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Lapetus and Diamond Spiders

Hi James

When you get a chance take a look at confessions of former white hat operative

It mentions you regarding Iapetus and Diamond Spiders. James Iapetus was once a battle ship under the operation of the giants of old Even the great ridge is call the course way of the Giants or meeting place of the Giants. And nothing has changed if the spiders are there they are only there protecting the ship form human intruders. Max Spiers is to lead a further operation there. I would say there will be a Queen and King Diamond spider there producing there if this is true. However there is a lot of other types of life on and in side that old ship.

Furthermore that old ship will be visited again by the descendants of theses giants of old if they have not done so already. So whatever is there or who is there they will be destroyed. Space command better not set up a base there it will be destroyed in the long run. These giant are no respecter of organisations let alone humans.

When MILABS first got me they showed me map photos of Iapetus before they came out into the public domain. They knew that I know about Iapetus and its history. This was years ago James. There are some things that are just not to be touched at all. And that ancient ship is one of them. Space command has already had a run in with these giants out in space. And there technology is way above anything known here. And they were full ancient breast plates and there are many types of them ranging in size to outright enormous. There ships are by no mean huge.

Gold deposits would be stored with in the ship however smaller ships are parked on Iapetus that will hold cargo’s  There should also be established plant growth on Iapetus and ice water on the outside and running water deep within the ship.



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