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Koala, Montauk, and Interdimensional Time Travel.

KOALA is but one small part of a very large and complex scenario that ultimately links to the Greater Sacred Mystery. We have compiled all the information we currently have on KOALA and that which directly relates to it in this article, in response to those seeking further information from having read the book by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon entitled Encounter In The Pleiades – An Inside Look At UFOs. But to truly understand the nature of what is involved in KOALA and other projects like it, one must begin to expand their consciousness to encompass some rather involved spiritual-scientific concepts and information. We have worked to produce an article that has simplified terminologies to some degree to facilitate the reader in more easily comprehending what may be difficult concepts to grasp anyway.


Wherever this was not possible we have marked the word with a single asterisk (*) denoting that there is a more in depth explanation of the word available in the Glossary of Terms at the end of the article. In addition, much of this information is intricately linked to other information that comprises a Sacred archive developed over the 28 years that Maia Shamayyim has been translating information from the Akashic records, Ultra / Inner-Terrestrials and from Thoth / Tehuti. For the individual that is interested in exploring the Greater Mystery related to KOALA and all that it represents, we have footnoted the appropriate locations with bibliographical references to other publications we have available, and what page they can be found in our catalog.


We have also included other bibliographical information for the reader to pursue outside of our Mystery School publications. At the end of the article we have compiled all of the bibliographic references listed in the footnotes alphabetically arranged by topic matter to facilitate easy re-access to the information.

There are some very basic concepts that need to be revealed prior to the main body of information in this article. First is that according to Thoth / Tehuti there are two basic types of Light, the Oritronic * or half-Light spectrum, and the Metatronic* or full-Light spectrum. These two different spirals of Light are synonymous with the fallen universe and the pure universe respectively. The world we know is actually in a space where the two overlap, with the planetary consciousness strongly oriented towards the Oritronic spectrum. We are as a planetary consciousness however, evolving towards what is commonly being called a planetary ascension, into the Metatronic Light.

It is important to understand that there are varying gradients of realization of each of these Light spectrums, and that the Oritronic spectrum is not bad, it is simply not complete. An individual can have a very powerful experience in Oritronic Light, and not know that is what it actually was. An experience of this sort could serve the greater purpose of that individuals evolution towards Metatronic Light, if they are open minded enough to be able to acknowledge the truth of it whenever that is presented to them, through whatever source avails itself for this purpose.

Now this takes us to the topic of Extra-Terrestrial beings*Ultra-Terrestrial beings* and Inner-Terrestrial beings*. This is an area that is greatly misunderstood by many, and not completely understood by a great deal more. Briefly, the greater portion of Extra-Terrestrials found interacting with Earths life wave are from the Oritronic Light spectrum. The Greys, Lizzies and Insectoids are all born of this realm, some have adopted full-Light agendas, but these are rare. Currently their Oritronic universe is in a state of collapse, and this is actually a part of the normal evolution of the universes associated with the Precession of the Equinoxes*.


These beings have an incredible intellect and great knowledge of subtle energy sciences, but they are not ensouled beings, nor do they have a heart seed or emotional body. Thoth / Tehutisays if they are able to align their incredible intellects with the true path of Metatronic Light evolution, they can be granted the opportunity to become ensouled beings and take embodiment in planetary worlds where they may work their way up the evolutionary spiral as all humans are doing. Some have done so, but many others have not and their agenda with the abductions and cattle mutilations, among other not so well known tamperings, is to attempt to gain access to genetic knowledge that will allow them to mutate their genetics in a way that will give them instant access to the Metatronic Light spiral.


Thoth / Tehuti indicates it is not likely they can succeed, but that even in the trying they are making things a bit more difficult for others who are attempting to move into Metatronic consciousness via the correct path. It is important to note that these beings hail from every known constellation visible from Earth, there are no good and bad star constellations. All constellations have both an Oritronic and a Metatronic dimension to them, and so good guys and bad guys all hail from all constellations. Those beings from the Oritronic Light spiral many times have specific purpose in telling humans that they are here to help humanity and that the bad guys come from wherever.

Now for the Ultra-Terrestrial and Inner-Terrestrial beings. All Ultra beings are working with some gradient of realization of the Metatronic full-Light spiral. Nearly all Inner-Terrestrial beings are also. There are some factions of beings that inhabit isolated pockets of the Inner Earth near the surface that are Oritronic in nature, but their presence has not been felt in surface interactions to any great degree. Most of the true Metatronic Ultra and Inner-Terrestrials have nearly human looking features, as they are of the same essential divine genetic template called the Adam Kadmon* (Hebraic originated term) as are we. It is these beings that are working with the Inner Light Network* (ILN) and thus KOALA for the protection of the true evolution of the planet to succeed.

Another concept is that of the Kali Rift, which is a tear in the fabric of time-space and separates the Earth reality from the greater reality within what he calls the Ranna Time Flow*. There are many different points or nodes of interface between the Kali Time Rift and our linear time reality, but in actuality they all exist simultaneously in the greater continuum (see Figure 1 on page 3).

The Eye of Ra* is a term Thoth / Tehuti uses to refer to the inter-dimensional passage from one side of the Kali Rift to the other, and this is linked to another energy structure that he refers to as the Telos-Aarkhara, which is intricately linked to the Cydonia complex on Mars*.

With these basics we can now proceed to the main body of information on KOALA.

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