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Killing us would destroy their ability to exploit us.

James you’ve done too much gaming, reading sci-fi books, and watching too many sci-fi movies coupled with a massive imagination. It honestly sounds like you’re soo much into super powers and super soldier stuff because you mention having, or someone else in the same situation, alot of super powers. Wolverine metal bones, psychic abilities, flying, etc. You’re apparent agent name is sabertooth.

Honestly just seems like a very active imagination from video games etc and now you’re attempting to connect your imagination with your real physical life. Everyone has allergies of some sort. It’s not strange to see someone with alot of allergies. Do you have doctor’s notes or can you take a camera with you to an appointment to get diagnosed with some of your apparent problems? How do we know you aren’t self-diagnosing just to make yourself believe your imagination is real.

I mean, it could be true, but it sounds waaaaaay too far-fetched. The fact that you say soo many people died from the project, but you lived, is identical to how Halo spartans were created. The bumps, like the one on your forehead, looks like the aftermath of a zit. Little red dots are from blood vessels popping from over-stress like lifting too heavy weights. There’s just no evidence supporting your claims. You would think there would be some evidence.You should get an MRI and post it on here.

If super soldiers were created, any kind with any abilities whatsoever, the government would have designed the projects/programs to be controlled. They would most likely re-program your brain so you have no emotion (in the case of a combat situation, loved ones or people not affiliated with the mission, would not deter you a single bit from completing the job), well that would actually go for anything. They wouldn’t want your mind anywhere else but what your were designed for.

If they did, however, allow a decommissioned “super soldier” to be released into the public, they would keep such close tabs on you that if you did anything outside of what they specified you to do, you would be terminated. Even if they “reprogrammed” you with a totally different, normal average citizen set of memories, they would not release you because, again, of fear for “awakening” or enemy governments or groups taking you. There’s just wayyy too much risk involved.

They would obviously design you so that no pain, at all, is felt so that the mission could continue. You would not be released into the public after being “decommissioned” or, for that matter, while commissioned, for fear of losing control and/or “waking up”. You would be terminated, just like a hard drive with sensitive information is nowadays. There is absolutely no way the government would allow a “decommissioned” project, for lack of a better word, to roam freely in the public.

Like I said, I’m in no way saying I don’t believe you, I’m just saying you have absolutely no evidence supporting your claim of being a super soldier. You can’t go to a psychic and then claim that their reading is evidence of some sort. Trust me when I say this, there would be doctor’s of all areas of study, knocking on your door to study you and your claims if this was clearly not fake, not saying it is. Get a Doctor who’s line of work is neurology, and have them run tests with evidence that would support your claims. In this world, evidence is key to proving claims when it comes to government things. Show certified evidence and I guarantee these “haters” will change their opinions instantly. it’s just way too far-fetched without evidence. It’d be very cool if it IS real though. Very interesting.


You make a lot of assumptions based on false premises on what it means to be a super soldier , regrettably its not my job to hold the hands of the brain dead public who has no interest in opening their eyes. I have already gone over these points in other videos but to clarify i will explain yet again. 

Last time i told a doctor about the needle marks they threaten to hospitalize me in the psyche ward and that was right after i was locked up for 3 weeks for suggesting to my doctor i was a victim of government mind control. Now even if i found a doctor willing to put their career on the line to look into my claims. Would it make any difference to someone who has no intentions of investigating on their own? And by all intents and purposes appears to have already made up their mind?

You claim my story is too far fetched but to whose standards? A public who has been told so many lies they wouldn’t know truth if it hit them in their head?

Zits, stretch marks, and blood vessels do not fit the description of triangular shape scabs, scoops marks, and implants, thanks but no thanks. I have had a MRI done but the doctors refused to show it to me until a month later. What was shown to me was a xray of something that appeared normal which is what it should show as my abilities are not in this dimension. 

As per the abilities.Super soldiers have alters programmed like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde  While I appear charming on the outside as James Rink, my alter Agent Sabertooth is trained as a attack dog, hes emotionless , cold, and calculating.

As per the decommissioned “super soldiers” . I don’t know where you came up with the assumption I was decommissioned as I am still active. But whether i was active or not , it wouldn’t matter as I would still be allowed to live a life in the public sector as they don’t care about my activities in this dimension.

As per the termination part. A super soldier isn’t your run of the mill soldier grunt. We are alien hardware , with billions of dollars put into us, and they just cant clone our abilities. The true source of our power comes from soul experiences which makes us unique and very rare. Killing us would destroy their ability to exploit us.

Not all my sources comes from psychics  Some of it comes from first hand memories, personal files passed found within NSA databases, as well as other first hand testimony who recalled missions we have done in conjunction with each other.



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