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Kendall Jenner Claims Victoria’s Secret Models Are ‘Illuminati Call Girls’

Kendall Jenner says that Victoria’s Secret models are “Illuminati prostitutes” who are “degraded daily" by "followers of Satan."

Kendall Jenner says that Victoria’s Secret models are “Illuminati prostitutes” who are “degraded daily” by “followers of Satan.”

Kendall Jenner told friends and close associates at Sofia Richie’s birthday party that Victoria’s Secret models are “Illuminati prostitutes” who are “degraded on a daily basis” by “the worst kind of guys – followers of Satan.”

“You wouldn’t believe what these girls are forced to go through. They tried to lure me into the cult but I had to take a step back to hold onto my soul,” Kendall told friends, revealing why she is no longer working for Victoria’s Secret.

Kendall was noticeably absent from the line-up for this year’s hotly-anticipated Victoria’s Secret fashion show, prompting rumors that she had fallen out with the brand.

Vogue Australia compiled a list of names appearing in the show, but surprisingly, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid – who’ve both walked for the show before – weren’t on it.

According to Kendall, she was left off the list after telling her bosses that she “couldn’t play that game anymore.”

“I don’t worship Satan,” Kendall said, before explaining that Victoria’s Secret models have all “made a pact with Satan to get where they are. When they start out, they are thinking ‘the Devil isn’t so bad as people say, Hell isn’t so hot as people say it is.’ But after a few years they realize they were very, very wrong.”

“These girls have really bad mental health issues,” Kendall says. “They are beaten and sexually tortured, and regularly drugged so that they fall unconscious and their owners can do what they like with them.

“You hear them moaning in their throats, they have terror in their eyes, they are mind controlled, their hands and feet tremble.”


“One girl, a very famous girl, overdosed on cocaine on Harbor Island after one of these guys, who regularly banged up to 15 grams of coke in a few hours, had his hands inside her, you know, and his hands were covered in coke, and she absorbed so much of the stuff she OD’d on cocaine while she was totally knocked out on other drugs.“

Victoria’s Secret is one of the most famous brands on Earth. It’s annual show draws millions of viewers each year, especially young people – a key demographic – while employing the most shameless Illuminati and occult imagery of any of the elite brands.


Victoria’s Secret shoots and shows are saturated with Illuminati symbolism.

Pyramid symbols, butterfly motifs, one-eye signals and Illuminati hand gestures are abundant at Victoria’s Secret shows. It is an open secret in the industry that Victoria’s Secret engage in occult practices, but very few know what is really going on behind the scenes.

In 2005 Vanity Fair published an article titled Slavs of Fashion: The New Beauties. The title is a play on words, with Slavs having a double meaning. Slavs is short for Slavic, but can also be interpreted as slaves, which is what these women are.

The Dark Occultists who run the entertainment industry utilize fashion as a means of occult communication to others ‘in the know’, indicating through symbolism, the individuals they have under their control as literal ‘sex slaves’.


This is basically a prostitution ring and these are for sale. All of them are Beta slaves.

This picture was taken at Harbor Island in the Bahamas. Harbor Island is possibly the most corrupt place on earth, with money, sex, and drugs ruling the roost. Luciferianism is the religion of choice.

Unsurprisingly, Harbor Island is a very popular spot for the elite. Celebrities, including male members of the British Royal Family, often travel there.

What many people don’t know is that Harbor Island is a known spot where MK Ultra Beta Kittens are traded off for sex, and Victoria’s Secret models are often bought here to be used as mind controlled slaves.

On Harbor Island, where Satanists run the show, and drug boys are given jobs in government, ordinary morals are turned upside down and nothing is off limits to the elite.


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