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Lee Bracker Dead at Age 53

Lee Brocker interviewed me at the 2013 super soldier summit in Los Vegas. I am sadden to hear of his passing. Here is an article he wrote about the super soldier summit. https://fourthdimensionalrecovery.wordpress.com/tag/james-rink/
It saddens and pains us to inform our family and friends of the early loss of our son and brother, Lee Nevins Bracker (53). Though it was sudden and unexpected, Lee passed away peacefully in his sleep Sunday morning October

Lee was part of the NHS graduating class of 1981 and was on the tennis team. He had mean forehand and serve.
Many of you may remember Lee had great artistic talent and did incredible work with his hands. He applied his talented gifts towards his field of study in Industrial Design at Cal State Long Beach. Before that while in grade school, middle school, and/or high school he published an original comic strip.
Most recently Lee spent time researching, studying and investigating many subjects such as natural cures, therapies, sciences, shootings, etc. He also wrote books on the subjects he researched, wrote articles and blogs as well as speak on internet radio shows that covered different subject matters. He had a global audience and his insight and perspective caught the attention of many. Lee told me he was not interested in money, comfort or luxury. He was interested in using his work to help people through his research, writings, and shows.
We had some good times and some good laughs together. He would do and say some of the funniest things.
Lee had much to offer to the world and sadly he was taken too soon.
We love you Lee and you will be missed very much.
Lee is survived by his Father Paul Bracker, Mother Suzanne Bracker, Brother Keith, Sister Debbie Senday. Sister-in-Law Liz Bracker, Brother-in-law Gonzalo Senday, Nieces Davina Wagner, Sabrina Avellon, Paulina Bracker, Cydni Senday, nephews Nathan Wagner, Sebastian Senday, and Diego Senday.
We will have gravesite services for Lee at:
The Nogales Arizona Jewish Cemetery
959 N Bejarano St
Friday, October 28th 2016
1 p.m.
All are welcome


    • He threatened me with legal troubles from a cyber bully company he was very loosely affiliated with. When I phoned the owner of the company he didn’t seem to be to please with Lee’s decision to lie to me about lawsuits using his good company name. Not to mention the fact he was threatening me because I was calling out the flat earth psy-op charlatans at the time. It seems as though he took a liking to potato head Patricia Steere and wanted to try and scare me away from damaging his flat earth confirmation bias.
      What should also be noted is the release of private conversations between Lee and Robert bassano and by Lee, in which one of them there seems to be a vague threat about not waking up. Robert removed his content and to my knowledge hasn’t been seen for a few months. Robert has directly threatened my life on two different occasions, and has done the same to many others.

  1. How well did Lee know Philip Marshall? Lee stated in an interview that he was a long-time friend of Marshall’s. Just wondering. (Philip Marshall, 53, his son Alex 17, and his daughter 14 were all found dead from a single gunshot wound in February, 2013.) Lee also stated that he felt somewhat “responsible” for not giving Philip more of a notice of his final days.


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