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Listener Feedback about Recent Toni and Lisa Super Soldier Talk Regressions

James I asked the question about Florida to my guide. Watch the activity of earthquakes and volcanoes in Southern Mexico and Central America, a shift of land in that region will destroy or flood all of the Gulf Coast and Cuba, I never get a time frame, but I felt that anytime soon it could happen. Not regarding Florida but I have been hearing January 13,2013 for the last month.


James I saw you a few nights back. You were sitting down looking at someone or something. You looked really young and your hair appeared black. I think you had a grey top on and what looked to be a blue open jacket. From what I saw you seemed relaxed I know it was you as your face was very clear. Your alter may have popped out as you say. I do not know what your clone is like as you have a few of them and I don’t know if it even was a clone of yours but I suspect it was.

I do not know where this was or anything. And I could not see others or hear anything around you, but im sure there were other ones around and contained low light. The wall behind you looked very solid and smooth and dark in color. I am sure it was in a base somewhere but I could be wrong. With what I saw was fast but enough for me to see you.

At first I thought it was my brother who they have cloned as he has black hair as well. You looked detached from everything and then I thought he is under some control or he is preoccupied as something didn’t seem right. As soon as I saw you I thought oh James it is you, I was thinking I hope they don’t do anything to you. Then it went all blank. With all my experience with that lot I know how they operate and I know what they are going to do before they do so to speak. Do not be alarmed or anything but thought to let you know.

About the Lisa interview I feel that suit case was black or brown. I sense a device inside it and I am not sure but it is not a good thing.

About the lawsuit case you posted on your blog, there are a few cases out there that contain money but I sense that particular one will not for some reason.

I listened to both of your recent December interviews and they were really good. James be careful of your trip in Florida, if there is a flood the bases there will not survive.

James about the 5 new drill holes you found in your tooth, I feel they have put something in there and it may be other implants.

James they have been doing a lot to me. Right now a large implant is leaving my body through one of my nails they take a while to work its way through.  They are nuts as I have said if they had a brain they would be lonely. They have done something in my mouth and throat. I felt something the other day and lost my voice for some while and my eyes were shinny while I was shopping. I did not know why people were looking at me I thought it was my hair. But when I go home and looked the mirror I thought ohhh no my eyes are bright and shinny lol.


Hi James,

Hope you had a good day….. Here is what I gleaned from the interview with Lisa…

-She talked about YOU helping those who have 4 lobed brains….last night Jessie Ventura gave a Conspiracy Theory investigation on Humanzee’s….Human Intelligence with Primate Strength Super Soldiers (his words not mine).  This aired at 0200hrs 12-11-12….I’m sure that you can check this out on YouTube…Ventura seems always to put his stuff there after it has aired once or twice..just Google the one on Manimals…

-MILABS is trying to prevent you from smelling the burnt feathers syndrome(when the nanophages become active, most folks will have the sensation of smelling burning feathers or hair…) If you can’t smell anything you will not be cognitive that you are being deceived by the nanophages…

-Dissolving of Cartilage that makes up the dividers to create the 4 brains…instead of two via a bone septum… funny she uses the same term that I sense….that the others are cartilage…and cartilage can dissolve…lol

-Humming noise that kept bothering her was that Seattle Signal that was recorded back in Sept…very loud…

-The session is using the lights to tune your DNA/RNA vibration to that of the Earth’s…this is why the ground felt “sticky” to her…and as you rub on crystals that you have..you know that you are synchronizes with the radionics pad getting sticky… you will notice a sticky feeling…

-Metal taste in your mouth is a precursor to the burning feathers…you also get this when you walk outside after hours of Chemtrails…but this is different…metal taste is a precursor to the burning feather smell sensation.

-The induction is to prevent the activation of the Nanophages, metal taste, & the lack of sense of smell

-Vibration Speech always changes when you speed up the vocal chords…what is really happening…is as the DNA/RNA speed up the vibration….we slow down to a very slow pace…everyone else looks like bugs or ants…scurrying about like a sped up movie…like the movie that talks about this concept is Alien Visitor/Epsilon on Netflix..one of my favorite movies…

-The chipmunk speech is simply those around us that remain behind and do not ascend…they are burning daylight faster…we are actually vibrating faster, but it will appear to us as we are normal…but the days & nights will fly by…probably one or two hours, the sun will rise & set…unless we make the transision where we are on the new Earth’s schedule…sun will rise & set to us as normal…

-Countdown to 21, may be the Mayan Calender resetting but we will see shortly…

-Humming noise is Psychoacoustics…

Well this is just about all that came to me while listening twice to the video…

If you get a chance try to watch the Alien Visitor or Epsilon, the movie was released under both names…you will have the right one when you see that Ullie Birve’ is “SHE” in the movie…pretty cool flick… Also check out a movie about clones called “JIM” on netflix…very familiar.


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