Wednesday, May 29, 2024

John Stormm has passed away, but we will remember him forever!

This is John Stormm with Duncan O’Finian. I got John’s permission to post this quote.

“Back in 1953, the tall blond thing was STILL the Nazi ideal vision of the supersoldiers they wanted to produce. At least from the standpoints of the Rochester facilities, they tended to push that envelope. However, by about the mid 1960s it became as obvious as it was to spot the “Langley Farm Boys” or a Fed by their looks, it became obvious that it took a whole lot of effort to use someone like me as a “spy” because I stood out like a beacon. I couldn’t be more obvious if I started singing: “I’m an aryan superman and I’m okay…” at the top of my lungs. I started sharing my training with the next generation ULTRAs and they weren’t all so big as I am. Interestingly enough, to point out the “advances” in the models… See how much taller than Duncan I am? I am ridiculously strong… but he’s actually stronger than I (by about another 250 lbs or so) and heals maybe twice as fast as I do. But he can walk into a town and not catch everyone’s eyes so much as I. I had to rely on my cover as a martial arts competitor and my shadow training for keeping me out of sight. Think of it as an “evolution” of thought in the field of supersoldiers. Personal history.” – John Stormm


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