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Greer shoot Kennedy at :49 time stamp. Note Greer developed severe stomach ulcers soon after and later died of cancer. What emotional guilt was he holding inside?

R. Montana / Nov. 4, 2013.

Nov. 22, 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.  That date should be a sobering and telling reminder to the American people of how little truth and how much misinformation and disinformation has been fed us on this event over the years by the U.S. main-stream media, which has become nothing more than a Department of Propaganda for the U.S. Occupational Government.

Thanks to the efforts of Commander Hatonn, R.R., other news contributors, and the ground crew, the truth of this event and many others have made it to the American people via ‘The Phoenix Liberator’ newspaper, the Phoenix Journals and other Phoenix material.  The revealing article from ‘The Phoenix Liberator’ below is a portion of the truth of what really occurred in Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, 1963 and a partial list of those who were responsible for the JFK assassination.

Note:  Sunday night, Nov. 3, 2013, was the first airing of a new, so-called documentary on the assassination entitled ‘JFK – The Smoking Gun’ on the cable TV station REELZ .  This documentary is filled with errors, omissions and unreasonable conclusions in my opinion. How stupid do they think we are?

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HATONN:  Limo Driver Delivers Final Fatal JFK Shot


7/2/92 #2   HATONN

I realize that this is about as old and tired a subject as I can choose this day but nonetheless–we are going to present it again.  I apologize for the lack of ability to present colored photos to you but it is not worth the confusion and expense just to prove a “hand” in the firing position.  (Editor’s note: If you could see the hand in color–as in the original color copy photos we have–you would not the unmistakenly flesh coloration of a hand.)

I have told you that the driver of Kennedy’s limo also shot the President.  This has been discounted, actually by one I fully respect, Col. Gritz.  However, he is incorrect; the driver, William Greer, was one of the shooters and actually blasted him with the final fatal shot–he had already been hit fatally by E. Howard Hunt from the “grassy knoll”.  At any rate let us look at the scenario as presented to us in the San Luis Obispo material from R.R.

[RM:  Photos from the original article could not be reproduced in this transcription. See original article.]



At 12:30 PM, on Nov. 22, 1963, Abraham Zapruder stood on the concrete platform in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas with his Bell & Howell Super 8 movie camera hoping to get a good film clip of the presidential motorcade as it drove through the plaza.  What he filmed should have been the most important photography in the history of the world.  What he filmed was not only the assassination of the President of the United States, but one of the assassin’s as well.

Zapruder and his secretary hurried to the CBS-TV affiliate with the camera and film, where a price was agreed upon and the film was turned over to the TV station.  The film was given to the photography lab technician, who proceeded to develop the film.  The film clip was aired, probably only once about 10 to 15 hours after it was exposed.

Anyone who saw THAT clip (and there were many) could see that the president was shot from the front and not from the rear as the Warren Commission stated.  I concluded that the shot came from the front seat of the limousine and the secret service agent!  Over the next 25 years, I met and talked with several persons who SAW the silver .45 caliber Colt automatic pistol in the hand of secret service agent William Greer!

The FBI and the Secret Service immediately descended upon the TV station.  The lab technician showed the film for them and it was confiscated and ordered not to be aired.  The government insisted that the Zapruder film was never shown publicly until 1972.  The government lied.  (Yeah, it does that sometimes.)

Between 12:30 PM and that first showing there was only time to develop the film.  There wasn’t time to alter the film.  The FBI, CIA, and the Secret Service didn’t even know the TV station had it until they saw it on the air.  The personnel at the TV station didn’t even know that Greer was on that film clip!

Except for one!  A reporter for the station was “on the Scene” at the assassination site.  He knew exactly what happened and so did several innocent bystanders.  The innocent bystanders had incredibly short lives after that day.  The reporter used his knowledge to bribe his way into an executive position and anchorman spot with CBS at a national level.  His name was DAN RATHER!

25 years later on CNN-TV, Larry King was doing a 25th Anniversary special call-in program on the President Kennedy assassination.  The subject was “What is your most vivid recollection of November 22, 1963?”  The caller identified himself as the lab technician who developed the Zapruder film that day.  He said that the FBI and the Secret Service came to the station that night and asked to see the film clip.  On CNN, he said, “I will never forget the look of ghastly horror on their faces when they saw the president’s head explode.”  Bullshit! They were there and saw it in person!  The look of “ghastly horror” was because they saw that their own William Greer was caught in the act of murdering the president.  Greer’s action is not really obvious and requires that the viewer concentrate on Greer and not on Kennedy. Even the lab technician missed it!

Also 25 years later–November 1988–Life magazine did an anniversary special on the Kennedy assassination.  In the magazine were many clear, large photos from that day 25 years earlier.  They obviously came from a perfect unboogered Zapruder film.  Time-Life owns the rights to the Zapruder film.

One of the photos shows the presidential limousine coming down Elm Street in Dealey Plaza. The limo has just come from behind the Stemmons Freeway sign.  President Kennedy has been wounded in the throat by a bullet fired from the grassy knoll.  The bullet allegedly passed through the sign.  The sign was removed the next day!

There is something terribly wrong in that photo.  In that clear, good-quality photo, the windshield of the limo is all blacked out!  Whoever did that sure did a sloppy job because the blackened area does not even follow the edge of the glass very well.  What does that blackened windshield hide?

If you refer to the Zapruder tape “Dallas Revisited” on “The Walter Cronkite Nova Special”, you will see down against the driver’s door, in his left, the silver .45 pistol of William Greer!


Jacqueline Kennedy’s reaction to the shooting was the exact, normal logical reaction of a person who was looking down the barrel of a .45 pistol.  A pistol that had just gone off and splattered her husband’s blood and brains all over her.  She moved out in the opposite direction–out across the trunk of the car.  Ask any combat veteran.  If she was trying to avoid rifle bullets from the surrounding buildings, she would have dived to the floor.  She was not trying to retrieve a part of her husband’s brain as some idiot has suggested.  [H: No, she was not “trying” to grab a part of the brain but when she got out on the trunk of the trunk of the vehicle, there lay a part of the skull with brain still attached and she sure as heck grabbed it and retained it with her for the next several hours–which about did everyone in the “plan” into a state of pure panic while trying to get it away from her through any hook or crook method they could–finally they physically extracted it from her.]

A famous ex-race-car driver operates a driving school for aspiring race-car drivers in Southern California.  As a side-line, he also teaches defensive driving for chauffeurs whose employees lives might be in danger.  The basic rule to follow when someone is shooting at your car, is the same as the normal logical reaction–step on the gas and get the hell out of there!

In Dealey Plaza, on November 22, 1963, the Number One, Top Gun Chauffeur of the United States of America did just theopposite.  He braked the car to an almost complete stop!  This alone is proof of complicity in the murder.  Since the riflemen surrounding the car all screwed up, he wanted them to have a second chance.  When they still didn’t get the job done, Greer, as back-up man, did his own thing with the .45 pistol.

Several researchers believe that another bullet from the grassy knoll struck Kennedy at exactly the same instant as the .45 bullet.  This is a reasonable, logical possibility.

Within a few days, the limousine was dismantled and scrapped.  What evidence was destroyed by that act?  What story would an autopsy on the bullet holes in the car disclose? [H: Would this be classified as obstruction or destruction of justice and evidence if YOU did such a thing?]

[RM:  I believe that most thinking Americans have correctly surmised long since that this is proof of conspiracy to cover-up the murder as are many of the events described by R.R. below.  And speaking of cover-ups; the sealing of all evidence and documents regarding the JFK assassination for 50 (or more) years, under the pretext of National Security (secret code for the protection of the murderers and conspirators), has got to be, in itself, proof of the largest conspiracy to cover-up of a murder of the 20 century.  Identify the ones responsible for these cover-ups and you will have identified the many of the conspirators in the cover-up of the JFK murder.  Such identifications could lead, or could have led, to confirmations of the master-mind and major accomplices (in addition to the actual shooters) in the JFK assassination andcoup d’é•tat.]

William Greer braked the Lincoln limousine so abruptly that the Cadillac carrying the Secret Service men almost ran into the Lincoln.  So many frames were removed from the public version of the Zapruder film that there is an illusion of continuous motion.  However, the Nix film clearly shows the limo almost completely stopped.  Clint Hill, who was on the running board of the Cadillac was thrown off and fell on his butt behind the limo.  He later testified at the Warren Commission, “Sounded like a .45 went off inside the limo.”  As he scrambled up on the trunk of the limo, he met Jackie trying to exit the car–escaping from Greer.  He pushed her back into the seat as Greer accelerated the car and rode spread eagle, on the trunk, clinging to the handholds to Parkland Hospital.

It was never intended that President Kennedy’s body go to Parkland Hospital.  His dead body was supposed to go directly to Washington.  Governor Connally, sitting directly in front of Kennedy was wounded by two of the rifle bullets.  He yelled out “Oh! My God! THEY are going to kill us all!”  Since Connally was only wounded it was decided to drop him off at Parkland.  At the Warren Commission, he started to testify, “I saw–then changed his statement to “I felt the blast from the bullets.  Of course he “saw” and “felt”.  He was lying across the middle jump seat in the limo and his face was only inches below the .45 in Greer’s hand.


There is speculation that Connally was also an intended victim of the assassination plot.  He allegedly was involved in a financial plan with the Hunt brothers that would have destroyed “The New World Order”.  (But that’s another story–“The Story of Jonathan May”.)

Since Parkland Hospital was not a scheduled stop in the plan, the doctors and medical personnel in the emergency room were taken completely by surprise.  Their preliminary examination of the president’s wounds were quite different from the “official” version.  Several doctors had very short lives after that day.

Dr. Robert McClellan’s report stated, “The bullet entered the left temple and blew out a three inch chunk of the lower right occipital bone.”  If you draw a line through Kennedy’s head from the lower right occipital through the left temple (in frame 313 of the Zapruder film) the line goes directly to the .45 in Greer’s left hand.

The “official” autopsy states that the back of Kennedy’s head was intact and no bones were missing.  McClellan said, “How could that be?  I had the piece of occipital bone right in my hand.”  [RM: And every American over the age of 12 probably remembers watching Jacqueline Kennedy picking up the piece of her husband’s head off the top of the trunk of the limo, on TV at least once.]   A young boy had found the piece of Kennedy’s head in Dealey Plaza and brought it in to the hospital.  [H: Hum-m-n-n, the first DNA replica was shown on Salt Lake TV when?  In the 50’s?  Could it be that the Kennedy always “subsequently” featured as a part of the assassination was already waiting–with an empty skull from which the “brain” was missing and forever lost–never found!!??  Is it more ridiculous than all the other lies of zig-zag bullets and one shooter?  Please, chelas–use your heads for you should be better sleuths by this time in your studies! Actually, duplicates had been around for a long time by the time Kennedy was executed (murdered).]

After seeing the Zapruder film, which was shown on TV shortly after the assassination, I told a friend that Kennedy was shot from the frontnot from the rear.  The next day (Sunday), she talked on the phone with her brother in Washington, D.C.  He worked at the Office of NAVAL INTELLIGENCE.  She told him what I had told her–about the shot coming from the front. After a pause, he said this, “Sis, I can’t tell you what really happened, but if the American people knew what was going on, they’d be panicking in the streets.”  This confirmed my first conclusion about the front shot.

Some time during that first day or two, a local law officer and a reporter named Buddy Walters watched an FBI agent pick up a spent .45 caliber bullet from the grass in Dealey Plaza.  A photograph was taken of this act.  A . 45 bullet is distinctly different than the alleged 6.5 mm Carcano bullet.  (Oswald’s alleged weapon was supposed to be a 6.5 mm Italian Mannlicher Carcano rifle.  This is such a poor excuse for a weapon that the Italian soldiers called it “The gun that never hurt anybody.”)  A .45 bullet is short and fat while a 6.5 bullet is long and thin. There is no chance of mistaking one for the other.  One more proof of a .45 as the murder weapon.

Several years later on the Mort Sahl TV show, Mort showed the Zapruder film.  When the picture stopped on frame 313 and zeroed in on driver William Greer, Mort’s guest said, “I can’t believe what I’m seeing.”  The TV show was cancelled and Mort never worked in TV again.

In “The Torbitt Document” the author states that one of the assassins–code named “Zed”–used a .45 caliber pistol.

Around Christmas-time 1988, a friend was visiting relatives in our area.  We gave him a copy of our Zapruder tape “Dallas Revisited”.  He was quite excited about it and couldn’t wait to get back to Houston, Texas to show the tape to his neighbor.  His neighbor was a very close friend of ex-Governor John Connally.

When he returned home to Houston, he put the tape in his VCR and called his neighbor over. The neighbor viewed it stoically and said, “So now you know.  I don’t want to discuss it.” He turned and walked out of the house.

We told a local retired CIA employee about the “Dallas Revisited” tape.  He confirmed that “Greer did it.”

Lars Hansson is an amateur “fly-by-night” journalist who is always out to con a fast buck. Lately he may have become a CIA stooge.  He stole the tape ” Dallas Revisited” from a local Kennedy researcher who had spent 17 years researching that “final fatal shot”.  Hansson claims he made the tape for “Bo” Gritz and John Lear and was distributing it around the country.


Bob Grodin is another phony.  He was hired by Congress as the photo-interpreter expert on the Zapruder film.  Grodin in NOT a “photography expert”.  His real job is to write phony books on conspiracy theories and lead you away from William Greer.  A close investigation of Greer would “blow the lid off” of the whole “New World Order”.  A Greer investigation would even suck George Bush into the Kennedy assassination.

Grodin and Hansson appear in a handout paper called “Conflict–the Dorff Report” (Feb. 1990).  They get into a donnybrook about the “Dallas Revisited” tape.  Grodin states, “What appears to be a chrome plated .45 automatic pistol is actually the chrome on the driver’s side door, next to Nellie Connally”.  What Grodin fails to explain is how the “chrome on the door” gets into Greer’s left hand, comes up across his chest, points toward Kennedy’s head as Kennedy’s head explodes, then goes back down across Greer’s chest and disappears into the front seat as the limo speeds toward the underpass.  John Lear says that the same piece of chrome must also be stuck on the side of Greer’s head in frame 313.  Grodin is a liar!  [H: Could it be that this is the cause of Gritz’ consideration that Greer wasn’t the “shooter”?  Seems a bit of disinformation flapping going on in the “in” group of revelators.  This, by the way, is certainly nothing new within that particular group who can’t seem to make up their own minds about anything–even UFOs.]

Lars Hansson then begins a series of vacillations about Greer.  Like the old song goes, “First you say you do and then you don’t–Then you say you will and then you won’t–You’re undecided now—-etc., etc.”  Hansson and David Lifton then began a series of vaudeville acts to try to convince the world that Greer didn’t shoot Kennedy.  This is described in Bill Cooper’s book, “Behold a Pale Horse”, Pages 215-221  [H: No, no comment!]  The whole charade culminates with Hansson appearing on“Inside Edition” again reversing himself saying that Greer DID shoot Kennedy.  The reason is obvious as Hansson is setting himself up, so Grodin then follows him, ridiculing him and trying to debunk him.  It didn’t work.  Anyone with an I.Q. of at least room temperature could see through these CIA phonies.

[H:  I do have to agree that the so-called “intelligence” agents are just about the most silly and ridiculous nit-wits around.  Some of the “stuff” sent to us to try to shut us down is about as phony as any three dollar bill and still they persist.  I suppose they are so trained to not allow a point to be missed that they “over-kill” to the point of nausea and become the birdbrains themselves.  Then, there is absolutely nothing more incredibly amusing than a programmed intelligence agent.]

The movie “JFK” is a monument to the stupidity of the human race.  First of all, to anyone who can read, the Garrison story is at least 20 years old.  Second, absolutely no mention is made of the real power behind the assassination–the Gehlen Organization; Werner Von Braun, Walter Dornberger, Reinhart Gehlen, and the California Nazis; Reagan, Nixon, and William Clark.  [H: Well, it wasn’t all THAT bad, friend–they just missed a few points and yet it was the best that has been allowed projection.  I will note, however, that it becomes obvious that Bush despises Reagan and did in fact have connections with the hit-man, Hinckley, who shot Reagan.  Bush’s son had an appointment for dinner with this person at the very time of the incident.  Look it up–and I suggest you start with THE JOURNALS.]  Third, Bob Grodin spent two weeks in Dealey Plaza doing a remake of the Zapruder film!  The lies are getting so thin they would insult the intelligence of a rabbit! [H:  Even one of those “killer rabbits” of Jimmy Carter fame!”]  For the real star of “JFK” see the movie “The Catholic Bible Salesman”.  Nice try, Stone.  Nice try, Grodin!

* * * *

Dharma, let us change the subject but remain in the material on R.R. as listed as number “7” in sequence.  It is so timely–now that FEMA is in control of California and other states this very day, that I think our readers will enjoy it more than Bush’s “Nixon” impeachment involvement, Watergate and back to being present in Dallas on that fateful day when JFK was murdered.  Of course, remember–Nixon was there also–but “…can’t remember where I was on that day”!!!


Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, July 17, 1992, Volume 19, Number 12, Pages 29-32.



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