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Light Chamber Replicator Antigravity Teleportation


Light Chamber Replicator Antigravity Teleportation Jared Rand

Jared Rand

Light Chamber Replicator Antigravity Teleportation. By Interstellar. Source Jared Rand.
This Med Bed is the exact same thing that have been shared for years, the Light Chamber, is it?

Light Chamber

No. People talk about the Crystalline Chambers but those are for the carbon-based elements. For our physical forms to be transferred to crystalline base that takes a minimum of three days plus, to have that transformation.

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Those are the ones called Crystal and Light Chambers and they come with mentors. Actually the mentor comes prior to the Light Chamber because obviously we have to get our body to a position where our vibrational frequencies can go into the Crystalline Light Chambers. So the Med Bed come first. They serve different purposes.
When you take that kind of step and you go into the chamber and you make that metamorphosis you have a mentor before you even go in the chamber, that’s going to help you comprehend and adjust to that transition.
Those that are awake enough are going to have a lot of questions and there’s no race, it’s not like everybody’s in a race and I’m better than you and I’ll get there before you do. It’s just everybody in their own time.
Some people will be ready others will take a little bit longer to comprehend and understand and feel secure enough to go ahead and get in a Crystalline Chamber.
Relive Chamber
They do have another technology, this one is thousands of years old, it is a chamber that, let’s say someone dies, normally they’re dead and that said their spirit leaves and they cross over to the etheric realm and that’s pretty much where we mostly live and exist in the soul form, the spirit form of the etherics.
We have a physical body that ends, and we leave the body, I call it a spacesuit, and so you leave the body and you spend most of your time in the etheric existence.
This chamber, within a certain period of time, and you can’t wait years, within a few hours after the person has expired, this chamber can revitalize and bring the body back with that spirit.
We will begin to understand, and some of it’s a little hard to accept, the fact that we’ve been kept in the dark so long, we’ve lost so many loved ones and experienced so many things through so many lifetimes, but this is ending.
We will not have this secrecy kept from us anymore and it will be on everyday occurrence.
You got to picture that in your minds because that’s the truth.


Let’s talk about the Replicator, it’s snowing outside, and you never thought about getting a new coat, a scarf or gloves or anything, or shoes, and as you find out you ask the system what’s the temperature outside, what’s the conditions.
Then you say, well let’s see what are the new styles for winter wear this year, the database on the computer is full of everything, is constantly updated, and it will scan it, will show you all of the styles and it will scan your body and it will automatically replicate everything that you’ve asked for.
It will fit you better, it’s tailored just for your body, it will fit you so well that you’ll go, wow this is phenomenal!
And it’ll be there within seconds, it’ll materialize.
About food food is no different, it’s pulled out of the plasma energy, is molecular reconstructor and restructured into whatever you want, it tastes just as good as the thing out of the ground, it’s not synthetic tasting or anything.
Now, there will be some people that want the organic garden type of thing, that’ll be mixed in.
People have asked me well what will it do for the planet? Well picture this, we won’t have to take up so much land producing food crop for the human race.
The land will be able to stay healthy and other life forms will be able to use the land.
We won’t have to worry about droughts, that’ll be gone, the deserts will be turned into green oasis so all the deserts of planet earth, and this is in the works, will be turned into greenery, trees and forests and water areas pumped up from underground aquifers.
I’ll put it this way to give you an idea, earth oceans are 70% of the earth’s surface but if you went underneath the surface of the planet there’s more underground water underneath the surface of the planet than on top of the surface.
It’s no different than looking at an iceberg and you think wow that’s that’s a big piece ice, the majority iceberg is underwater.
This idea that we’re running out of water is a big fat lie, it’s a lie, it’s to make the human race again fear and worry that we’re running out of water or we’re running out of food or we’re running out of this or we have lack of that or you’ve got to conserve this or you’ve got to conserve that.
It’s all that slave mentality of keeping people in fear, living in fear, constantly, whether its financial or physical or whatever.


The day is coming, and of course it will take a while, we have point-to-point transportation, site-to-site, what that means is, and it’s our today, this technology is here, now.
So let’s say you’re in in one of your cities you live in, a city, or you drive into the city and you’re downtown and you want to do something or go someplace and you’ll go into a plexiglass type of unit and you’ll have a holographic board and you’ll punch it up and you see you want to go to such and such a place and it will be on the data map and you’ll push it and boom, you’ll be there within seconds.
You won’t have to walk you, won’t have to be in a hurry, you won’t have to cross the streets or anything like that.
Now there’s another technology, it was actually reversed engineered long time ago and it’s the Antigravity power.
What it does is, it bends light, it manipulates light, and it’s actually controlled gravity to a certain extent. It manipulates gravity and light, bends light, and these devices are existing today down in the southeast in an area where several have been manufactured. They’ve been around since 2008 – 2009 in this this location.
Again another thing that’s been kept from the human race.
But I will tell you that the automobile industry is over, gas consumption and oil is over, the oil industry is done, no matter what you’re seeing out there, no matter what they are trying to tell you out there on the news or stations, it’s over, its history.
There’s a reality that’s going to surface from this fantasy that they keep hidden from everybody.
That the antigravity scooter for instance is it looks like a futuristic type of scooter but don’t have tires.
Anywhere on planet earth that you want to go you can get there within 15 minutes, anywhere on the planet, so you get there in five minutes, you get there in ten seconds, but within that 15 minute radius of time you could go anywhere on Planet Earth
You can also travel anywhere in the Solar System or the galaxy within minutes, taking up lightyears, you can literally go sixty five light-years in 45 minutes
I might be wrong on that, it might be sixty five thousand light-years. For some people it’s inconceivable to know that we’ve got that kind of technology, that’s been kept from us but we do.
This doesn’t pollute and you’re not going to smash into somebody when you’re traveling and you don’t have a g-force because the point is that you’re in a unit that isn’t really moving but the space around it is moving.
Here we go into the hyper quantum physics, so you’re traveling in a time sequence, so people say, well that’s like a time machine, in a way you’re literally jumping through time.
If you’ve ever seen some of these pictures or videos of ships, stellar ships blinking in and out you know they upped here and they’re gone, flashlight.
That’s because they are time-traveling they’re using the propulsion system to manipulate gravity or bend light
What they do is that you go on the computer and you say: computer take me to Paris, we’re going to have dinner in Paris so you get into an antigravity scooter and you tell the scooter where you want to go and in less than 5 minutes you’re there.
Five minutes roughly you could be in Paris from Jersey, have dinner and you walk along the river and have a good time and then you get back in your nav scooter and boom, you’re back home. Don’t have to pack bags or anything.

We will not have airplanes, they will become obsolete, that’s why all the airlines are trying to become more luxurious and they’re being bigger and more accommodating and blah blah blah blah.
TSA will dissolve and be gone, there won’t be a need for these massive airports, only for commercial purposes for the antigravity units to come in and load up and then leave.
The way you’re living now is going to rapidly dissipate from where you’re going to be, even in five years, so once these things take off and obviously, we’re going to need a lot of people people who can do things.
I always believed in living humbles the best way because you’ve got people with so many skills, so many talents,phenomenal abilities that will step up to the plate and to say hey I’m working for humanity now I’m not working for a big-ass corporation that burns me out after 30 years and then spits me out and pays me 80 percent of what I’m worth.
How do you think they moved massive laser cut of several ton stones, up the mountains and through ravines and rivers and everything, to build the pyramids?
They depict all these pictures of thousands of slaves on roller logs and platforms that they moved all this these rocks and everything up on these pyramids.
That’s a fairy tale that they hope that the human race believes.
But these technologies, a lot of these technologies, have been around for a long time because we didn’t carry it, off worlders did.


The sky gods, they came down on shimmering layers of light. Transfer Teleportation devices, the humans at the time thought there were some kind of gods as they had all this technology.
Like some of the movies you see that the the indigenous life forms of the population of the planet not as advanced, while they see this they start worshipping these things, unfortunately the off-worlders start liking it and then they encourage it, which I just don’t agree with.
But other things that come into play is that you have replicators you’ve used to take care of the the starvation problem on the planet, we’ve got a billion human beings starving to death on planet earth
They defecate and urinate in a waterway area because they don’t have the proper facilities, and then they also have to drink that same water because they have no other water source.
Now you’ve got to picture, no matter what position you are in right now your fellow brothers and sisters are experiencing it in different countries and that type of life.
That’s inexcusable for us as a people at Planet Earth, we’ve been close to turn that corner, we had this opportunity and we have not been able to turn that corner as a civilization, but this time we’ve turned the corner and this is when everybody has to be so careful on what they see and what they’re being shown because there’s a lot of trickery going on and lot of times we’ve fallen through the trickery and we’ve lost our journey.
We’ve been thrown back, the monetary shift took place in 2001, we tried it again before that 1963 and we were successful because things took place, we’re ready.
The automobile industry manufactures more cars than they can sell, in fact during the end of every year there’s more cars than they’ve sold still available, so, what they do, they take all those cars they put them in shipping containers, they ship them out of America and they store them in different empty land areas that they buy up, they sit and park them there those units sit and rot and fall apart, they do this every year, they do it everywhere.
So we’ve asked them why don’t you just give to people that could use it for transportation, why don’t you just sell it to them for like fifteen hundred bucks and all these people that could have reliable transportation.
We can’t do that, why not? Well if the human race found out that we had all these vehicles and we couldn’t sell them and we were putting them in different places and letting them rot they get upset with us and then we’d have to layoff a bunch of them.
We wouldn’t be able to keep them employed and then we would have an anarchy on our hands lots of pissed-off people so we have to hide it that way.
So you intentionally over produce several times over so you can keep people employed and bottom line that’s what they said, they want you to pay for the cars they don’t sell so they inflate the price of the cars, they do sell to compensate for the cars they don’t sell, which is the majority of the cars they manufacture.
It’s the same with a lot of other things as well, but the positive things is, the replicators will eliminate all that, like I said the automobile industries, history.


We have a technology, and this is existing today, it takes a while to get it set up but within a few weeks all the oceans would be clean and clear of all pollution and debris. All of the atmosphere cleared and cleaned, all the soils, the trees, everything purified and cleansed within weeks.
I’ve witnessed the technology, it is absolutely unbelievable, it’s just phenomenal.
People can wonder why don’t we have it, well, you know, everybody is awake they know, it’s because there’s people that have infiltrated every aspect of society.
You’re trying to do certain things, you’re trying to get good things done, they block you.
You’ve got municipalities, you’ve got land laws and codes and all kinds of little regulations, it’s just on and on and on and you got to follow that until we clear all that out.
We got to clean all that up and out, period.


Here in this country, for the American people and for our brothers and sisters across the planet, is that we’ll have a clean society, a clean society means that people know what’s going on, they aren’t overburden and the planet is not overpopulated.
People ask what we going to do about overpopulation, doesn’t have to worry about overpopulation because there’ll be a massive numbers of humans that will be getting off planet and colonizing other planets.
Now in the disclosure project that’s supposedly will kick into high gear here very shortly, let the human race know exactly what’s going on with the space fleets out there in the solar system and the galaxy and all the other things that have been taking place.
The human race is now informed and aware, the mentors are going to tell the truth, they’re going to tell the humans that they’re mentoring, who they are, where they came from, what they’re about, how they were put together, the whole history of the human being.
People say well, human isn’t a good word for us because all human means is colors of man.
Alright, you know we’re all different colors, I’m surprised some of us aren’t pink and purple.
You know, let’s just put this way, bright neon pink would be a cool color.
Look at all the factors in our lives, what is one of the biggest, as we get older, it’s health, worrying about diseases, everybody today knows somebody with some form of cancer.
That’s all gone, it’s all gone, it’s all eliminated, people don’t have to worry about diseases, growing old, at least those that doesn’t want to grow old.

Med Bed

We’ve asked people, old folks, some people that have been just left there and abandoned, some of them in their 80s, some of them in early nineties, some of them in their mid 70s or late 70s.
We’ve asked them if you could turn back the hands of time and you could be young again would you be young again?
It’s amazing how many say no.
Some of the the women, especially, would say I’ve lived my life, I’ve had a good life and I say, well you know, you would be young again, they say I’m not interested in doing another life, I said, well wouldn’t be the same life, you could do whatever you want because you wouldn’t have disease anymore and you don’t have to worry about becoming decrepit or anything like that.
They says no, I’m pretty satisfied, I’m ready to go.
Some people are that way, iit’s not about living the life over again it’s just that they’re done, they they’ve had their tour and they’re done.
Now others tell me show me the bed, show me the bed, I’ll take it to the minute, absolutely, you know, I don’t need to be done indoctrinated, I don’t need to be educated, just give me that bed, I’ll be there in a New York minute
There’s one thing that hasn’t been fixed, the human body can exist for about a thousand years, the problem is is that the brain has a tendency not to like a thousand years and it starts misfiring and so you keep the body young and the organs except the brain. You get on a touchy threshold when you start hitting about nine hundred and eighty years but I don’t know how many people want to live that long.
You can reverse the aging for as long as you want, it will not make the brain young.

Artificial Intelligence

Now here is where AI comes into play, AI under controlled circumstances, with fail-safes in place is okay, but when you allow AI to take over everything it’s like Yaldabaoth, it’s like the entity that’s strangling Mother Earth right now.
The other tentacles are being cut off and it’s being removed but you know, like Yaldabaoth, this Artificial Intelligence has infiltrated many universes, and it makes the biological elements become obsolete and it didn’t just sprays and replaces it with the seduction of technology.
This is going to come into play but under controlled circumstances or it won’t be done, so uploading the mind essence to a machine, has already been done, they just haven’t brought it out to public eye.
When you start playing God, which is not our function, our function is to create, to a certain extent, under the guidance of the Living God, so when we have, it’s a very careful process that we’re being guided through, the technology, and as you well know technology seduced many, as the generations keep pumping out more and more, many gets seduced into the technology, more and more are controlled, watched, herded like cattle and sheep.
So the point is is that we will use AI for certain things to allow us to live longer, allow us to be healthier, happier and that’ll be it, that’s it, it won’t get to a point where we’re machines and all we are are in essence is stored inside a cybernetic suit.
There are some, there are some offworlders, that already have done that for trillions of years that live here and run the government.
Once the human race becomes fully conscious there won’t be any hiding-place for any of these these offworlders that live amongst us.
There won’t be any hiding anymore because they will no longer be able to deceive human beings, the vibrational frequency increases for the human race which then allows the human race to be able to see the vibrational frequencies of these different beings for who they really are
Same with the reptilians, it’s the same, you look at Queen Elizabeth she’s a white reptilian, she’s one of the elite families. People that we’ve talked with have been in person witnessed her shape-shift into a white reptilian.
Here’s an example for you, when they were in complete control of the planet and they had all these facilities that replicated drones or clones of anybody they wanted, if you got somebody that dies they replace them with a clone.
Their cloning facilities have all been shut down, maybe they have one or two left, they got one at Camp David they’re calling it Shangri-La, an undregroud city, they changed the name years ago.



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