay safe out there, everyone. I reported all this to the federal government back in 1998 and then again in 2018. Money and wealth rule over everything else. That’s the only lesson that every American learns the hard way.

Jeff Bezos’s Child Abuse Ring
by inconspiracy



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