Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Linda Moulton Howe – Antarctica’s Strange Evolution… Frozen Secrets beneath its Ice!

@UAMNTV Courtesy of Contact in the Desert (archived lecture) re-published by request from our subscribers – Most of Antarctica has been covered with vast layers of ice ranging from 1 to 3 miles deep. And yet, military whistleblowers tell Linda they have been on missions to investigate vast acres of ancient, alien archaeology beneath the thick Antarctic ice. Are the structures older than 33 million years? How were they built? And who exactly built them? Presented by Linda Moulton Howe Official website – https://www.earthfiles.com/about-us/ Official YouTube Channel – @earthfiles This video features a promotional trailer from Gaia’s Brand New Season of Linda Moulton Howe’s Legendary Series “ Truth Hunter” – look in the comment section for more from @GaiaVideo and their enormous library of non-mainstream media! This channel is managed by Zohar Entertainment Group UK, Zohar Entertainment Group International Inc, USA and AdRev, USA.


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