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Listener Feedback to the Michael Prince Regression

Rink…soon, there will be a challenge issued to YOU, Cashbot and many others by myself and others.I suggest you and them..accept. – Duncan O’finoian

What they want is separatism between us . How can you justify the separatism when we need to come together? Duncan i don’t know how we got here but we would be a lot more effective if we work together. My goal is to fix this shit so are you in or out. – James Rink

James, Regression via skype? How on earth is that possible? I should know I do deprogramming but in person. Most keen to learn how you pull that off.

‘Supersoldier’ first off a very very bad term, conjures up wrong image but as the term is in the public domain everyone uses it. James Rink does not do himself any favors when he states he imagines himself bulked up wearing that uniform just straight out of ‘Universal Soldier’. The right questions have never been put to these alleged ‘supersoldiers’. Till those questions are asked and fully answered you are going to get nowhere.

The men are very patiently waiting and watching as we see the boys mess the place. Serious Disclosure is being damaged by such things. Be adult but be rational logical and with common sense. Keep the wild fantasy tales to their little group but not issued to the public whom must think what a bunch of nutters!

Boys and girls come out to play…………yes we are allowing them to do so, yes, thats us being the old school, the ones stepping forwards many years ago. Its not a challenge, it was merely enquiring as to how in hell can James Rink regress anyone over skype. Its not possible, ask any professional hypnotherapist, you would be laughed at. By all means lets let the children play in the playground but beware the teachers are watching all the newcomers into the play area. Valid points I think. – Barry King

Dear Barry regrettably you have not been selected as my council for “serious disclosure”. However, If you are interested in playing that role feel free to contact me in a private message so I can review if your expertise has anything beneficial to bring to the plate.

I been hypnotically regressed over skype by a professional hypnotherapist so I don’t understand your point.

And I tend to disagree with you in many ways. Using recreated images from testimony of first hand eyewitnesses helps convey to the audience what is truly going on. This is why documentaries use reenactments to help maintain the attention span of the listeners. And I believe this issue on the semantics of the term super soldier has been address in the past. I do understand your concerns, however, they don’t call us super soldiers , we are called either alphas, omegas, or titans which has not been pubically released yet.

Hypnotic regression via phone…hmmm…. FBI ring any bells? Why push this shit? You and everyone else know its a joke. I know what Casbolt is trying to do, he wants a flock of total nutfucks to follow him, you watch him try and set up his own interview channel like AMSMACK.

They assume by making up any story they like, they can tell people and in their own minds think its actually real. 1st class lunatic, the guy needs to be made into a fkn stamp. If you want to listen to insanity and believe it, that’s you’re choice. The fact is, people who are not retarded and have been in the military, dont fall for childish crap like this.

Its not regression or deprogramming people need, its a mental health issue. If people cant separate bullshit from reality, its their problem and also a lack of education doesn’t help either. The fact is most people have been pulled away from reality with shit like this, claiming everything they know even education is wrong and is against them, but its nothing more than an attempt to brainwash people for their own needs. If you teach your kids this shit is the truth, you’re a fucking disgrace.

You nutcases seriously need you’re heads testing if you think people are going to fall for this rubbish. Making up ridiculous stories like this, is showing people you’re running out of ideas and before you crash and burn, you’re taking a last shot at the whiskey. Super Soldier my arse, Super fucking Idiot more like.

Utter crap and you know it. People who are mentally ill or suffer from some delusional attention disorder and you guys are pulling them in, using them and branding them with a title, a creation of your own, if anyone need assassinating by anyone its you cunts. I know what you’re doing, I know your game and dont think I dont or try to claim otherwise. Understand me? Playing mind games for a laugh with vulnerable people is wrong and you know it.

I dont talk shit or lie to this lot, I make people aware of Talmud abusing criminals like you guys. You give people some crazy idea and they all jump on it. Maybe you should join the IDF or are you in it now? You crackpots sound like you work for Mossad. – Project Black

Is this sort of like how the FBI helped Andy Pero? Because I don’t censor so why do you? If you don’t like the message then why listen to it?

I find it curious you would bring in the Talmud in this conversation as if its a association in fact. Its easy to allege whatever one wants this day and age. Since we are all about getting to the facts lets try to avoid hearsay.

And since its seems my credibility is on trial all i ask is you kindly refer to the disclaimer and if your still not satisfied with the content generated by the likes of Michael Prince and so many other mind control survivors your welcome to conduct your own regressions.




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