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Laurel Aston The Ex C.I.A.Operative and Child Trafficking Victim From The Age Of Two

The Clintons both abused me sexually even as an under age child. As well as later in life. Bill like all high level free masons is a bi sexual who prefers men. Hilary as we all know from her well publicized sex stories , with Huma Abedene and others is a lesbian. Huma Abedene the cover wife of Anthony Weiner .The politician was famous for his sex scandal with minor teen age girls. I was provided to both Clintons beginning in child hood. While enslaved by the C.I.A. U.S. Military in the home of a Nazi – C.I.A. goat (cover) family . Wylie Duke Nichols and Carole Jean Starkey Nichols .

I was taken to Washington and the White House. I was even raped in the Oval office which was Bill’s thing . Barry Gordon was a disappeared C.I.A. head who had to fake his own death to avoid prosecution . Gordon provided me to Hilary Clinton in my early 20s . Hilary wanted me as her exclusive property . Gordon prepped me by drugging me then having me raped , tortured and sodomized by many men . Barry Gordon then made the offer to me to become Hilary’s private sex toy and to receive protection from rape by no one but her .

Of course I fought this and was I was punished tortured and raped for it . While living in Beverly Hills on Camden and Rodeo Dr. Bill Clinton came to town to deliver a speech . Clinton came down Roedeo Dr. in a police motor cage . I looked out my window to find my house surrounded by L.A.P.D. A dirty police detective approached me at my door and I was told he lost his badge and sang like a bird . Then Detective John Chavez knocked on my door and asked to come in . I let him in and asked why my house was surrounded by L.A.P.D. . Chavez replied , Clinton was coming down Rodeo Dr. I said ok but why is my house exclusively surrounded by police ?

Chavez was wearing a vest and carried a tazer . He took it out to show it to me and I told him to put it away . If one of my animals gets tazered I am going to be upset . I turned to go to the kitchen and the last thing I saw was him pulling out the tazer and aiming it my way . I woke up the next day in the apartment I shared with a C.I.A. operative/ slave /handler using a fake name , Kimber Brau . I woke up with burn marks from the tazer on my neck . N.Y.P.D. told me I had some big fans and strong support with in the L.A.P.D who shared the unbelievable stories with them . Stories that were fabricated by the C.I.A. and Clinton’s security in and the Secret Service . This is what they were told about me . That I was in Amerika illegally and working as a foreign agent and a Muslim terrorist etc etc etc . Praise God the truth has come to light .

I shared all of this with the U.S. Army intel C.I.A. fake Bishop Josea Bradley. Who also worked for 12 years as a police detective in Austin Texas .On the radio show Bishop Josea Bradley’s A Look At The Unknown To See The Known . It was all a set up and a attempt to silence my voice . Bishop Bradley and his psychotic ex wife Minister Madeline Bradley began calling me about false break ins to their home church and car. They also were complaining about their computers at home and church being sabotaged and vandalized . And even threats on their lives and threats supposedly made on their then 13 year old son . Bronx N.Y.P.D. confirmed it was all made up and a set up . When this failed to silence my voice BISHOP Josea Bradley and his psychotic ex wife Minister Madeline Bradley began trashing me after supposedly conducting a 6 month long investigation with the police and F.B.I. before doing my interview and becoming my advocates . The two C.I.A. perps worked diligently to destroy my name and reputation while they worked tirelessly for homosexual C.I.A. puppet Obama on his last campaign .

Laurel Aston expose the Clintons . Pic/note

Via Laurel Aston Ex C.I.A. Trafficking Victim From The Age Of Two – A Refugee in Mexico . Note / picture please share . I need all the help I can get .

If you would like to further research my story please feel free to Visit my Supreme court documents here .

Judge Stanley Greens chambers

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Laurel Aston vs Dr. William B Rosenblatte Dr. Imelda Carin case nu 304948-2011

Laurel Aston Vs Dr. Baboumian Dr. Imelda Carin Dr. Billah Uni Med and SDF PHARMACY Case nu 300490-2011.

Thank you all very much for your time. Working together I will receive justice.And we can bring justice to the fake professionals and governmental criminals profiting from the immense suffering of child and human slavery and drug running .If everyone made one call or wrote one letter these people would all be behind bars where they belong.

The C.I.A.s Mexican Set Up On Laurel Aston and Zakaos .

Child Trafficking Victim & Ex C. I. A. Operative Laurel Aston Expose C.I.A. Rape And Breeding Programs .

Child Trafficking Victim & Ex C. I. A. Oprative L…:



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