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Johan Fritz – Kruger, MDF, Nacht Waffen SSP Officer – Includes Transcripts

While Johan was in the Marine Corp he was picked up in Diego Garcia and recruited into the secret space program as a Kruger Officer on the Moon. From there he was transferred into Mars Defense Force and later Nacht Waffen. He has done over 40 years of service and eventually made it to executive level management aboard the USS (United Secret Space) Patton. He was also C/O of the Franklin for 15 years. Johan is able to remember more than other experiencers because he was able to resist the mkultra. He will be discussing the dynamics of the secret space program and answering audiences’ questions.

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Video edited and created by James Rink
Original Recording Date: March 5, 2020

James: Welcome everybody to super soldier talk. I’m James Rink. Thank you for joining us today. It is March 5th, 2020. Gosh, I’ve been doing this for almost 15 years anyway. Okay. today we have Johan Fritz with us. He was in the Marine Corps and he was picked up from Diego Garcia and then recruited into the secret space program as a Kruger officer. From there he was transferred into the Mars defense force and later Nacht Waffen and he has done a total of 40 years of service and eventually made it to the executive level management aboard the USS patent. And so that is a secret space program spaceship. And certainly, we’ll like to hear more about that. And he was also CEO of the Franklin, another ship for 15 years. Johan is able to remember more than other experiencers because he was able to resist the mkultra program he was put through. He will be discussing the dynamics of secret space program as well as answering audience questions. And of course, he’s going to answer my questions, hopefully. Is it goal here?

Johan: I’ll do my best. Yeah.

James: Yeah. So, okay. Thank you, Johan Fritz, and how are you?

Johan: I’m good, thank you.

James: Great.

Johan: My name is Johan Fritz. Like I said, I did a total of 40 years in a secret space program. I started off as a Kruger asset. I was then recruited from Kruger after a certain number of missions in the MDF. And once I went from MDF through training there, we did a set of missions and I was eventually recruited into Nacht Waffen because the style of missions I was doing through MDF. We had an individual who was there, he actually was the CEO of the Patten at the time and he was recruiting Nacht Waffen and Assets. and eventually he brought me in along with two other individuals from MDF on board his ship. And then I did the rest of my time via either Nacht Waffen or the last section of it was actually what CG is calling Space Alliance, which is actually project Radiant Glory. So, depending upon, the time period, I’ve done quite a few programs, and a lot of work.

James: First of all, I do want to apologize for saying your name, but you’ve actually been docs recently and we don’t want to talk about that. But Johan was your secret space program name, just like James Rink was the name I went by when I was – in the moon and James Rink. But anyway, despite that I do want to say first of all Johan has a lot of memory recall because for starters he was an upper level management and we were actually talking a little bit earlier about. How come a lot of people within the secret space program, whistleblowers or experiencers are not able to recall as much. And so why don’t you talk a little bit about what you said earlier about resisting the programming.

Johan: So essentially when anyone’s indoctrinated into the SSPs at all and any program, essentially, they go through a set of mkultra. They have multiple levels within mkultra depending upon what your job duties are going to be. And even on-board ship, we actually would even expand on that sometimes. We actually had equipment on board where we could upgrade people as needed. And what would happen is once that information was uploaded within 72 hours or tested. So, you get to this whole process of making sure that the actual programming takes, that you’re able to recall when they give you your alphanumeric key signatures that you’re able to step into that alter, all that stuff. But what you’re talking about is when they’re getting ready to step you out. I mean, they actually separate you from the programs back into, in my case, the US military, some folks go straight back to being a civilian again. And they have to make sure that you will not ever be able to recall anything that you did while in the programs.

So, one of the things they do is they will start off by injecting a chemical into your system, which puts you into what’s called a hypnagogic state. And while you’re in that state, they start using “friendly ETs” in the room who are actually sonically trying to put barriers in place to make sure you cannot actually recall these memories. One of the interesting features about neuro-plasticity, which is what we’re really talking about here, the ability for the brain to actually still be able to reach in and remember and do certain things and rewire itself is that when you, if you use pain to anchor certain portions of your memory, which is what I did when they had me in the actual bed, I was actually crunching my fingernails in the palm of my hand.

And that crunching aspect, which it cut into the Palm of my hand, actually caused me to have what they call a psychic anchor point or a memory anchor point to the actual regression process. And I was able to remember certain things, but not for very long, which is also how in mkultra tends to work. You may get a little glimpse of something and then all of a sudden you forget it. When I got out of the military, I had a lady who eventually, I think she saved my life. She put me through post hypnotic regression twice a week for a year and a half. And in those sessions, over half the stuff that came out was all program related material, all of it. She recorded all of it. She wrote it down, at the end she handed me a stack of papers and she’s like, you need to start documenting all this stuff because I think this stuff’s important to who you are and you need to understand what you went through. So that’s how I had my memories. That’s how I regained a lot of my stuff. As I’ve went through these papers and I started converting electronically, I was able to know more stuff because all of a sudden now I have another anchor point or to reach in and grab memory wise. And yeah, it’s given me a very interesting perspective I think on the programs themselves.

James: So why did you decide to get hypnosis to begin with? What was going on in your life to trigger that?

Johan: When I got out of the military, out of the Marines, I was suffering from very deep alcoholism problem. But I had a PTSD post, traumatic stress disorder and nothing that I could think of that I had done in the Marine Corps, the stuff I did, nothing was bad enough that we’ve caused that kind of reaction. And the first time that Connie, the lady that was doing the regression on me, the first time she ever said, take me back to the memory that immediately causes your PTSD. Guess what, it was not military. It was not even this current lifetime. It was a program memory. And that shocked her because I immediately started speaking in German. I was describing what was going on around me in German. I was actually describing the bridge and everything else in German. My grandmother spoke German, but I’ve never ever been taught to speak German a day in my life, not once.

So that to me was kind of a shock, she actually wrote it down. I went back and later and translated it. And the actual conversation was happening was this guy, the CEO that I was telling you about who recruited me, was standing behind me telling me to orderly bombard a planet. And I was actually stressing out about it so bad that I was looking over at the comm officer and I was looking at her screen where these cameras were at and next to those cameras, like see the audio feed coming in, different audio feeds am I gave the order finally. I watched all the cameras, basically get a static. I knew all these guys had just died and that was pretty stressful for me.

James: First question is, can you, are you still fluent in German?

Johan: No, I know, I know little bits and pieces, and for whatever reason, when I’ve talked to certain people it really comes out. But I have no idea what I’m saying. I used to have to go check to make sure I’m not talking gibberish so that’d be my answer.

James: And the next question is when you were – because I watched a video of you earlier that you did with somebody else, and you said that there was like a coup that took place in upper level management and the secret space program. I guess they drew a line and they asked you to participate. Is that what that particular event was about?

Johan: So basically, the line that was drawn was when they were forming Space Alliance group that CG talks about, which is project Radiant Glory. They basically said we’re going to take everybody who is Radiant Guardian slash earth Alliance. We’re also going to bring in some assets from what used to be solar warden. We’re also going to bring us to Nacht Waffen and assets. Anybody who is against the enslavement of humankind. We’re trying to get all these people into the same group. And that’s what Space Alliance was, along with a whole bunch of espionage assets that were part of Radiant Guardian. And what ended up happening was, is that the old man, the guy that I call the old man, my old CEO on board the patent, he had screened on almost all of these commanding officers. They had recruited because of their intolerance for slavery.

And what ended up happening was in that timeline, as we were basically, we took 20% of Nacht Waffen assets and came back into the Space Alliance group, Radiant Glory. And that was quite a big shakeup. The other thing that it shook up was the ICC had certain we’ll say garrison and colonial governors and commanders, and they started getting rid of a bunch of slavery as well. So, the point that it caused the ICC to actually send all their slave production stuff off to another planet called 70 Virginis b, which is a huge planet and it got a lot or orbal facilities around this planet and all of it is designed to create human slaves.

James: I mean, first of all, the Germans, they took a lot of slaves with them to Antarctica to build the bases. And so, I guess that never really discontinued even though they discontinued to call themselves Nazi. So anyway, this channel is already demonetized by YouTube, but the point is that – did you say this group was called Radiant Glory?

Johan: Yes, that’s the actual program name for what CG is calling Space Alliance. But the actual program name is Radiant Glory.

James: All right.

Johan: Radiate guardian was the earth Alliance a program name.

James: EDF, earth defense force?

Johan: They’d be considered EDF Yes.

James: Okay. All right. So, was this civil war or this coup successful?

Johan: Yes, it was successful. The Triumvirate, which was the overhead group above all the programs, the nine voting numbers, basically kind of like a bunch of mob bosses that kind of get together and kind of say, we don’t like what you did or you like what you didn’t do. Or we’d like this. Why are you doing this this way? They all get together and they decide what’s best for the programs. They all vote and elect and how they want to do this. And that’s the only real area where there’s a quote unquote detente when it comes to everyone kind of coming together. Now some of the programs do work together, but not really in a friendly fashion, you could say minus exception of the espionage groups because they know how to get military intelligence assets in and out of these groups. And that’s actually how the gentleman that you were talking about earlier with the other video is how he and I knew each other actually. His altars showed up as a military intelligence asset on board one of the ships I was on.

James: Well any idea what year this a schism took place?

Johan: That would have been I actually got into the programs in 92, so 25 years after that.
So, if you do the math, that’s 2017 in our timeline.

James: Yeah. Okay. Well in that case so that’s good. I guess. Does that mean they want to free humanity on planet earth from our slavery?

Johan: That’s the idea. Now you have to remember when this happened, it did create some diplomatic issues. So, we have certain species that we do trade with who absolutely are trading for genetic material. That’s the number one currency in the galaxy, metals don’t matter. Technology sort of matters, but DNA is king, especially if you have a live sample or if you have a breeding pair of whatever that thing happens to be. And that’s what these other species want. They want a live breeding pair of whatever species are going to be using as slave or food. And that’s really what they’re looking for. They’re trying to supplement their food income; they’re trying to supplement slave species all that stuff.

James: And usually the slave comes with its own regeneration tank and a food replicator as well. And with the regen tank, the slaves don’t age, so they could just keep them there for as long as they want, I’m assuming.

Johan: Well, and they’re also putting the region tanks if they’ve been seriously injured, if they’ve been, you know, all kinds of stuff can go on. You’ll see slaves that have been repeatedly traumatized, raped, brutalized, all kinds of stuff.

James: Yeah, certainly Penny has talked about that, but you know, what I mean, I’m glad this schism took place. I mean, we certainly need a change. We can’t keep treating humanity like this. It makes us look like a laughingstock to all the other ETs out there. So once the decision took place to fire bomb the planet what happened to you? Did you go on another vessel? Leader command?

Johan: We brought the Franklin along with some other ships into that group and I was left in command of my ship. We actually had observers come on board ship, which I actually detested because I thought it was someone trying to watch over my shoulder all the time to make sure I was doing the quote unquote right stuff. And on every ship, especially on the ships, that are like Corvette size and bigger. There’s an area above the main command deck they call an observation deck. And these observers would sit up there and listen to all of our comm chatter. They were watching all of our communications. They all had glass pad. They were looking at the exact same data that we were looking at. They were also listening to all the communications between us and our officers on the command deck, especially the colon officer, the navigation officer and your comm officer. And your MIO, your military intelligence officer, and how they’re interacting with you and the commands that you’re giving.

And a lot of times if for something questionable, they immediately would bring it up. And that happened to me a couple of times. My big issue in the SSPs was always ambassadorial side stuff. I was not good at it. I’m a very direct blunt person and these guys want to smooth people and make them feel good and I’m just like no, I’m a grunt. Just let me go smash it. I’ll be good. I went on a lot of these missions to actually either retrieve these guys or actually extract them out of areas too, which is why I was usually sent in.

James: What I want to do is I’m going to share my screen again. I think this actually came from halo. And the reason I’m bringing this up is to give the audience members an idea of possibly what one of these vessels look like. Is this sort of what you would’ve been in?

Johan: The ships that we actually had looked a lot like a Cornellian class cruiser or destroyer. That has 75 degrees swept back wings, which if you look at some of the stuff that came out from William Tompkins it’s very close.

The other side of that is that that were used and for example some of the other programs like the Helen [unclear 00:18:46] or more of a tubular vessel where they had what they call like a gravity dip propulsion. What that means is, is that you would actually see, they’d turn the gravity on a torsion ring. It would actually create this effect where the ship would actually be pulled to that point and that’s how those ships would actually move.

James: Is that it Cornellian did I get it right?

Johan: Yeah. If you look of Star Wars, any of the Imperial ships are based on the general idea of how it would look. Now the one ship that did not necessarily look that way was the patent, which is like capital class cruiser. That’s a whole other bailiwick because you’re going to get there, gain capital class ships and you’re talking, you know, 20-mile-long ship, they’re their own little cities. So, and they had couple of them. So, there’s another group that worked in the same general area as NWR Nacht Waffen which was called YNK and they were actually a Japanese dark fleet faction and they used some very large ships. and understand this too. A lot of the programs were reclaiming a lot of material from elsewhere inside the solar system and other programs. So, for example, if a government can no longer support keeping that SSP in play, for example, like the Russians, a lot of programs would come in and actually take those ships over, retrofit them, rebuild them. And we actually had a base that we actually called a new earth or Cornellian where we actually had spires set up to do exactly that. A ship would come into orbit dock with that Spire and they would essentially tear it apart for parts, gut it, take all the metal away from it and then use that metal in those parts on a brand new and they would actually retrofit and rehab all of that material.

James: Did the spires where they actually like a space elevator all the way on the planet up into the space?

Johan: Yeah. And what would happen is you’d see this long Spire coming up on this planet. They had seven of them and each one has its own security detail. Each one has its own docking protocols. They also have their own security teams. Some of them are heavily armed, especially on the spires where they allowed outside alien groups to dock. Those were heavily armed. They had super heavy security teams in there who, and they were usually pretty hair-trigger about how they did stuff because they didn’t want for just walking in and doing anything. Three things I will also say too, the three things they watched for was if you had a weapon if you had cyborgs augments or clones actually cyborgs had to be under lock and key, they were Noah to be in or through anything on Karelia. They had to be brought in these hovering coffins basically and taken to wherever they were going to go. They didn’t want one of these creatures getting loose on Corelli and creating a lot of chaos and death. So many of the programs follow that security protocol.

James: Yeah. Somebody actually asked this question in the chat. How does the cyborg escape the slave system?

Johan: So, what can happen is if you have an asset, which is what a cyborg is considered, anybody who is brought into the program is considered an asset. You’re tracked by an asset number. That individual or that cyborg may go on a mission or they may get loose out of their container and if they’re able to get off of ship or get away from their handlers, usually back of the [unclear 00:23:02] is, they actually have like a small explosive pack usually mounted the mandala. They can actually detonate that and actually several the brainstem or what’s left of the brain or I guess from the body. And that’s how they terminate the asset. A lot of times you’ll see a cyborg take damage and what happened is after they take that amount of damage that that detonation pack may actually be a damaged.

It may not even be able to go off and the cyborg may be able to get away from its handlers. And we’ve seen that happen with a few, it’s been a handful of assets. I can think of where that happened. Many times, the security teams like mine would have to go in and actually find those assets and actually retrieve them and either bring them back in pieces or bring them back and having been subdued. And that’s usually not a good thing because those cyborg assets are trained to be lethal. So, it’s kind of like letting loose a giant piece of cutlery inside of a box and you have to go get it. It’s usually not good.

James: All right. So next question. Thank you for that. Yeah that would be a huge problem with one of those beings got out. And of course, how about this, could you describe what one of these cyborgs look like?

Johan: Well, depends on the job. So, every single SSP has their own mission profile, the cyborgs they use. And of course, we know some people who’ve worked at what they call the PLCs, where they actually would outfit these cyborgs for both Kruger. MDF and Nacht Waffen. The essential to Cyborg’s job is, is we would send in this clone that gets artificially manipulated, added armor. They may remove limbs and put in completely artificial limbs. They may give them tails and they give them all kinds of stuff to kind of offset balance issues or gravity issues or working with specific material issues. But the overall job of this particular being usually has to do with the fact they have a certain task to carry out. More often than not, cyborgs are used in assassination techniques because essentially, they’re only given their Ford lobe. They’re actual memory centers in the brain are removed.

They may have their hypothalamus; they may have their brainstem back here in the Modella and they may have some lower level brain functionality still in place. But the idea is, is that they do not have any of the higher cognitive memory level stuff going on. And actually, a good example of this and soft disclosure will be to look at the winter soldier was captain America, how they treated him initially. That is exactly what typically happens with a cyborg Augment is that he’s repeatedly wiped or the memory centers are removed and he’s given a certain mission profile. They program him to speak a certain way but even speaks and he only has one specific job to carry out at that time.

James: Were you ever put into a cyborg body?

Johan: I was not. No. So, when you look at an asset, essentially what they look at is for example, the first thing I look at is genetic makeup where this person come from. Especially if you happen to be of a certain German blood lines or even Scandinavian bloodlines, you’re immediately put into certain programs. If you have intuitive empathic abilities, that gives you another higher up. If you have fracture ability, I mean, you come from a home where you’ve had a lot of trauma going on when you were a kid or if you can be fractured psychologically. That puts you into the rung up. The higher up in the rungs, you are the, typically the mortar you used for human type, either clone or what they call altered assets. In my case I was used primarily as an altered asset. I have not had any recalls of being in a cyborg body to date.

James: Okay. Someone was asking, are you on Wi-Fi?

Johan: Yes.

James: Yeah. Cause the signal, is kind of going out. I suppose if you were to switch over to a connected computer, would that be too much of a hassle at this point? Inconvenient?

Johan: I would have to go downstairs and it’d be a whole other thing. I can do that.

James: Well then what I’ll do is I will just won’t share my screen anymore so I don’t use up the bandwidth. We got some more questions here from the audience members. Someone wants to know, first of all, could you comment if they have a phone’s in space and maybe could they even connect to the internet here on planet earth?

Johan: This is kind of complicated question. Usually the higher up in rank you were, the more access you typically had to, what we news-related and internet related activities. That was primarily because if, especially in my case since I was working as an adjutant, as an XO, we had to know where some of our assets were coming from and why we were choosing those assets. That makes sense. I also have what they call a military intelligence clearing, which allow me to see a lot of information in the background. So, I already had access, technically the to – It’s actually not really, the internet it’s called SIPRNet and that is actually, it’s a classified firewalled network, but there is some like gateways to get to the internet through that. Usually access is pretty limited. It’s highly monitored.

You’re not going to get email; you’re not going to get instant messaging or anything like that. And chances are you’re not going to build your phone communications. They’ll kill it in a heartbeat. Almost all of your voice communications go to what, although Halo, which essentially allows you to three-dimensionally see, talk to an interface with the people that you’re talking with, which is how much of the voice communications happen. And they do give you some access to what they call like a newsfeed. So, which is for your unit, some of which is for your programs, some of which is, you know, back home for example. And that’s where I had, so my Mandela effect snaps because I remember Nelson Mandela actually dying a different way and differently than how it happened here.

James: The frame rate is really bad on your end. Do you think you can get any closer to your Wi-Fi router?

Johan: Okay. I’ll have to move a little bit here. So just give me one sec here. I’m going to get moved downstairs really quick.

James: Yeah, people are commenting, audio is fine. Video’s lagging. So, I apologize audience members

Johan: When you get down there and I will get set up back down there. One second. Just some, give me a minute here.

James: So, while I’m waiting for you, what I’m going to do is I’ll do a share my screen and show you some images here or pictures. So, this is some stuff I’ve collected over the years. They kind of give you idea of what some of these cyborgs, this is a here is a trip steep. I was going to ask Johan earlier about [unclear 00:31:07]. And what they would do, at least according to James Casbolt they would, when they would traumatize you would go to what is known as uptime and then they would split off alters and program your mind. And then here, this was this trip seat was drawn by Alex Diaz and he was on my team. He was AKA blood streak.

And he, they like had to a lot of blunt weapons. And I actually interviewed him years ago, but I took the interview down because he’s in jail because he got triggered and killed his girlfriend. So unfortunately, not all of us turn out so well. This is a program and they would put a underneath your fingernails. I’ll talk a little bit about this when I go to Vegas in April. And share a little bit about the secret space program. This was what these altered a super soldier look like, they would have like a skin tight suit. This one is drawn by Felton years ago and Felton never wanted to come on my show. I was trying to bring them on, but now he doesn’t want to go public anymore.

Johan: How is the audio and the video sound now.

James: Good. Are you still hearing me Johan?

Johan: Yup, I can hear you. So as far as the uniforms go, typically your Kruger uniforms were like a light Brown to Brown color with yellow lettering on them. The MDF used Digi cammo or the equivalent of Digi cammo and that was actually a mesh uniform. It actually looked like a metal in meshed in the fabric. And Nacht Waffen actually used black or black and gray colored uniforms, typically. Depending upon where you’re at, what job you did, so on and so forth.

James: As far as the Kruger logo is concerned, did it look like the letters, K R U, G, E R was it like in a U shape and it was a gold color?

Johan: I’ve I have not seen that one. The one that I remember looked like it almost looked like if you’ve ever seen some of the really old Metallica albums, it had that sort of writing and I had a little byline underneath it. I think what I was looking at was actually one of their I got trained, they actually have one those posters, like when people were coming into the programs because they were bringing people from earth government officials up to see exactly who they were hiring to do these jobs because we were shutting stuff down on earth and elsewhere.

James: We have a few questions about maybe just how the SSP is arranged. Certainly, you mentioned an earlier with a Radiant Glory, the Space Alliance, the faction you’re involved with. Well why don’t you just give us a little brief rundown some of the other factions.

Johan: Okay. so, you have the main group that basically does all the, what we call the back haul. They do all the base building. They got kind of the ran actually by a group called, well CD calls and the ICC, they’re actually a corporate group that essentially, they’ve learned how do we monetize the DNA? For example, you’ve seen Emery Smith, right? He worked for a group here on earth that did a lot of the DNA research. They actually take material, they would sample it, it would study it. They reverse engineer it. All of that’s ICC stuff. And usually that’s the downstream stuff of what I did. When the field, we take sample, they sent the guys like him.

James: ICC stands for interplanetary corporate conglomerate,

Johan: Correct. Yeah. And they have a bunch of different names for it, but essentially that group does all of like, you know, how do we keep the bases running, how do we keep the ships running? The basic security and Garrison duties is all done by them. Underneath of them as another group called JDFC, a joint defense forces command, which essentially oversees MDF, EDF SDF, all these guys. And then you’ve got other factions also kind of fault, either parallel to C or maybe a little underneath of them. For example, we look at groups like Nacht Waffen for example, when they were brought back into the fold in the mid-eighties to late eighties. That group, essentially was told you have to follow certain protocols if you want to continue working within our particular version of this program. I remember this, not all of Nacht Waffen went in. There were certain basis and certain ships that absolutely did not follow in with that protocol and we ran into a few of those when I was in. There’s actually a one base and series here in our system. It still isn’t technically not part of ICC. They’re completely independent and they were originally a Nacht Waffen base.

James: All right. Okay. So, you mentioned JDFC, what does that stand for?

Johan: Joint defense forces command.

James: Where are they based?

Johan: Their headquarters is actually on the moon, but they also have training facilities. Almost every person that goes through any branch of JDFC trains initially, usually either on the moon or on Mars, one or two. And Mars, is like the big bootcamp, everybody goes through there. They all need to get weapon trained, armor trained. It’s also a Kruger does all of their, if they do any sort of cyborg or any sort of like assassin training, it’s all done there, Ares prime. Yeah, it’s all done. A lot is done on Mars.

James: So JDFC could be synonymous with lunar operations command.

Johan: Well they’re our partner part of that group. Yes. It’s the command structure. Yeah, the LOCC, which is what you’re talking about, the leaner operations command center, they’re of, that’s kind of the base name. Whereas JDFC is the actual group name is operating inside the base.

James: And so, I’m assuming you’ve been to that facility on the moon.

Johan: Yes multiple.

James: And what Randy Kramer described it as is different layers of construction from different areas. And some of it you could see like really old 1950s looking, some areas, sixties, seventies, eighties. And so, they never really go back there and renovate the old stuff. They kind of just keep it. Is that your experience to what you saw?

Johan: Yes, that’s absolutely correct. When I woke up on the moon the first time, I woke up in a room that looked like a weird 1950s color movie. The doorframes, the door jams, everything looked like a 1950s movie. And the first thing they do is they typically wait to see if they’re awake and then they start putting you through the indoc process, two guards will carry you from room to room, move you from room to room. And once you’ve gotten through all the indoc processes and they actually figured out what program you have to give them a key word that you’re given while you’re on earth, at least in my case I did. I had to give them a certain key word. And when I gave him that key word, that’s when they said, okay, well, obviously this guy is just asset. And all of a sudden now I’m being trained on these different programs. I went right through the ranks in those programs.

James: Okay. And so, when you were stationed on the moon or at least went through the program, did you ever recall seeing any ETs working alongside humans and what do they look like?

Johan: So, they had, well I would call the smaller brown and tan colored Draco, even some black Draco on the base. They helped a lot with the Sonic programs. They’re also military liaison. They had what they called tall whites. They had Zeta Reticulums who worked there. They all said Nordics that worked there. And there were a few other species as well. But those are the ones that predominately worked with the human scientists who were running the indoc and you know, removing people from the programs. Those are the groups that typically work with us. A few mantids as well I might add. The mantas were doing a lot of documentation and they were actually documenting who you were, where you were, what your records were, all that kind of stuff.

James: So, a lunar operations command would service on planet earth, I’m assuming area 51 pine gap, Diego Garcia any other major hotspots.

Johan: The areas that I know that LOC had direct flights to or connections to would be areas like that. The area 51 especially S4 you look at [unclear 00:40:52] Dulce base will be another good example of that. That’s where the one of the heady cloning facilities on earth was for a long time. Thomas Costello actually presented pictures before he and his family went missing. We don’t know if they’ve been either went missing on purpose or if they were quote unquote suicided. But he went off the grid for a long time. So that’ll be a location. Pine gap is another one in Australia. If there is a third CIA base down there. So, I mean, you’ve got those kinds of locations. Palmdale, at plant 42. They all have these connections via these hourglass portals or tunnel systems or gate systems. Depending on where you are and the gate systems are especially important because sometimes you may not even know that you’ve left one location and went to a completely different planet. So, and that’s actually done through wormhole technology.

James: Okay. can you comment on how far and we’ll go more to the structures a bit? Somebody mentioned this, I think it is important. How far has the SSP program spread out into the galaxy or even the universe further than that?

Johan: Well, we’ve got operational bases in almost all the 53 local star clusters around us. The least one, they were an observational opposed like IOP we’ll call OP or LPO listening post observational post. We’ve got another group underneath the ICC is called the merchant Marine fleet. And their job is to do all the trade. That’s all they do. They bring supplies in, they trade it, they bring it back to another base to figure out what they want to do with it. And they are the number one transporter of slaves within the program. Secondly, they’re also the second biggest transporter of weapon technology. So that group specifically, their job is to essentially figure out where they want to put the slaves, where they want to put the technology and what they want to do with it. And usually there’s an exchange rate that is already established, right. Those groups try to figure out what makes sense to them. And like I said, if you have, if you have a group where you’ve got, for example, a live breeding pair that is extremely valuable to other species. So, and that can be any species by the way, but alive breeding pair is extremely valuable.

James: Okay. Thank you. So, we are pretty much all throughout the Milky way galaxy. We’ve got bases all over the place. And what about other galaxies as well? Like Andromeda?

Johan: I know that we do have bases outside of the Milky way system. We use I guess you call it [unclear 00:44:56] metric jump points to go from system to system. That’s also the reason why, like I mentioned earlier, you have three different types of Sonics, right? So, when you are circling outside of our solar system, you have to know how to get back to Seoul. And that means you have to have a Sonic link to somebody here in system that can actually tell you as a beacon which way you have to go in three-dimensional space or four-dimensional space, time plus your location. And that’s what the job of an Astropad. And that’s what I did. It’s one of my sub training things. So, you have people that are IES, intuitive impasse, you have people that are interfaces. Then you have a group inside of that, which we call astropathic, and that was their job. And usually have four to five people on board every ship that can do that job. And their job is to figure out where this beacon is if something happens. But we’ve got people in other neighboring systems.

The closest system I know that we’ve actually negotiated with and have a base on Tau Ceti or alpha Suntory will be the two that come immediately to mind. And tau city specifically has a mantid species live there along with humans. The mantas do not like us for the record on that particular planet. I would also say too, that the star configuration, the head two arms and two legs is a typical common trait among those species and all the different solar systems and galaxies of denin. Some don’t have that. And the groups that you see typically that don’t have that are groups that typically are designed more for war or the insectoid species, they’ll probably vary a lot more. And some of your Sybian groups
James: The more you talk, the more questions we have. So as astropathics, is that like a form of remote viewing of different solar systems?

Johan: Astropathics is kind of like having a direct mental link with somebody back in system A and you’re in system B. So, you’re able to sonically talk to somebody who’s in a completely different solar system. And that is something that if you look at like concentric rings, you’d have people that are intuitive impasse, interfaces, astropathics, because that is extremely toxin on the human body to do that over and over and over again.

James: They can’t just make a cell phone that will talk?

Johan: Communications are great, but what happens if that system goes down or what happens if your nav system goes down? They always build in a redundancy plan. And the number one redundancy system is the human body.

James: Yeah. It’s something that they don’t do here on planet earth is building redundancies. They just don’t care if something goes down. That’s it, who cares? We’re all bunch of slaves anyway. To the two lead to control this planet. But anyway. Oh, okay. So next question is, is why would, and we’re certainly, I hadn’t forgot about those. Let me go ahead and just ask you that. Have you ever been to Dolce base?

Johan: I have not, but I’ve been around it. A friend of mine actually went to school down there to university of New Mexico and he investigated that area. I’ve driven through that area, backgrounds in the military. It’s actually an Apache Indian reservation. You really can’t get to the actual dosing Mesa itself, but you can’t see it off in the distance. And there’s some weird stuff that goes on down there. I’ve friends that used to get to the university down there and they say they see some weird stuff from the sky. So, I physically I’ve never been inside of Mesa though.

James: Okay. all right, so moving on. Next question would be why do we need slaves when we have robot tech in space travel?

Johan: Because there are species that are hungry. How does that sound?

James: They eat these slaves?

Johan: Some of them do. Yes. And that’s one thing, if they had a breeding pair and they can procreate more slaves from the breeding pair, that creates a food chain and that’s exactly what they’re looking for. Now also to think about this, we happen to be one of the groups best at reverse engineering technology. And there are some species that value that. For example, the Draco for example, value. So does the reticulums. They actually bring us technology and see if we can reverse engineer it, so they can bring some of us to their place and have them reverse engineer stuff for them. That becomes highly valuable, right? Because now they can actually export that tech out to other people or trade that tech or there’s weapons or whatever.

James: That’s just astonishing that own members of our species would sell us out too like that. I guess technology in exchange for selling out humans as slaves.

Johan: The first mission where I encountered slavery was in a system that’s called it’s a group called the orange. They’re actually a group of zeta reticulum that broke off from a collective mind.

James: Is it the Maitri?

Johan: No, that’s a different group. They are around the star cluster. It’s actually not too far from here.

James: Can you send me the link? I’ll pull it up on the share screen.

James: Some comments here. Most humans eat meat. What’s the difference to them? I mean, they have food replicators they don’t have to eat a live human or I’m assuming,

Johan: Okay. So, let’s break this down for a minute. There is an easy way to break this down. Some species do not eat meat. They actually thrive off the psychic energy. So, if you take a species that has no psychic training, right, like us humans, and you put them in a room and a woman is repeatedly raped, think about the psychic energy is coming off of that person. As they’re going through that trauma, these creatures are feeding off of that energy as it’s happening because they’re thriving on it because they don’t have emotions like we do. Think of someone who has a completely left sided brain. They’re all technical. They have no emotional center and they’re all like technically oriented, like the Zeta Reticulums for example. I’m still looking. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize this question was going to come up.

James: So, there was a mission that I did on a Draco prime and I saw this through remote viewing. What they would actually do is they would create these avatar bodies of humans and these grays or Draco reptilians would project their consciousness into these avatars and then they would do their sexual rituals, orgies and then kill each other at the end. And then of course their conscious will go back to their body. To me that’s just astonishing that that they would do stuff like that. But even some of the so-called benevolent Draco were trying to get away from all that and they just couldn’t do it because they just kept going back into it.

Johan: The area that actually the orange live around is an area called Bernard Star. That’s the actual system. And Bernard star, actually, they have a gas giant in that system and they had an orbital facility there that the orange lives on. And that group was a break off cluster from the Zeta Reticulums, they broke away from the hive mind control that the Zetas had. And that was the first time I ever saw human slaves being exchanged for any sort of technology or anything like that. And I found out later that was pretty common. Because again, DNA is currency.

James: It takes six light years.

Johan: Yes. It’s not too far away. But that particular star is ordered by a gas giant and that gas giant is being mined by the orange. They trade chemicals that they mined from that gas giant. They make the make technology too.

James: Do you think you could turn a light on so we can see your face? Not too much difficulty. All right. Next question would be what is beyond the manifested universe? I guess that would be maybe outside the scope of our telescopes. I mean, that’s billions of light years away.

Johan: So, think about this, you have NASA who just did their last planetary survey. They found in the area of 10 quadrillion planets, in that group of planets. The farthest out, they were able to reach a 13 and a half billion years from our location, light wise. And that’s also where they found the center of the planet where that the AI and nanite virus is black goo that everyone talks about. It was right on the edge of that particular center, what NASA was seeing. And we still know there’s plants past that, but the question is, I believe there’s probably some sort of a space time barrier that you would hit at some point because again, the university is expanding, right? So, at some point you’re going to hit a barrier where is no more matter.

James: So as far as like the SSP is concerned, did they ever send probes out into this unknown region that we can’t see and what was out there? Is it just more stars, just kept going on and on and on?

Johan: We kept finding more systems. We kept finding further sums around out there usually are much older systems, much more developed systems. We did find a couple that were in development. For example, if you look at the area around the bell of Orion, that area is still under heavy development, a lot of war had been fought there specifically, Orion Wars. And you’ve got all this stuff that in these really old systems, technology that we’ve never ever seen before because primarily these races have been around for billions of years and no one’s been there to bug them. So, and that’s, where our probes are finding all these different groups out there that we haven’t even had a chance to meet yet. But maybe we will, maybe we won’t.

James: Did they appear to be humanoid or?

Johan: I would use the term star configuration. Some of them not. Especially the insectoid and [unclear 00:55:32] races typically don’t follow the star configuration, but the ones that are upright typically by pedal do follow the star configuration. And that is, I would say probably 60 to 70% of the species you run into. The other 30 to 40 typically don’t follow that configuration and there’s usually something in their home environment that has caused them to develop that way.

James: All right, so like in star track they keep going further and further out and they still find human looking people. So, it’s similar like that in the universe. If we would really do that, maybe it wouldn’t be same height as us. Some of them would Godzilla height 500 feet tall Titans.

Johan: There are planets and species, for example, what we would call the ancient builder race. That specific species was 70 feet tall, but they came from a heavy gravity planet originally. We would call them Titans, they’re huge. There are groups that I know of that actually developed very specifically a certain way because they were bred that way. For example, we talked to the Val cache [unclear 00:56:45] earlier. So that species was designed to go to war by the mantra. I’ve always believed that they were a slave species to the mantra and that group specifically they have actually had a really thick, almost armored type skin. So, they’re bred to be that way.

James: Yeah, in the macho they like to kidnap humans and make them to slaves. They also enslave their own race. So I guess next question is, you mentioned about the black goo I’m not sure who said this might’ve been Penny Bradley, but she said that the upper management in the SSP or at least the dark fleet were required to drink the black goo to make them super intelligent and smart, but it also took away their emotions and made them extremely negative. What are your thoughts on that?

Johan: Yeah, that is one of the reasons for the schism we talked about earlier, the individuals who actually had ingested this stuff were the other 80%. The 20% of us that left had not ingested that. And we were told not to. So, you could kind of say that, and the slavery issue split that group at some point. It was like a political dichotomy going on for us. We were looking at the best interests of our species. Them, they were trying to be interconnected, which is what happens. That’s one of the side effects of that black goo. You have people basically hive mind sharing data all at one time and they’re all co processing it all at one time?

James: It’s like the Borg.

Johan: Yes. It’s exactly what it is. But the downside of that is it removes all your humanity. When I looked at the black goo, it’s the antithesis of life. So, if you consider life to be kind of the creative emotive force in the universe, what we would call a quote unquote God. Then the black goo is kind of like the Satan of the universe. It was the antithesis of that God.

James: So, did you ever know anybody that, you knew them before they took the black goo and after they took the black goo and did you notice this extreme difference?

Johan: Yes. So, the gentleman that you and I were talking about earlier about the other video. The mission I first met him on, he was actually tasked as a military intelligence asset to go find out how the Lyrines were staying away from the black goo. The Lyrine had actually developed this yellowish green chartreuse color gas that actually forced the black goo to come out of the body and it actually causes it to die. There also killed the asset in the process. So, what we did was, his alter had gotten a copy of this gas, the schematic, how to make it, how to produce it and how to use it. And he brought it back to Nacht Waffen and we started building gas squirt on our ships. Every time someone would debark an embark, they would have to go through this gas squirt to screen people.

And if they got touched by the black goo, it would actually kill them on the spot. You’d actually see the body [unclear 00:59:52] this black stuff from the eyes, they actually turned this crystallized glass on the floor from the flight deck. And it was not good usually. So that’s typically the way it went down. The first time I saw it was when we use that gas on board ships to check our own people. Some of our people had been exposed on the mission and the CEO, the guy I call the old man. The admiral called me and said I want your ship clean it cleanse from stem to stern. I want to make sure after stern, I’ll make sure nobody has this stuff in their system. And we did. We actually went through; we brought every single person on the ship down the flight line. We had them walk through the gas squirt and most people didn’t react. We had a handful of people that did and usually there as a very violent reaction when they did.

James: Yeah. Some people are claiming black goo is AI and artificial intelligence.

Johan: It is, it is a nano virus. Yes.

James: Well after the goo would come out of the body. They could theoretically take the body and throw it back and die. They could take it and throw it into a regen tank.

Johan: That’s correct. Yes.

James: All right. Well do you think that black goo is here on planet earth? Maybe some of the officers down at area 51.

Johan: Funny you say that. So, let’s talk about this for a minute. The two things that were directly attached to that AI, nano virus. First off was a type of stone called Cintamani stones. The second was the actual media that’s in the middle of the building and Mecca when people do their Hodge. That meteors embedded in the actual building there at Mecca, I was told that stone was actually what they called a messenger that was sent from the heavens, from this AI virus, and it was sent to your planet and it landed and it was actually picked up and used at that location. And it’s considered a Holy Relic because it came from the heavens. But that’s the second one that I know of here on planet earth.

James: This is the Cintamani stone, correct. Sacred stone from the Sirius star system. Millions of years ago. Galactic superwave apparently Sirius exploited these fragments. So, one piece of Cintamani was previously in Templar possession given to Edward Bulwer-Lytton who revealed the existence of Agartha to humanity in his novel The Coming Race.

Johan: Well, that book Coming Race, by the way, that book actually describes what happened to the Braille society, and which should make you ask some serious questions. Because the Braille society was the basis for the German breakaway civilization, which became Nacht Waffen.

James: This is a black goo.

Johan: I was told that when the Sirius exploded, that was a result of the black goo. And there has been some speculation that some of that black goo actually remained on some of the stones that impacted here. They actually traveled through that system and landed here on earth.

James: And this is the black stone, grand mosque in Mecca.

Johan: Yup.

James: So, I guess people like to lick this thing,

Johan: They rub their hands on it. Yes. They’ll actually put their hand inside that stone and they’ll actually pray to Allah for blessings and continue prosperity and all kinds of stuff. And I was also told that that stone was also another one of those messengers, quote unquote, that came from that AI nanite virus.

James: So, this thing is contaminated.

Johan: That’s correct. Yes

James: Well one day it was like a bored religion. I know Islam, one of the things they want you to do is have a Hajj to a Mecca, some point in your life and I guess then you get contaminated with that stuff.

Johan: Correct.

James: Interesting. Well what about in the secret space program? Did they have any religions? Did they bring any religions up there?

Johan: I know of planets that have their own religions. Within Nacht Waffen they had specific subgroup of people that follow what was called the followers of the black sun. Which among the officer ranks was actually kind of popular? The idea being with the black sun group that essentially, you’re looking at the emanation of the divine creator that was still in thought form as it was coming out of the mind. That’s what the black sun represents, the 12 rays of the black sun. And there’s a whole bunch of stuff behind that too. If you read down the internet of course. In that group, I know there had been Mitaka actually had a religious subsect of psychics that actually did a lot of healing work. The Draco actually have their own religions within their own houses. And I do pay a lot of homage and respect and worship for the queen. You have other groups, for example, like the Palladium’s that do what we call today and new age terms, light body work and light body heals using these very specific stones. And that religion is there’s. So, there is a bunch of them out there. It’s just, functionally what do you understand and what works for you.

James: Yeah. Thank you. Okay, so going back here, went back to my earlier question about the different groups in the SSP. We started off with the ICC, which is running I guess everything. Then underneath them was JDFC the joint, would you say that joint defense forces command and that’s based on the moon.

Johan: Correct. And that’s headquarters.

James: So, it’s a training center for all the other groups. And then from there we have, I guess a Mars defense force or what about MC Mars colony corporation? Is that pretty much the same thing?

Johan: MCC actually is the sub-company of the ICC, so that’s one of their spiderwebs that comes off of a branch of that. They specifically handle all the colony work, all of the various governors, all the various groups on Mars, all report to the MCC, corporate command structure. The military command groups do not report to MCC, let’s be very clear about this. If you’re on Mars, on your training, you report to project Kruger or MDF. So, or both in some cases. And either way, that’s the way the command structure breaks down. If you’re military asset, the base may belong to MCC, but you’re, you actually report to an MDF or crew commander. Whereas we’ll say that you’re a scientist, your boss and you and your boss would report to the governor or the commander of that particular facility, which is controlled by MCC. Does that make sense when separating that?

James: Yeah. So, Kruger and MDF report to JDFC,

Johan: Correct.

James: And then they report to ICC. So, in a way, eventually upper management overseas it all. So, you mentioned Radiant Guardian. I heard that Radiant Guardian was a split off from solar warden, like one group was responsible for what was it?

Johan: Radiant Guardian is another group, they essentially, it’s the nickname for earth Alliance. And they actually do everything that’s Intersolar out to the Mars ring that area where that planet Mitaka or Tiamat got destroyed, the asteroid belt, they will patrol out to that area. But their main primary job is to make sure that area between earth and the moon is secure because there’s way too much stuff going on in there.

James: And then Radiant Guardian is responsible for the area outside all the way out to Pluto. Maybe out even further.

Johan: Radiant Glory is, yes. That’s Space Alliance. Yes. Their job is from basically from the ring outside the solar system. Primarily what a lot of those guys do, including YNK is they actually go out to the heliosphere or out toward the Oort cloud is. They have bases in the Oort cloud. And these guys will actually patrol those areas to make sure they’ve got supplies, make sure there’s nothing going on. Make sure where they haven’t noticed anyone coming in system. If we have a particular big orbital problem, say for example, comet or asteroid that may take care of it. It depends upon what’s going on.

James: So, officers are drawn from Naval space command. Is that true or false?

Johan: Naval space command is the earth command system that actually does the oversight for a lot of the programs. That is the group that McKinnon actually hacked into. If you remember way back. When, was it, 10 years ago now?

James: That was probably back in like 99, 2000.

Johan: Gary McKinnon, when he hacked in. That was the group that he actually hacked into. And the asset list he saw were actually between non-terrestrial craft and there were probably between solar warden vessels, be my guest based upon the description he gave. So, cause the Helen [unclear 01:10:06] is actually an EDF ship.

James: Okay, now here’s another one. EDF. so that’s responsible for, I guess from the ground level up into the atmosphere on planet earth,

Johan: Ground level to the moon.

James: The extraterrestrial incursions.

Johan: Yup. ICC, which is the intercept program that some people have claimed to be working for ATIP all that stuff falls underneath EDF

James: And EDF reports to the ICC as well,

Johan: Correct? Yup, that’s correct. They report to ICC through the JDFC.

James: So, who has oversight over ICC?

Johan: Well, that’s the Triumvirate. So, we talked earlier about this idea of having this meeting of nine mob bosses. That’s the Triumvirate you have all these people that come from these other programs. They come together and what they do is they decide, okay, what’s good for you? What’s good for me? Can we come to some median that everyone’s either not happy with, but we can all agree to? And especially when you have programs that have been running on their own for a while. For example, some of the breakaway groups like NOC, Waffen, they’re brought into the fold in this way. We’ll say, you know what? We’re not going to bother your base as long as you give us access to do what we need to do at border base, as long as we can do exchange between technology and resources that you may have. And that’s how they bring them into the fold.

Some of the government programs end up running out of money. We’re actually brought into ICC or some of the other programs that exact way. So, for example, you have the Russians who had their own breakaway group for a while, their own SSP. They eventually got refolded back into part Space Alliance because they couldn’t keep – when the government fell in Russia. They had no money to actually run that program. And essentially the ICC said, well, we’ve got ships out here. We need to reuse them. So, who wants these ships? And you’ll actually find now out their ships built from Russian assets being ran by, for example, Italian, French, British, and American people.

James: So, they just went in there and just seized them all. They didn’t bother compensate them after the Soviet Union fell.

Johan: Some of them did get compensated or they actually use the material and turn it into other stuff they’d be traded to be compensated for. But in most cases, like for example, a certain base of like Hyperion base, which is another base that you may or may not have heard of. That particular base used to be a Russian asset at one point. There’s also some ships there within the programs. The one I remember specifically as [unclear 01:12:48], that particular ship was also a Russian asset and it’s an actual command [unclear 01:12:53] so a few ships that did not break down.

James: Yeah. in the last interview I did actually pulled up a video clip from this footage I think it was from a 1972 documentary. About alternative three and they show footage of them landing on Mars and I think it was 1962. Can you give us any information that, that footage is actually real?

Johan: Yeah. Think about this. So, in 1939 the German group that was actually studying the Haunebu series craft. Sent a craft, not only to Mars where they stopped, but they also sent them to Aldebaran and they came back within a week. The ship looks at Asia a hundred years they left Maria Orsic and some of the people who were on that ship in Aldebaran to work with the species that was there. And then they started sending out other ships to Mars. When you see the whole thing that happened with operation High Jump or these ships that were still on earth attacked in the US fleet that was coming in with [unclear 01:13:59] Rockefeller. That was only a small piece of the German craft that were there. Most of them had already left to go to Mars to go to Sirius, to go to Ganymede and other places in the solar system. So, and many of them actually left the solar system. And I would say that footage you’re seeing, it’s probably very realistic. I also want to make note too, when you look at this video, notice the sky there is actually a light blue color, not red, which is how you know it’s real.

James: Okay. So, I’m going to turn it off cause my bandwidth is not that great. But yeah, so a lot of the videos and photos that are coming out of NASA showing the sky being red on Mars and numerous whistleblowers, they have already stated this multiple times that the atmosphere is actually blue. The temperature is a lot warmer than they say it is.

Johan: It’s a very, very light blue tint as a high CO2 content within the air. The suits that you’d wear typically when you go out on patrol, those suits have the ability to immediately filter out, it actually split your CO2 and O2 and carbon. It would drop these carbon pellets out the back. So yeah, I mean, and that was just a supplement air. You had air coming in from the atmosphere itself. But for the most part you’re looking at, the other thing too is the gravity.

That’s a little different too, but it’s not the point. The point is that there was some air there. The sky had this very light blue tint to it. Not like our earth, but more like it’d be like looking at a like a painting, like a pastel blue color. If that makes sense.

James: So how about we maybe talk a little bit more about your experiences from the point that you were taken from I guess Diego Garcia while in the Marine Corps. You were taken to where, where did you go from there?

Johan: I was brought into a landing facility inside of this basement. They carried all of us out his craft. It was built by Lockheed Martin, then brought into this receiving room. And then they basically restrained us down these chairs. And what they were waiting on was to see if we actually wake up and as people would wake up, you hear the guards yell out. We had a live one and some folks never wake up. I never saw them wake up the whole time I was there. But in my case, I finally kind of got [unclear 01:16:51] from the hypnagogic drugs they gave us. They saw me kind of waking up. I heard him yell, we have a live one. They grabbed me into my arms and lifted me up out of the seat and they drag me in this room.

Essentially, I started getting hammered by this interrogator. He wanted to know who I was and what piece of information did he did I have to give him. And that was the keyword that I told you about earlier. And once I gave him that key word, then he asked me, he goes, okay, what are you sensing in the room around you? And I made a comment about an officer who had, he had this lady body armor. He was holding her very tightly and she was scared and she was behind a double mirror glass. I could’ve have seen the guy. As soon as I said it, I heard this voice come across a speaker goes, he’s one of us, go and move him in the next room and have him programmed. So, they take me into this room and for about, I’m going to guess at least two weeks, they had us put these goggles on.

They would feed us, they showered us and they would have us put these goggles on for eight to 12 hours a day. They give you these drug injections through your food. Essentially what they’re doing is they were programming you and they were downloading all this stuff into you. And after every programming cycle in 72 hours, they would take you into this room and they would actually actively force you to recall the programming, see if you could actually do it. Which was a little weird because I felt like I wasn’t in control of my own body sometimes or I wasn’t even in my own body sometimes. Once that was done, they went in, they outfitted us with basic gear. They took us into another room. And the first program I got introduced to was the Kruger a mercenary unit. They actually have on the LC.

They put us through basic training. Somebody who actually talked a little bit about this was Jason Rice, if you know who Jason Rice is, but the group that he was training with there, that was Kruger. We did three missions on earth and we did one mission on Ganymede. And at that point they basically said, okay, certain people are being promoted out of Kruger and certain people will continue to be in Kruger. I got promoted out of Kruger to MDF. It was at that point I’m kind of like, okay, so what’s going on now? Next thing I know I’m being put into a shuttle. And I ended up Ares prime, which is where on Mars, that’s what they do typically do the initial indoctrination and training for all the recruits that come in to go through MDF bootcamp. And at that point, that’s when I got put through all of the initial MDF training.

They train us all on a weaponry and it puts for all the psionic training. It put us through all the protocol stuff. They teach all the protocols about containment and technology and all that stuff. Did a set of missions on Mars because the type of missions that I was being put in, this guy kept showing up. I remember when he showed up, we had the ship show up in orbit. It was again, this triangular craft that had the 75-degree swept back wings. I saw it from where I was on the planet and I saw the shuttle come down in Atlanta Aries prime. At the time, I believe I was either a Sergeant or top, which would be like a top enlisted. I got brought in and this guy was in a room that I called the old man.

At the time he was a Colonel, he was a 06 full bird Colonel. He was watching our progress and he was screening certain people in the MDF to be brought into Nacht Waffen. And I didn’t know that at the time, but that’s what he was doing. And he liked the way I was doing certain things and he liked people to thought outside the box. So, he put me on certain missions just to see how it reacts to it. And when we had a lot of success with it, eventually the captain who was in charge of the training unit eventually decided to not take me into MDF, but this Colonel decided to go ahead and bring me in to Nacht Waffen with two other individuals. And I got assigned to an assault squad. The group that the actual the emblem I remember seeing on my arm, it looked like a snake with two fangs coming to the old Cobra from GI Joe, sort of. We were called the Vipers fangs. And essentially what our job was, we did some of the stuff that nobody else wanted to do within the security groups. We were sitting down to planets, extract stuff, get people, do escorts, all kinds of crap that nobody else wanted to do. And from there I just continued through Nacht Waffen until eventually we defected out of Nacht Waffen into Radiant Glory.

James: So that’s about 40 years of experience.

Johan: Yep. And a lot of ETFs. a lot of ETs

James: Do you recall like pretty much everything in that 40-year period?

Johan: No, there are gaps still. Some of it is a little groggy. Like I get like visions of certain areas of my memory. And I think that has a lot to do with some of the programming still kind of in place. Some of it has to do with the fact that it’s still some trauma I think related to those areas. I’ve documented quite a bit of my stuff down and I think that’s good for anyone who has an experience or by the way, if you start documenting, drawing, writing everything you’ve experienced and put it somewhere when it gets to get to a point where you can talk to people about it. You can show them what you’ve actually experienced and what you’ve been through it is very, very helpful to help with the healing process and the reintegration process.

James: Yeah, I was doing it, I was journaling and then I had pages go missing from my journal. I stopped doing it at that point and when they take your stuff too. But anyway, can you comment a little bit about, like for instance, let’s go over a timeline if you can like how long were you stationed on the moon, I guess you said?

Johan: Very, very brief time. That was probably about two months ish, maybe three months.

James: Okay. So, then you were brought to Ares Prime.

Johan: Yup.

James: And was that a part of the MDF or Kruger at that point?

Johan: That was actually part of MDF. And then as it was only MDF for about six months, and then the rest of it’s all either Nacht Waffen or Radiant Glory.

James: Yeah. So typically, did they the lower level grunts go into MDF and the more lead soldiers went into Nacht Waffen?

Johan: Actually, it depends upon a couple of things. One, you’re the first number one thing that I was told by the old man was the personality disposition. Does this individual have the ability to kill on command and not really have too much of a grievance with it? Secondly, do they have German bloodlines? Thirdly, do they have the intuitive empathic abilities and fourthly how well does this person take programming? Now the fourth one is kind of a fluctuating area because some people took the program better than others. Some people I know on board ship can never speak German. We always have to talk to them in these areas where we had translators on building the walls. And I do remember that happening a few times where we had assets I can never speak to in German. I even switch back to English sometimes and talk to them, but I always still had a German accent when I talked to for some reason. So, it depends upon the individual. Now the crossover between MDF, Nacht Waffen had a lot to do with those factors. And also it had a lot to do with their ability to think outside the box because when you start going into a group that functions primarily extra solar, you can’t run back to earth every time you have a problem or run back to Mars every time you have a problem. So, the people that typically get installed within Nacht Waffen or some of these extra solar groups, their primary mindset has to be how do I fix this problem on my own right now? And that was a big motivator to find people like that who can immediately fix the problem and figure out ways to do it.

James: Okay. Makes sense. And as far as like technology is concerned. I was wondering about like the trip seats, they have instant education machine. So, there would really be no reason why they wouldn’t be speaking German unless they didn’t want them to.

Johan: Right. Those individuals typically they were not given that particular level of programming. They weren’t given that download, and here’s the interesting thing. You’ll notice that almost all folks that are either say they’d been in Nacht Waffen. If they’ve been officer, typically it will tell you that they have German language recall somewhere in their memories and they never spoke German. A lot of the enlisted folks is kind of hit and miss. So, depends upon what your job duty was, how important you were. Were you a senior enlisted, were you a minor enlisted, pilot, navigator, depends on your job.

James: What about in Kruger? Did they speak primarily German?

Johan: Some of them did. But I know that I did in Kruger, but I also know that what were people who did not. I know folks who absolutely did not speak it. Again, we have these translation hubs, right? So, if you were in your barracks, they have a thing in the wall, the light blue hemisphere. And that actually translated all of the audio that was coming from the other folks in whatever language you spoke. So, you actually heard it in your head. So even if you were to speak German, they’re still hearing English, or if they spoke some other language like Russian, you’re still hearing any English.

James: Yeah. So, I wanted to ask you, are you willing to continue on for another 30 more minutes or are you getting tired?

Johan: I’m good.

James: Okay. All right. So now it comes all the juicy questions about, for instance, what your life was like. What was the name of the ship that you were on while you were in the Nacht Waffen So after you left Mars, you went to Nacht Waffen.

Johan: The very first ship, I was on was the USS Patton. That was a command cares/assault ship. It was the largest capital ship that I know of in Nacht Waffen. I spent 25 years there and then I spent 15 years of on board, the USS Franklin, which became my Corvette when I took over as CEO on the Franklin.

James: Okay. how big is the patent?

Johan: Imagine a ship that’s about and 19 to 20 miles long and it’s got its own city. It’s like a large area, if you ever seen the USS enterprise, it has liked a city within that ship. Everyone has a duty while they’re in that ship working.

And like I said, my range of jobs when I first got there, I started off as a security officer and as assault crew member, which was what the Viper fangs were. And I got promoted from that to eventually what is called MIO, which is the military intelligence officer. They had upgraded my clearance. They gave me more programming. They heavily monitored my glass pad access because they want to make sure I wasn’t accessing things I shouldn’t be accessing because of my level clearance. And then I eventually went from MIO to XO, which was executive officer and the old man was my commanding officer there. Admiral Richardson, I believe that’s an altar of his by the way. But he was a gentleman who was about 5ft 9″ very muscular salt and pepper, half inch-long hair on top with a salt and pepper mustache and beard and goatee or Vandyke, I guess. He loved cigars, that was his big thing. He loved American cigars.

James: And so, all the upper level executives, they all spoke German.

Johan: Yes. Almost all of them did. Yes.

James: Okay. And could you describe the uniform that you wore?

Johan: So dependent upon the duty you’re doing at the time, you have what we call ceremonial dress, which were the black, the looked almost kind of like what you were kind of saying with Imperial officers in Star Wars, sort of that fashion. Then we had our black BDU, which were used primarily while were doing combat missions. We also had; it was like body armor called under armor. It looked like a metallic mesh that the actual upper armor locked onto. That particular armor was designed to actually get feedback from our weapons and from us as to how to interact with everything around us. So, for example, if I held a certain weapon in my right hand on my HUD, it would immediately shift all the weapons stuff to the left-hand side of the screen because it knew that my right eye was going to be the actual aiming eye on that weapon.

For example, it would give you a range. If I aimed my grenade launcher up, it would actually show you the probable arc of that shell. It also gives you a circular air of probability is where it would hit on the far end and what the actual damage radius on that grenade would probably be. It could actually tell you what the weapons discharge is going to be, like, how much actual damage that weapon discharge would probably be. So, for example, they’re going to use that weapon a certain way, like around the corner or to actually go through like a particular door. It could actually tell you only need this amount to go through the door and we don’t blow a hole through the hole of the ship, or through the hall of the space station or something.

So, stuff like that. We also had the black jumpsuits that we used with, if we ever went back to an area where they’re civilians. So, we did have situations where, for example, we would actually wear the black jumpsuits or, you know, dark blue, I guess that’s almost black, where these individuals would actually interface with civilian groups and other species. We didn’t want to give them any information about our technology, so we would actually wear the jumpsuits in those cases. If we’re doing an ambassadorial duty for example or if we went to a new earth or Karelia, we would actually wear jumpsuits there. So yeah, that’s the range of uniforms you typically wore. It depended on the duty depending on the job you’re doing at the time. And it also depended upon how much protection you needed while you’re at that particular job. And also, too, I might add the armor that locked on top of you, there are five different types of armor ranging from scout and assassin armor all the way to the called Dreadnought armor. The best way to describe that would be to look at like a Warhammer 40 K the dreadnoughts is sort of close, but not really. You actually got inside the armor, whereas with Warhammer 40 K it’s like grafted onto your body. Yeah. It’s not really realistic to me.

James: So, the armor, would it be like a skin tight suit?

Johan: The skin tight suit was the under armor and it had this gel in it, which actually allowed electrically for the armor to interface with your body. It also gave a lot of biofeedback stuff to the computer inside the suit itself. So, it knew what your heartbeat looked like and knew how much you respirating it knew how much you were sweating. It knew what your body temperature was. It knew what your neural signature looked like. Everything.

James: And it also produced electricity.

Johan: Yes. It produced electricity; it also took your respiration too.

James: Yeah. And the other parallel reality, I worked with Tesla on that, but that’s what the Nazi. I want to share my screen again, I’m not sure who drew this. I wish I could give the right credit to the right person. But is that Nacht Waffen?

Johan: I’ve never seen that graphic before. The actual symbol I’ve seen before, let me see if I’ve actually got it here. So, the symbol that I typically have seen before, can I share the screen with you real quick?

James: Yes, go ahead.

Johan: That is actually the symbol for that for Nacht Waffen groups and Black Sun. So, there’s a castle in Germany. This is the actual embedded symbol. It’s actually in a castle in Germany that was used for the SS Reichs to bring people into black sun before the fall of the Reich. And they actually were also symbol. It was the same castle by the way. It’s also used as an image for their actual ship system. It’s also used as an image for, if you look at the actual ejection port for a motor for the Haunebu, the black sun emblem is actually embedded in the actual moving mechanisms of the Haunebu engine. There’s a ship that actually got photographed and in Antarctica that actually has that particular imagery on it. By the way, one of the ladies was talking to some folks in the Navy down there. He inadvertently captured a picture of the ship and it actually had that particular image on it.

James: And I know they don’t consider themselves Nazis, but maybe the Eagle without that –
Johan: The symbol that I typically saw was a picture of the earth that had a chain around it with the Nazi swastika sticker in front of the earth. I’ve seen that emblem on both series and Ganymede both. And that’s actually the assemble for the German breakaway group having won the war and not being defeated by the US and the allies.

James: And there’s got to be a lot of rivalries going on between the US armed forces and these German groups. Cause you know, we supposedly beat them.

Johan: Well that’s the alternative history that we’ve been told. Again, the victor has changed the history books. In order to fit the profile, they want to share to the world. And the fact is, if you look at operation High Jump that was in no way a victory. We lost that battle regardless of how you cut that. We lost that battle. So, you know, we lost to a group that were flying UFOs. Let’s just call it what it is.

James: Okay, great. Well, not great for us. So now you’re in Nacht Waffen for about 25 years and you made it to executive level officer. What are some of your day to day duties?

Johan: So, if I worked as a security officer, I would have to respond to security issues of wardship, which there were, we had people that freaked out, snapped, the programming, wouldn’t work. We’d have to deal with those things. We did have creatures and ETs that we’re coming on board ship. My job will be to make sure they didn’t wander into certain areas of board ship. We also escorted all of our Draco liaison that came aboard ship. My job was to also greet all the ambassadors when they would come on board ship and our ICC staff when they would come aboard ship because they would do inspections occasionally. We also dealt with all the merchant Marine vessels that dock with us. We had to inspect them sometimes and we also went down to plants and inspected them as well. When I got switched to (MIO) Military Intelligence Officer at that point my job role changed a little bit.

And my job was to essentially do analysis and look at probable threats both to the program, to our assets on planet and in space. And how do we neutralize those threats to those assets? And a lot of times I would go down with the groups that were on planet and try to help them mitigate those issues while they’re in a combat theater. And then eventually became XO. The job for the XO, essentially if the captain says we need to go somewhere and do a certain mission, my job as XO will be make sure that we had a crew in the ship ready, to make sure we had the assets aboard and resources, aboard to make that actual jump and that particular mission go without a hitch. And also make sure that we had scheduling correctly, that we had the food we needed, that we had all the resources aboard ship. If we needed, certain pieces of equipment made for that particular mission, I would make sure to let the folks in engineering know to make those pieces of equipment, all kinds of stuff.

James: Okay. Well how about your quarters? Did you like bunked up with somebody else or did you have your own private quarters?

Johan: When I was security officer, I was bunked up with my unit. When I became MIO, they had an officer only area that I bunked in. When I became XO. I had a small room; it was my own room. And then when I became CEO, aboard the Franklin, I had my own room as well.

James: Yeah. Someone once told me that they remember me in the SSP and I was upper management and I actually had my own room and I wore like a black uniform with like this gold Stripe on it. And they said that they remembered that I spent so much time in that room all the time that the air con smelled stale. Because I guess the air doesn’t circulate as well on their ships.

Johan: The Stripe you’re talking about, that’s considered a unit award. And typically, usually people that were MIO or higher usually had those. So, you had folks that were navigators, you had folks that were comm officers. You had folks that were what they called the con, the guys who were directing all the other subordinate officers. All those guys would be wearing those awards. And your XO and CEO would have them too occasionally, depending on what ship they served on.

James: Yeah. Okay. Well I know I’ve done more than 40 years, but you know what the point is, let’s just focus on you. Because actually I want to ask this question about the food in the mess hall. Now I know they don’t keep chickens and pigs and cows. Well maybe they do in space.

Johan: They don’t, everything is replicated.

James: Do they have hydroponics bay where they would grow some food?

Johan: That’s ship to ship. That depends on the ship. It depends on the CEO and what his or her okay in this was, with that being on board their ship. There is an issue with resources and in terms of keeping those hydroponic bays full of water and nutrients for the stuff you’re growing and the captain has to be okay with diverting some of those resources to that hydroponics Bay. Our ship on the patent did, my ship on the Franklin did not.

James: And I remember Penny Bradley, she commented to me one time that they recycle everything including poop. Do they make you eat poop burgers? How does that work?

Johan: Well, basically all of that food is broken down to its essential basic chemical makeup. They break it down to the essential chemical makeup and turn it into energy, meaning Adam’s right and then it’s recombination inside of that a replicator. Now the problem is that you did have cases, and I remember this where we had water for example, that would have a weird flavor to it because the filters in the replicator weren’t working correctly. Or, for example, you might have a food where and I joke about this all the time, both Marine and SSP. I always carried tabasco sauce, barbecue sauce, and ketchup because you can make anything tastes good with those three things, regardless of how shitty it tasted. In some cases, this is exactly what happened. You might get something out of the replicator and it tastes like the rotting ass of a dead rhino, but you have to eat it because you’re hungry. So, it’s like, pour lots of barbecue sauce on it and hope it tastes good.

James: Did you ever see the episode and the Orville where one of the ladies, she ordered a cannabis edible and did they ever allow you to do stuff like that?

Johan: Again, that is captain’s discretion. And there were certain things that were not allowed to be replicated, like certain energy sources, certain weapons were not allowed to be replicated at all. But there were certain chemicals that you could either buy when you’re out on Liberty, when you went off ship and can get it. Some captains did allow it, aboard their ships during people’s downtime. The problem is, is that that crew member was not functional during their normal shift. That was brig time both by my CEO and by me when I was in charge. So that’s the way I always treat it. That’s the way he always treated it.

James: Did you ever witness any of the ETs get a hold of some of the coffee and getting an overdose on that?

Johan: There are certain races that would react to our food and our liquids in a not good way. Zeta Reticulums were one of them. We also had some other groups that absolutely did not understand why we drank and ate some of the things we did. But the number one thing I would say caffeine and nicotine were two big ones that they did not understand that I understand why we ingested, well, I would call the [unclear 01:44:30] food group. And they didn’t understand why we did this when we amped up on these chemicals. And for example, the Zeta Reticulums actually eat when they dive into, it’s like a swimming pool that has nutrients and absorb it to their skin. So, they would get to touch their finger inside of a cup of coffee and they had this overdose reaction because the caffeine in the coffee and the alkaloids in the coffee.

So yeah, there’s all these different groups that would react differently to our food. Some of them positive, some of them not so much. Many of them did not like the smell. They couldn’t stand the actual nasal smell from our foods that smelled, it smelled not good to them as too strong. And think about this, aboard, most ships, you didn’t have any sort of like aftershave or cologne. So, you’re either smelling bio or you’re smelling nothing. So that’s how you knew. If you’re aboard, typically born SSP thing, most people I know that were on in those groups, typically they don’t, they don’t use aftershave anymore because you get so accustomed to not using it that you just don’t do it.

James: So, what are some of the, the food groups that you would typically eat? I guess you described this, this meat like substitute, what about vegetables or what cereal,

Johan: There were replicated vegetables, there were replicated meats, proteins, protein sources. They also had this stuff that looked like I always joke about this too. The scenes in the first matrix movie, they talk about that protein substance that everyone’s eating. It looks kind of like oatmeal or whatever it is. And they say it looks like runny snot. And the guy’s like, it has everything that a growing body needs that they had that as well. And depending upon how well the replicator worked would determine what the consistency of that stuff was. Like, did it look more like oatmeal or do they look more like a runny?

James: Surely there’s a room for improvement on that technology. Next question is, did you ever have a partner? Did you ever get married, have any relationships?

Johan: We had plans, what we called pleasure houses and there were certain stations that had pleasure houses, which I took part in. I had one individual who wanted to be in a relationship with me. The problem is that when I was in the programs, I think my Delta level programming was so active that it was very, very hard for me to actually like calm down and be a loving person. So, I didn’t function very well with that. And for me, I didn’t work with that very well. I know other people in the programs who had either children or quote unquote spouses on other planets where they interbred with some of the locals. And those individuals, they actually did pretty well in terms of like having family and children that way. But for me, I didn’t have that in the programs.

James: Okay. Thank you. So actually, we’re going to go back a little bit because we had some more questions. Somebody wanted to know could you get alcohol and these replicators?

Johan: Yes.

James: Could you get as much as you want?

Johan: There’s a limit based on the ID when you would put your hand, basically there’s a biometric thing that you put your hand on to say, I’m actually getting this stuff out of the replicator and that biometric signature tags what you use every day and you are allowed a certain quantity of whatever it was you wanted to get. It’s basically a ration, like an energy ration. That would either equate to a plate of food or drink, another type of drink that was higher in caloric value. Like for example, beer or alcohol. And other stuff too. And some people save the rations. They would actually eat other stuff and save their replicated rations too.

James: Yeah, you probably could stockpile some alcohol slowly and then you can indulge yourself.

Johan: Sure.

James: Yeah. Well, what about cannabis? So, somebody was asking, have the graves tried cannabis and do they like it? Do you know anything about that?

Johan: I have never seen them ingest cannabis aboard, either on planet or any ship I was on, not to say it didn’t happen, but I’ve never seen it.

James: Actually, I read this article. Somebody said that a big foot was a raiding this guy’s cannabis barn here on planet earth. So, some of these ETs love this stuff. Okay. Moving on here. Apparently, it is a real story too. Next question. How do you do laundry?

Johan: Well, that’s actually very interesting. What we would do, we had these cleaning bags that we throw our dirty stuff in and we actually had an area, we dropped those things off that had a tag on it, our name tag and a room tag. And they actually had guys that come around these, these little like hover carts, so I want to call them hover carts. They would take the bags out and they would actually process all that stuff and bring it back. Some of our uniforms had to be replicated by the cleaning folks would tell them if we ripped the shirt would rip their pants, but they had to be the ones to make that call because we don’t want that coming out of our rational allotment. So, we let the cleaning folks look at it and if they deemed it necessary to replace it, they would replicate a new section of our uniform based on our build and our, all of our makeup stuff.

James: Okay. All right. Next question is someone was asking more about the pleasure houses, so keeping it appropriate as possible. So, was that like a spaceship or is this a base you went to?

Johan: So, Corella, which is new earth, it has pleasure houses there. A lot of the crews that would dock at the spires would come down. They want to get some RNR time, some rest and relaxation. They usually had hotels and bars and businesses around these places around the spires because it was direct access to the ships and the stuff, they had aboard ship. The pleasure houses essentially were designed to give the crew both male and female a place to kind of unwind if they wanted to have sexual pleasures they could. And again, they had areas that were set up. You could go for anything from vanilla to dark chocolate in terms of what your preferences were in there. It was also based on the type of species too. So, they would actually have people who were there under contract that wanted to work, that were earning an income working there. They also did have slave species that works the actual building managers, the actual people who ran the facility. But all of them essentially were designed to make sure that the groups that came in were well taken care of and those guys were managed by the governors in the area. Because if people were happy within the pleasure houses, they weren’t fighting out the street.

James: Yeah. And I talked to penny Bradley a little bit about this and she said that upper management can require some of their officers to go into these pleasure houses if it might make them more stable.

Johan: It does actually. And I’ve actually been ordered to do that a few times. Because I’ll come back to my mission. I’ll get a terminal grumpy and my CEO would be like, when we get to this planet, you’re going to go and you’re going to go to the pleasure house and you’re not coming out until you’re happy. And that is an order. It’d be like, okay, 72 hours later, I’m happy. Great.

James: Okay. So, were there any complications with interspecies relationship like with pheromones or maybe some kind of psychic bonding that would cause issues later on?

Johan: Some species do have that. Thinking off the top of my head of the [unclear 01:53:00] they bond very closely with their love mate and Randy Kramer as an example, he actually had a wife who was Cassiopeia and I believe and a child by her. Those life pairs are very, very intense because not only do you bond in a legal term, but you also bond in a psychic sense with that individual. There are some species that not only bonded psychically but also bonded pheromone wise. So, in other words, when that person that you’re bonded with reacts a certain way, the pheromone is designed to immediately force you to protect that particular individual. So, and that, particular species, they were one of the groups that we interface with and had an ambassadorial service to.

Johan: This sounds like a Star Trek episode or Orville or whatnot. So, yeah. Thank you. Some comments. Excellent show. And you’re very welcome. And thank you. Of course. Johan. All right. I figure we can go on maybe at least, maybe another 10 more minutes because I try not to over two hours. We’re at that point almost. You’re such a wealth of knowledge. I think we should bring you back on again. And maybe we can do like a round table. Maybe, I mean we can get CG Corey Good. Are we allowed to say that name?

Johan: I don’t know. I always abbreviate because with all this stuff going on between him and some of the other presenters about using certain terms and all these legal stuff and things are going on. I’m always trying to be very careful and cognizant of the fact that I realize he has some people who are pushing that legal angle. And I don’t want to step on his toes. I’m trying to be respectful to him. The other side of that too is, I would love to talk with him. I would love to chat with them or be in a round table with them. But at the same time, I think the idea of trying to control the discussion around disclosure by actually creating a patent on a certain word so people can’t use it. That to me is a little inflammatory, just my own opinion. And maybe if he came home, we could talk to him about it. Say, why did you do this? Why did you do this to the disclosure community? Why did you present this idea out there and then make everyone wonder what the hell you’re doing?

James: I agree. I think that’s outrageous. He should have never done that. Are you at liberty to share some of your experiences with Corey Good?

Johan: I only had one. And like I said, it was one of the first security details I had. We were actually trying to leave system and we had some major failure in our communication systems, aboard the Patten. A chain of events happened where all the systems started failing on the communication system and somebody had gotten a message out to the Astro path on the LOC and then of course the ship comes out and it’s the Helen [unclear]. And of course, that’s the ship that he was attached to. And they sent a four-man crew over the greenest at the airway, at the actual loading deck, the flight line. We brought these guys in and they run this hover cart. They had these little controlled blocks of technology that were essentially the communication system. And we escorted to every point on the ship where they have these communication blocks and they would unscrew the old ones, pull them out and put the new ones in. They would test them; they would verify they’re talking back to the ICC. And then they went to the next unit and our job is to make sure we didn’t look around. Our job was to make sure they didn’t go wandering off. If they had to do a restroom break, we had people escort them into the restrooms to make sure they couldn’t, you know, magically disappear. But he was one of the people in that group.

James: And did you actually interact with them? Introduce yourself?

Johan: I did not. I didn’t directly talk with; I remember space because the very first time I felt very – can we talk about cosmic disclosure on here?

James: yeah that’s fine.

Johan: So cosmic disclosure, the very first episode I saw that, which was season one, episode one, when I saw his face, I didn’t have the usual reaction. Everyone was like, oh my God, this show is so fucking awesome. Like Star Wars and Star Trek. My initial reaction when I saw him was, I had an actual purge response. Like, I didn’t know if I was going to crap my pants because I saw his face and I’m like, holy shit, that person I know. Like I knew him, and that was again one of those recall situations where I saw his face. I’m like, Oh crap. And I hugged the toilet for almost 15 minutes trying to see if I was going to either shit my pants or fuck up. And then I’d come back in. I watched the episode unlike, that’s the same voice, the same person. I know that’s him. I know he was on this mission. I know for fact he was. So that was the only interaction I ever had with the guy.

James: Okay. Thank you. Next question. This is from the audience members. Roman wants to know, you tell top secret information. Did they give you permission to do this? They kill people for it.

Johan: It’s interesting you bring that subject to that because we were just talking about this before we started the video feed. So, anything that I was able to recall, I have been cleared to talk about, there have been threats recently against me and my wife both from some people about the way certain things were talked about. The way certain people were discussed, the way certain things were discussed. And for anyone who’s an experiencer, who’s going to talk about their experiences and what they went through, you have to be very, very careful about how you disclose that information and do it in a way that – some things have to be disclosed in a controlled manner. Like you’ll notice I don’t use certain terminology that would otherwise be normally figured out any other way because I haven’t been cleared on certain things.
And I do know some people who are in the programs. I don’t know if they’re still in or not, but I know I knew them when I went through boot camp and I went through training and we went to Diego Garcia. And I’ve seen them since then on Facebook, because one of them was trying to look me up. So, it’s interesting that subject comes up. So, I would say, as far as I’m concerned, I gained my memories through post hypnotic regression if they want to fight me about controlling my memories and I want to see them try to bring it up in court. So otherwise I’m a strong advocate of the second amendment.

James: Okay. Do you ever remember given a cup full of this Milky liquid that tasted metallic and it would like erase your memories after you drink it?

Johan: Yes.

James: What is that?

Johan: It actually puts you in a hypnagogic state. It’s designed to initially force you to relax and then it actually allows your mind to be open up enough that the Draco’s sitting behind you usually, or the ET working with you could actually put in the actual barriers to stop your mind from recalling and also encapsulating your altars, by the way. That’s what they’re actually doing. They put those mental barriers in place that your altar cannot be recalled without the proper key words, the alphanumeric sequences to pull that altar up. They block all of that. They try to block it.

James: Yeah. After they gave me this cup, they said drink it up, Jimmy boy. I had no idea. I don’t remember what happened after that. Someone here mentioned my unit flies to Diego Garcia. I didn’t know about this. And I think what I’ll do is I’ll share my screen because we pulled us up earlier. Here’s Diego Garcia. That’s the Indian ocean. So, where it is.

Johan: And just so people are clear. Diego Garcia is a territory controlled by the British government. It is actually one of their islands. And there’s a lot of US Naval assets and US air force assets that fly and go into and out of Diego Garcia. And other military groups too, the French, the British us, a whole bunch of people.

James: Okay. So, you said that the secret space programs were operating out of this area?

Johan: Yeah. On the right where these buildings are. They actually landed a small craft built by Lockheed Martin in that area. And we were basically flown straight up to the LOCC from there.

James: That was lunar operations.

Johan: Yes

James: Okay.

Johan: And there was other stuff in there too. Like they have a ship. If you look on the Northern end of that rock, that’s where the ship refueling area. The US Navy goes in and does like their ship refueling. They have a lot of aircraft that fly in there. If you’re transferring between like Okinawa and Yemen or the UAE, typically you’ll see a lot of military aircraft fly into there to refuel there. Because it’s quick and easy. Does that make sense?

James: Is there a huge underground base under this down under the ocean you think?

Johan: I think there’s underground access. They have a DMV there. But I don’t know exactly. And again, you notice up here in the top right, there’s all this Naval stuff up in the top Northern end of the island. So, you have the air force satellite control networks sitting there too. But the idea is that this Island is used as a step off point for a lot of folks who are in the SSPs because it’s not near anything. It’s all military controlled by a foreign government.

James: And were there like contraband like music, DVDs, like Star Wars into SSP. Is that correct.

Johan: Yes. A lot of times you’ll have people who are, they’re trying to get contraband up into the programs and usually your folks that work as a merchant Marines kind of what Tony Rodriguez did. Those individuals will be the guys who magically make that appear aboard ship. Because they would trade it, it’s considered a DVT something that was high value, high value item or HVI. They would trade that and people will be like, okay, so what do you want? So, I’ll give you a hundred replicator rations for that DVD or that set of cigars or whatever, and people trade for it.

James: Cigar were smuggled in from planet earth too?

Johan: Yes, cigars, alcohol, DVDs, books. I would say the hardest thing to smuggle in there will be anything that had photographs like magazines and certain books that actually had photos in it. Those would be the hardest thing because those things can be recalled. Like a mirror image can be recalled by somebody. So those are usually the hardest to get in there.

James: Now a lot of the SSP was a blower, said that they were told that planet earth was destroyed in a cobalt bomb attack. Then the planet earth is off limits. Is that what was told to you?

Johan: Well, that’s what we had to tell people when are interfacing with them. When they would ask us where we’re from, we would say we’re from the moon, we’re from Mars or from wherever. But we never told them we were from earth, never ever.

James: But never did you know that plant earth was still out there.

Johan: Yes. We had to use a cover story, a cover ID. Anytime you interface with people who are originally, it could be originally from earth for example, or our colonies. We cannot disclose or talk about what happened with earth. And by the way, it’s another reason why people would never wear cologne or anything on their skin because people who we’re not from earth could smell it on you in a heartbeat.

James: All right. So, now, I guess the question is just like here on planet earth, a lot of people don’t believe there’s a secret space program. I guess some people don’t even believe there’s even aliens. So, within the SSP, do they actually believe that what they’re being told at planet earth really is destroyed? I mean, why does it somebody just go take their ship over there and take a photo, say, Hey, look, that looks like a beautiful planet.

Johan: There are some groups who absolutely do not promote the idea of earth being there. They will say that earth no longer exists. They do that. So, their crew no longer pursues that idea. Especially if they’ve activated an alter for that individual that makes sense from saying, so they’ll tell the alter that earth no longer exists and your job is to maintain whatever this thing is on the ship or do whatever this is on board ship. We have to keep the ship alive because we’re the ones that are remaining. A lot of times that we use the trauma, that idea of that kind of trauma or the survivor mentality to reinforce that idea of not pursuing earth or anything about earth.

James: I’ve asked the same question to Elena. And she told me that they would get actually like seizures. Well at first, they would get a headache if they start thinking about visiting planet earth, then they would get seizures and then pass out. And at that point they would have to I guess take them to the med bay.

Johan: That’s part of the alpha level programming by the way. And mkultra alpha level programming, protective mechanism and mega also as part of that in too.

James: And I remember Corey Goode he mentioned that when he visited one of these bases on Mars, he told them that they were from Texas. Do you remember that story when he said that and they were all freaking out, like there was a riot on the base because they were all told planet earth was destroyed.

Johan: I’ve never heard that story. But if he said that, I believe it because a lot of times when you go to some of these specially some of these facilities that have been disconnected from earth for a long time, the governor’s there may be perpetuating that story to keep the people in line. So, what ends up happening is in order to keep the peace, keep everything running correctly, they perpetuate the story because it’s easiest thing to do. It’s easier to live in the lie than to tell the truth. And in his case, from what you just said, that someone leaked that story, that earth is still there. And of course, that pipe blew up in their face because they’re not going to talk about that there. That’s like verboten, which is the German word for forbidden. So, you never bring that up in any sort of conversation. And again, the other two things I know of is that the clothing type, you had to wear jumpsuits. We ever did that. And you never wore anything that smelled when you went into those type of colonies, unless you were in military armor, which I’ve done a few times. Through [unclear 02:09:09] protocols.

James: Okay. Well, I mean there are still more quiet. I’m going to try to make things, I’m going to try to wrap this up in another five, five minutes if that’s okay. Do you miss your time in the SSP?

Johan: No. I wish I had all of my memory back. That’s the one thing I do miss. I wish I was able to reintegrate those parts of me so I didn’t have all this other stuff going on around me. You know what I mean? Because I think that’s the part that people are actually missing. They feel they don’t feel whole. And when people say, well, you’re missing being in the programs, they’re actually misinterpreting is this idea that I just wish I was a whole human being again, I knew all the other parts about me. So usually, like I said, the number one thing for me is when people make that kind of statement is, they’re misinterpreting me wanting to be a whole person again. Because when you get fractured, there’s all these sub parts of who you are that you don’t even have access to sometimes. And it won’t come up for years unless someone does a PHR session, like a post microaggression session. All of a sudden, oh, by the way you did this and you’re like, what the fuck is that? How do I process that?

James: Well, someone mentioned to me about debriefing. Could you comment about the moment when your service was done and they were ready to send you back to planet earth? Do you recall that moment?

Johan: I do. So, the guy that I called, the old man at this point, he was an Admiral. I had a strong feeling they were going to retire me, after a couple of incidences that occurred. And I was actually called the gate system. I was on Karelia because the gate system back to earth. And when I walked in, I was immediately greeted by two guards and the old man and the two guards actually grabbed me by the arms and I was escorted into a room. They sent me down a table and I’m like, what the fuck is going on? And he starts going through my debriefing. He actually was giving me my clearance debriefing and he was also giving me the alphanumeric to shut down certain alders. So, I couldn’t recall that information at that point.

At that point things got a little blurry, but I remember being dragged into a room where they actually were giving me that chemical. You’re talking about to start the memory ratio process. I remember seeing a Draco, two Zeta Reticulums and a tall white in the room and a Nordic in the room. And the tall white was saying that we have a certain window in order to re-insert this person back into his timeline and we have to do it now. And when they sent me back in this device to physically regress me, the Draco, I remember his hand doing this on top of my head. I remember smelling his skin and I can smell the mixture of uric acid, fecal matter and the pheromones off the Draco.

James: Yeah, they stink.

Johan: They do stink. And when I smelled that, that was the one thing I remember. And I remember looking at the abnormally standing there. I did this thing; I was clenching my hand again. I was digging my fingernails in the palm of my hand. And I told myself, if I ever see you again in the here and now and the HNN. I promise you I’ll put two bullets in your brain pan, like that you can take the bank.

James: Why was he being so negative towards you?

Johan: Because at that point I was considered used up because of some things that happened. As an asset, I was going along with his program, but I didn’t work very well with some of the Draco liaison people. I also didn’t work very well with this whole idea of how they’re handled the slavery issue. I was totally against it from day one. I know the ICC did it for monetary and control reasons. I knew that I had to bite my tongue a lot about it, but I also knew that I wasn’t going to fare very well if I stayed in for an extended period of time. And because of these two instances, I was basically told you’re getting retired.

James: Wow. First of all, it’s amazing that you’re going to call that much, but it’s also really quite shocking that they have all this technology and they could do all this. They can even time travel you moments back to when they took you, you don’t remember single thing for how many years was it before they debriefed you?

Johan: I came back in 93 technically, the end of 1992, beginning of January 1993. Then I didn’t recall anything up until 1995 and at that point I’d gotten out of the Marine Corps. I was having a lot of issues with PTSD and drinking. My omega program I think was kicking in because I was contemplating suicide. I would drink, I had a gun sitting next to my bottle every night when I drink, I’d say tonight is the night. And I would actually try to click off a round. And I went to this lady Connie. And after talking with Connie, the first 90 days was very revelatory for me because I realized that all of a sudden there’s all this other stuff going on that was actually directly related to the PTSD in question and why I was drinking. And that to me it was highly enlightening and allowed me to get a lot of healing out of it too.

James: Yeah. Thank you, Johan. Okay. So, some audience members were commenting. First of all, Thomas says it’s been a pleasure to serve under your command, sir. Somebody else here asks how many humans are off planet? And Thomas says 10 million. Is that correct?

Johan: Probably higher than that now. If you look at like 70 Virginis b, they’ve got at least half that number there in slave population easily.

James: And they’re all enslaved by the SSP?

Johan: They are traded his assets. Yeah.

James: Wow. So even though there was this schism, what is it? The new earth Alliance.

Johan: Well, you have the Space Alliance who basically disagreed with this idea of slavery in general. They also wanted earth to be free of certain ET rule, by the way. Which includes Draco and others. Just so everyone understands this, the earth, if you were to look at earth in Star Wars terms, we are the equivalent of Tatooine. We’re controlled by these giant slugs who enslave us on this planet. And either you’re a farmer or you’re a slave that works directly for the cartel.

James: Wow. So, okay. All right.

Johan: But the farmers will be the equivalent of a billionaire. The slaves everybody else.

James: Yeah. But you would think in the SSP, they don’t even need money. They have the replicators.

Johan: I’m talking generic terms here. For people who are listening to this to understand what I’m talking about, the farmers have on tattooing had a relative level of freedom, whereas a slave had none.

James: Yeah. I see. Well, do you actually recall any kind of money, monetary exchange out there?

Johan: No. Everything was asset traded. It was all hard asset traded. So, for example, we would bring in slaves. They would hand us weapons and materials. We were bringing in you know, certain materials that they wanted or certain weapons they wanted and they would actually give us back other materials and technology. So dependent upon how that was negotiated. Your ambassadors will negotiate what was actually going to exchange and how it will be exchanged and what the quote unquote exchange rate will be between these two groups.

James: Yeah. I just realized my countdown clock is not working. So, we probably got to go here. Okay. I’m going to make one quick question. Maybe one more after that. This is the audience question, are there any black people out there? Did they take any blacks or what? Maybe native Americans. Jews. What do you think? Any other races,

James: The YNK is actually an almost completely Asian version of NACO Waffen they were allied with Nacht Waffen when they broke away, they supplied a lot of the cloning technology that was reverse engineered from the evens/reticulums. They also, figured out how to do a lot of the cybernetics and the cyborg technology that we now use. Actually, came originally from YNK. There are groups out there. I have seen black officers and members both within EA and Earth Alliance, Space Alliance. I’ve seen Hispanic and other groups within those same two units. I’ve also seen them on Mars. Now here’s the interesting part. For Mars out to Nacht Waffen or to YNK that dramatically gets very genotype stagnant. Basically, you have a very thin group of people that make it out to these other units. Because typically they need a certain genotype or a certain halia type to activate the hardware they’re working on.

James: Yeah, and also like I would assume like the groups that were infected with black goo, that the upper German command there, they would probably be very racist and they probably would not bring other races.

Johan: So yes, but I think the term that we’re missing here is the fact that they’re trying to figure out how do I get the most efficiency out of the people I have. So, if you have a group of people that are homeogenically working well together, it’s one particular ethnicity, why would you upset that? And that’s what they’re looking at. I think. Now if that comes off as being racist, then I guess, okay. But from my perspective, they’re looking at efficiency. Not that I necessarily agree with the black goo, but that’s the, that’s the underlying mathematics is going on I think, that people are missing.

James: Okay. All right. And so, I guess, what would you like to see happen in the future? I mean, I’m assuming space force is it’d be nice to see them make disclosure. Do you see that happening? That I’m telling the truth about all this SSP stuff?

Johan: If you want my honest answer, the only way that we’re ever going to see anything about the programs come out in the media or in real life is going to be up here in the U S we have a military coup of some kind of happen. Because it’s not going to happen with all of the program containment that’s in place right now with the clearances. It’s just not going to happen.

James: Even us discussing it, basically by coming to new I guess you could say the new leaders of the disclosure movement, it’s making them look bad. But then again, I guess they expect people not to believe us.

Johan: Well, that is true. But the underlying thing is most of these programs are they are called use apps, unacknowledged special access programs. If you look at DOD five, two, two zero dot two, two M, which is the book that actually designates how you handle SAP, and USAP. There is a statement in there where it specifically says if you, you will not verbally or otherwise disclose an unacknowledged special access program in any form, verbal or otherwise. That means if someone asks you, does this program exist and you disclose it, you still have your clearance are still in the program, then you’ve already violated your oath. Which is why these program managers and people here on earth to get money and resources up to those programs. We’ll never ever talk about it. They will not because they don’t want to risk losing their job and the safety of their families and their friends.

James: Yeah. So, all the whistle blowers are basically ones that were kicked out of the program because we wouldn’t follow directions

Johan: Or they’re retired. Yeah.

James: Okay. Do you happen to have a book or a website where people can learn more about you?

Johan: I’m actually in the middle of writing that manuscript up as we speak. So, once I have that up, I will let you know.

James: Okay. Are you good doing any conferences? A do? No.

Johan: No, I haven’t done that, although people have approached me about it. Because of this latest little security discussion, you and I had, I don’t know how I want to approach that yet. I’m still kind of still trying to feel that whole aspect of this out.

James: Yeah. All right. Well I encourage you to do it and not let a few bad apples, try to stop you. Well I guess that’s it, don’t get me wrong, I have lots of more questions, but we are way over time and I wanted to thank you for letting me pick on your brain here and as well as the audience members. Thank you for listening in, I’m not going to ask you to come back on right away, but maybe another month from now or so we can – and we can do a round table too. In the meantime audience members, be sure to subscribe to this channel because like I said, YouTube has demonetized this channel and most likely you’re not going to get the updates unless you are subscribed or you could visit supersoldier talk where I do have a lot, I do post the videos as well as other content and also be sure to visit my website.

Neological tech. You can purchase my book there. Forgot free shipping. I’ll sign it for you if you want. But I also have my meditation cubes. This one was actually returned back to me from this lady. She said she was a Christian and Jesus doesn’t think she should meditate. So, I guess humanities got a long way to go to raise their consciousness, but you know I’m doing the best I can here and I just want to say thank you for your participation. I’m doing the best I can here. And any other final comments you want to throw out there?

Johan: I would encourage people if they have the ability to speak their truth to A figure out how they want to do it and do it in a safe way, and B, do it in a way that allows them to be their authentic selves.

James: Okay. Somebody was actually asking for your email address. Do you have a public email address?

Johan: I do have an email address. I can get that to you after we get done videotaping.

James: Okay. And my email address, or at least for a super soldier talk, a super soldier and anyway, so thanks everybody for listening. And until next time, bye bye.



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