Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Kid Buu Claims He’s A “Clone” Like Gucci Mane & Michael Jackson: Watch

“I believe in a new norm.”
Kid Buu is a rapper who is named after a Dragonball Z character. He’s also known as “Whackashi 5ifty8ight” by some of his haters. Now, the entertainer is creating buzz with his natal story.

He appeared on Vlad TV and revealed that he was a clone. This odd concept came up straight out the gate when he was asked about his hometown. Vlad wanted to clarify that he was in fact born in New Jersey but grew up in South Florida.

Buu agreed with a straight face and added on some more info.

“Yeh, originally. My first gen. I’m a second gen now…my first gen was born in Jersey, however, I was cloned by Clonaid in Canada. My model number is 0112568 for anyone who wants to see the registration of cloning.”

His nationality was brought up next. Kid says he’s “Sicilian and Puerto Rican,” adding that those are his ” two genomes.” This information was made available to him through his stealing “documents before escaping” the cloning facility.

Apparently, these documents were vital for his personal narrative. He says that most of his memory was wiped clean to allow for “whatever new program was made” to proceed smoothly.

Oh, and apparently Gucci Mane and Michael Jackson have gone through a similar experience. Watch the clip below for more of his testimony.


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