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Whistleblower report by Dipl-Ing. Dr. Austeja Emilija Dominykas

 Translated into English from the German original by
September 2016

EMAIL titled: A life story of horror
sent to Brandon Lakefield –
on 19th September 2016
on 5.53 h (supposed a.m.) ,  data content 36 kb.
by Austeja
Dear Brandon Lakefield (nice pseudonym),
at first, thank you very much for the many couraged videos you published, for adding sound to words of the people and for having the heart to publicly spread.  And even without any balance, and on taking the full risk in our fascist German dictatorship, where anything becomes censored and distorted – this is a remarkable performance. Unfortunate that people like you have become so rare – most people duck down, in an illusive hope that it would get better someday.
In advance I would like to ask you to regard me as a nutcase, conspiracy theorist, or what expression ever  you best go along with, this way it is likely to become easier for you  to buy into what I have to tell. Please excuse my missing paragraphs or one or the other typo, the remnants of my ability to concentrate have been taken by my latest chemo and I’m trying hard to keep myself together.
My profession is an engineer for tunnel construction, especially gauge pressure/armor/reinforcement facilities. More clearly: constructor for deep bunker sites.
My personal story commences in February 2001, when the BBR (Bundesamt für Bauordnung und Raumwesen, a German office for architectural control and compartment) was calling for tenders on seven locations destinated for building sites for area safeguarding of the population, in case of mass evacuation. My person as well as six further experts on that specific field were collecting at the planning office at Kassel, on 23rd March 2001.
At first we had to sign ten different declarations of secrecy of ten different government departments, among them two which were classified as top secret documents, for the Ministry of Defence. (Bundesverteidigungsministerium)
I was wondering why, as evacuation sites for the population are in no way classified top secret, generally they are public and you can even visit them after inquiring at the BBR.
In the afternoon we were taken to Ramstein Airbase by helicopters of the federal armed forces where our complete planning staff collected. I was advised to take leadership of PG4 (planning group).
At the dinner buffet taking place at the wardroom of the airbase we then were approaching each other, leading conversations on the goals. The next morning they presented to us the locations/areas as well as the master plan.
We had to build seven deep bunker complexes, at seven different locations in Germany, with underground train connections, coves for stocking material, independant geothermic energy supply and water supply from deep wells. Every single complex was destinated to shelter 300.000 people.
The locations are as follows

  • SUHL

(comment of the translater:  strange that there is  obviously no single site in the very southern part of Germany, Fürth is the most southern location, so the “most wealthy regions of Germany – BAVARIA and BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG would have abslutely “no base” of that sort.)
The first drillings were  “covered”  as “road building activities” and remained completely “in the dark” –  because of the secondariness of cities and rural districts. We were astonished that in my own project absolutely nobody in SIMMERN  seemed to raise even the slightest form of suspicion, the population remained absolutely clueless and still is. 
In 2004 we had mined 12 chambers in bed three, depth of 70 meters in the rock of Hunsrück. In February 2004 we got assistance of an australian crew of specialists for diamond mining, as the extremely hard sediment layers had caused us delay in the schedule.
In July we had finished 16 chambers.  The planning staff of the ministry of defence then collected all of us in Berlin, end of july 2004, where we were presented changed plans.
The plan had now added 16 further chambers for stocking of explosive goods as well as 4 large chambers with heavy-duty elevators for track vehicles / aircraft  as well as two areas for simulators of urban territory.
I was really astonished and there was even protesting among us, as we most likely would not have been prepared to be involved into a military bunker project, having been aware of THAT kind of information three years earlier. What really amazed me even more is the fact that the plan provided a chapel, or better A MOSQUE – to be more precise – while there was obviously no christian accommodation planned.
In June 2005 we had finished the new chambers. However, there arose problems with waste dump. Common strategies like compaction and floating out – like on normal sites – did not bring us on, therefore the dump was pumped up with the help of deep well water and rock shredders and distributed in the environmental forests. That worked astoundingly well, but unfortunately floating out  caused considerable dying of trees. The regional government covered it by a PR-campaign about pest infestation.
On 14th November 2005 we were invited for a briefing, being introduced to the chief of the Federal Chancellary as well as to the new chancellor (Merkel). Afterwards we were being told that our progress was considered to be fine and our projects were furthermore subject to highest agreement.
Just about one week later this mentally slightly disabled  daughter of a priest then became the CEO of the BRD corporation, as the new german expression goes.
This winter I was taking my first long vacation on MAUI (Hawaii), sponsored by the ROCKEFELLER CORPORATION. There I met several political operatives, informed about our work and trying to enthuse us about their building projects e.g. in Canada, Netherlands, Argentina or France, as soon as the “German sites” were operating.
In April 2006 finally there took place the installation of the actual bunkers, we were using such high quantities of stress-strain steel and water resistant concrete that the quantities seemed to make up with the Liyuan-dam in China, as well as quite 100 tons of LWL (fiber optic cable for datatransfer, Lichtwellenleiterkabel für Datentransfer).
Afterwards the technical crew from Israel came in, doing the installations of energy and light. All of that was so expensive that in 2006 alone we had to correct the specified budget upwards for 6 times. Politics got under pressure more and more by that, so that finally THE VALUE ADDED TAX was increased, as otherwise our projects might have become revealed.
In addition we had to use our own energy suppliers, as the consumption of our generators working with low gravity oil was so massive that we permanently were facing problems with replenishment.
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