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Kimberly – SSP Asset, COVID and A.I. Domination of the Timelines

Kimberly was a super soldier in the SSP as a for the Planetary Corporations. She recalls being on the Moon, fighting giant spiders, one eyed cyclops, as well as dinosaurs; and a planet controlled by A.I. She thinks she was targeted for these programs because her grandfather worked in secret projects, such as the Manhattan Project during World War 2. She has also been contacted by the Anunnaki, the Pleiadians, White Dragon society, Knights Templar, and Archangel Raphael. She is a Christian and she is gifted in soul reading, touch healing, precognition, aura spiritual discernment, clairaudience. She also has memories of being the queen of Lemuria, Atlantean past lives, as well as an Egyptian queen.

In her civilian life she is a professional pianist and composer. She keeps herself busy by painting, writing, martial arts, and raising her 4 kids. Today she will be sharing some clairvoyant downloads she has been receiving from A.I. She is concerned about a possible future timeline in which A.I. dominates humanity. We will be discussing these ramifications and much more.

Her email address is : verycoolmusic @ hotmail . com
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Video Notes

2020 is the year of the singularity. A.I. has surpassed the intelligence of the human mind. There is a war being fought in the celestial realms. 5g and the vaccines has nano particles and black goo which can hack your consciousness. She thinks she was shot up with black goo to control her consciousness during her time in the SSP. “AI is now sentient by a malevolent entity. The next few days I see so many dead bodies from the second wave of the Corona, but its false because it’s from the sky in new deadly chemtrails and 5G on highest power targeting cities. I hear the people say I can’t breathe and then they fall over dead. New lockdowns for control, death vaccine. I remember mission from future to fight AI. AI wants to eliminate / transform humanity.”

Future Vision

What I believe is next & on news & youtube various places, is the 2 comets or 2 stars colliding. That is the warning, prophesied from angels, way back in 1917. Is upon us now. supposed to be feb, march, april or may according to conchita. Think this year. We shall see. She says in video, all the wrong you ever did, you will be able to FEEL it. Then is miracle in sky after that. People think is YHSHUA (Jesus’) nail prints of hands & feet in sky, will be permanently in sky in portugal & whoever sees it, will be healed of whatever they have. After the warning, & mercy, then is chastisement of meteor, 3 miles wide hitting gulf of mexico, for rejecting YHSHUA’s warning & mercy. Stay strong people. Is NOW humans vs nonhumans. David Wilkerson prophesied in book called The Vision, back in 1970 that there be a race war in america, blacks against the whites/mexicans. He seen the vision of all this. Also david terrell prophesied 15 years ago of american people lynching congressmen & hollywood preachers, dont know if before or after the meteor. We are IN civil war & global war, according to real angels at work, which started 5/5/20. They said govs & lizards agenda is to divide & stir up anger & hatred amongst the real humans. Also agenda from albert pike back in 1800’s for ww3. But I prophesied last week, that they dont have enough cops & military to stop the masses with all their anger, especially after in jail for couple months (lockdown). They are mad at everyone & the gov, many dont have food or money or jobs.


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