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Listener Feedback to Suzie Regression

William this was posted on my blog 30 minutes after Suzie was able to remote view some of the orgies they force my clone into.


Normally I don’t get gay jokes .Its mostly oh your too skinny to be a super soldier I can beat up your ass up jokes lol. So I think this was them. What do you think?


I have just gone through half the interview so it will be interesting but nothing surprises me with those idiot reptilians and the stupid greys and they know it too. Do not take any notice of what people say regarding the interviews. You need to do these interviews even if there is gay sex or whatever is happening in these place because that is what is happening. But it is a lot worse than that though and we know that with the things that we have seen and gone through. The thing is the public has been wrapped up in cotton wool for so long.

It seems someone is trying to destroy your interview. People cannot get over the fact that these things are happening with in these bases 24/7 without consent. They have missed the mark about these young guys being drugged up to the max and taken to these sex rooms.They have missed the mark when we are drugged and used from everything under the sun via avatar form or our self’s.

They have missed the mark that there are beings that hate humans but will take full advantage of weakness pertaining to the power that be who are in charge of these soldiers in training. So people like that guy who have said that about you is not true. You are not like that at all and he has not listened to the interview at all. A matter of fact it had gone over his selfish self-centered self-serving head.

I get flax all the time with some of the videos I put up. But it does not stop me. Be course with all the bad comments there are some good ones and the message is getting through and that is where it counts at the end of the day.

You are doing a great job and James you are deep within the internet system now. You only have to look up super soldier and your picture is there. You only have to look up super humans or alien or alien abductions or trans humanism and your pictures there or anything to do with space and technology and your picture is there J. They are even in other sources your photos are there etc. They are everywhere. And guess what that is a great advertisement. There is not one space where your photos are there whether injections photos or just you as well as interview photo shots.

James there is something different about your eyes. In the last two interviews you have done I’ve noticed they seem to shine or have a more prominent look about them and they change as well into crystal diamonds.  I think you may have been up dated or enhanced in some way or you are in a special group now in the programs or a very deep level. You take a look at your eyes James I know you will see a difference. I do not think it was the blue eyed greys that did that. But something has happened to you big time. It is exciting but it also means you will be at a deeper level now way above a lot of people in the programs in certain areas I think.

I think you are now like me.  What this means is that when you are finding out stuff or among others do not get too excited about things too much or your eyes will really start to shine. Also be aware that people will start looking at you now. And that your ability’s may start to come through now and then.

Be mindful when you go to your gym that your workouts do not exceed too much as your eyes will go crystal blue. And if you get sick your eyes will go a pale blue which will stand out big time. You may also start to grow tall without you knowing at any moment’s notice. So if it happens just walk on, you will come back to normal eventually. Be aware that people may go white at when they see you. It is because your eyes or you have changed. Your body is changing into the form we use when we are in space. I am telling you this as no one guided me when I went through all of this.

Also those greys with the big blue eyes you talked about the triangle ship interview turned up here a week ago. I saw a glimpse of one of them twice. But I am yet reserved regarding them.

Also I want to mention milabs are not scared of anything other than nuclear war. I thought that very interesting. Either they know this is coming or they would hate that to happen since there life style would be destroyed as well as their fetishes and mutations and butchery. So they know something out side of that circle is up. I will say that with all that they have done has not gone unnoticed from elsewhere. And do not be surprised if steps are in motion to eliminate the lot of them. I think they know this somehow. That is where and why the nuclear threat is on their minds.

I could be wrong James. But there has been a lot on nuclear weapons as of late and pictures of nuclear explosions going off in placed into magazines and other materials as of late.

Another example is with me in an avatar form I was subjected to a nuclear bright light going off across a city somewhere. There was another person with me. We were wearing all black and probably on a mission. But I remember seeing a bomb or device going off and I had to put my hand up to my face and everything went bright white even though we were a distance away. I do not know why they had me witness that but they did. It could be a warning. They seem to warn me about things coming even if it is in small doses. I do not know what city it was James could be in the states or Canada or elsewhere. At least I know what it is like before a nuclear light blast.

If there is nuclear war they will not destroy everyone but it seems that certain nations and cities will get the brunt of it. Why MILABS showed me this I do not know. James when you have old hatreds between nations that were defeated in wars, there will be a desire for revenge somewhere down the line. National hatreds do not go away. They stay embedded and those hatreds go way back to ancient times not just a few decades or centuries. And with the way things are today with a shift in power blocs certain nations will use these weapons and they will not think twice about it.

Anyhow keep doing a great job James you did not come this far to have idiots that do not know anything or have no maturity stop you. Don’t let people ruin things for you your better than that and them.



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