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Karma Can Be a Bitch

Worked with a psychic healer tonight. The following is a summary of what we covered . I cant voucher for the credibility of any of this information but thought it of some interest none the less.
She located a reptilian 4th dimensional reptilian astral being named “Lubius”  within my lower chakras. Apparently the being was put into me during some kind of black mass satanic ceremony. The reptilian didn’t mean me harm as he was just as much as a prisoner to all this as i was. He was obsessed about 3D human and wanted to live the life of a human through me. We did some work to release him and when the reptilian left I felt the left side of my shoulder twitch. Now that he is gone he can go back to the wheel of reincarnation and can become a human.
Additionally with his departure my lower chakras can open up and the 60% of my soul that was split off due to trauma can return to my body. My missing soul fragment was picked up by the andromendeans and stored in suspended animation for safe keeping all these years until the time it could be returned safely back to me.
Didn’t spend to much time on what trauma I was forced into but basically I spent much of the first few years of my life locked up in a metal cage in a laboratory before I was embedded into my surrogate family in Project Surrogate. I was forced into many horrors some of which i rather not put it out for everyone to see.
We also discussed a little more about my biological brother “Keith.” Apparently he and I where biological twins born to the same mother who was exterminated after our births . We also have the same pleiadian/reptilian hybrid star father who i am told now resides in Alpha Centarui 357 .
I took more of the human appearance and Keith took more of the reptilian DNA code. His skin was a mix of human skin and scales. Because of the reptilian scales his skin was painful to touch. He was also kept in a metal cage as where many of us in this facility. They we would receive many painful injections and tortured into extreme pain trying to get us to dissociate so that our alters would split off. They wanted to split each alter to a certain DNA code so that we would psychically shape shift  into whatever they wanted us to look like in their computer programs. They where trying to get Keith to shape shift into a human, but all the torture and pain was too much and he died. Apparently Keith was a gentle soul despite his appearance and is now in a better place.
We also talked some about “David” who is possibly my alleged brother born from my surrogate mother . Apparently milabs took some of her DNA when she was a teenager and froze the embryo. They then picked DNA from another man of their choosing and artificially inseminated her. She took David to pregnancy but he died 2 weeks later from lung failure. Milabs then wiped my surrogate family all memories of David. I do not know why they did this perhaps after David died was when I was inserted in his place? I have questioned my family about David and they don’t know who he is.  So either all this is true or I got a really interesting science fiction novel in the works lol.
Either way the government continues to give a blinds eye to these projects. While they continue to get all sorts of goodies like advanced technology which they don’t release to the public, ie free energy, teleporation, cloning, we get to be the slaves. But in the end Karma can be a bitch.



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