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June 8 2022 – Does U. S. Space Force Have Secret Vehicles Reaching Other Stars?

TOPICS: Does U. S. Space Force Have Secret Vehicles Reaching Other Stars? Unites States Space Force has multiple deep space vehicles – USS Curtis LeMay – USS Hoyt Vandenberg, “tip of the spear” – USS Roscoe Hillenkoetter – Several ships have multi-country crews – Tall white’s tech in USS Hoyt Vandenberg, and USS Roscoe Hillenkoetter – Ships use DQTP – Deep Quantum Tunneling Protocol – Tall Whites live on 82 G Eridani – 3 competing ET civilizations fighting over earth for 270 million years – Sirius B – look like Nordic blonds – Little grey, AI programmed life forms – PLFs, “designed for temporal space travel” – Tall Ancient greys travel through space ===== UPCOMING EVENTS: Making Contact: New Realities of Disclosure & Cosmic Awakening 5 Part Series on Disclosure & The ET Contact Movement Barcelona Ufology World Congress September 9-11, 2022 Web page Tickets… ===== Contact Linda directly: Email: Secure ProtonMail: * ProtonMail is a free, secure, encrypted email service. Mail: Linda Moulton Howe P. O. Box 21843 Albuquerque, NM 87154 **Please “Like” and “Subscribe”** — For more incredible reports on Science, Real X-Files, the Environment and so much more, please visit my site — Be sure to subscribe to this Earthfiles Channel the official channel for Linda Moulton Howe — To stay up to date on everything Earthfiles, follow me on FaceBook @EarthfilesNews and Twitter @Earthfiles. To purchase books and merchandise from Linda Moulton Howe, be sure to only shop at her official Earthfiles store at — Countdown Clock Piano Music: Ashot Danielyan, Composer:… For international translations, please see closed caption video at end of each recorded broadcast. If [CC] is not working, try again later.


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