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UPDATED APRIL 19, 2013 – Listener Feedback to the Sharon Interview

Listener 1

Hi James I listened to your recent interview with Sharon. I feel she is a little off, but only from lack of knowledge. Milabs will never be a part of the good guys, or any being that takes and does things to you without your knowledge or permission isn’t doing it for you.  Even though Sharon is really gifted she is only seeing what they want her to see.

I feel much of the information gathered from the various people you have interviewed is true. Even though you are covered by your disclaimer, and I agree you are not responsible for what others say, I get this feeling that milabs is setting Nathan up. If you think about all you know about him and then compare it to other people who lost it and done bad they all have common similarities to each other. That poetry shit about killing women and what not is crazy.

So it sounds like Nathan rebelled, blew a fuse, and flipped his wig. In short they messed him up so he will forever be crazy. So now they plan on getting rid of him by activating his alters. I get images of him on TV in hand cuffs after a massacre. But maybe talking about Nathan on your blog and videos might be enough to save him.

Also I looked at the image of him in 2004 and then 2007 and he definitely looks like a different person. After he rebelled he was probably switched out with another super soldier who was implanted with Nathans memories. Which may explain why the one you talked to in 2007 was so belligerent towards you and why Sharon thinks Nate was given a new life and new memories.

Is this the same Nate

As for the rest of the interview with Sharon I think she is right on. But please be careful. Always use your heart and what you can feel in you.

Listener 2

James I just watched your video and yes Sharon is on to it with you. And do not spread yourself to thin as she had said. I even said to you not to work too hard and take it easy so that is two saying the same thing.

Anyhow the summit is very exciting I feel you will learn a lot this time round. Be sure to listen to what people are saying or look out for their true intents. And help those you feel are a little lost and keep your eyes and ears open. And most of all, have some fun there with your friends.

I have been dealing with a lot different alien races it is hard to keep up with the many types. Your blue eyed grey has been coming in and out as of late. It is all white and big blue eyes.

The greys and Reptilians I have not meet a good one of these yet. Given their history up till now I cannot say that they are the good guys. But for you it may be different James.

I saw a clone of my father who is very old to look at. I feel I was shown this perhaps because he was the first clone of him whose time is now up. They do let some of them grow to an old age and they just die a natural death.

It is interesting about the Jackson base. It could have been the one I was first trained in. I will know if it comes up again. Often James, MILABS will go back to the bases that they were trained in at first for a short visit as a higher rank.  Also DARPA is completely compromised for the MILAB programs.

I had an interesting thing happen to me today I went to open a 5 kg of flour. The flour bag has thick double hard paper. You know the type that is hard to get into unless you get a knife or scissors to open it. I just swiped one of my nails across the side of the bag and it ripped open as I went across the bag via just one of my nails. I felt that I should have just swiped the bag with my hand. But did it with one nail quick and fast no transmorph or anything.

Also there is another type of Diamond spider that had a bulbuls heavy body that is segmented. The body goes a reddish color when they are at war and a deep blue color when feeding.

Also I believe I seen one of those bald headed clone avatars you think you might be using. The bald ones are another faction of evil beings James. I thought they were a type of reptilian but they are not.  They are out of place when in the public eye as they are very tall and strong like most of these types.

I sneaked up on one of them one day two years ago in the city. He was on the lookout for me watching where I would go on my daily run. But on this day I could sense an alien presence miles away. So I sneaked up on him from the back right up to his actual back. Then I went off to the front of him making him see me and realize that I knew what he was doing and the fact that I could had killed him if I had a weapon on me.

I always pick up on alien presence even from miles away and I am able to home in on their locations or where they are for some reason. It does not matter what type of alien or transdimensional . It is even when they are about to appear. It is a shame I can’t come to the summit I would pick up on every black op, alien, and clocked ships for miles around and technologies.

Listener 3 – APRIL 19, 2013

James, I watched the new video with Sharon – good stuff! I felt like she was having some clear visions. I do think we will see a reformation in milabs – just part of ascension. Nathan does look different in those pictures. I’m getting a yes muscle testing about Nate being a sacrificial lamb. Also I am getting your handler is not a recognized Kennedy – illegitimate – and I’m getting Robert Kennedy is the father.

Listener 4  – APRIL 19, 2013

Hi James I started reading you book last night. And it has a powerful affect on me, I have to read a little bit at a time. The abuse that you took and was able to come through it and work on healing yourself is a powerful message. God bless you

Listener 5  – APRIL 19, 2013

Hey James, I’m listening to your super soldier talk with Sharon. Talking about your crystal implants got my attention. When I took the crystals out of my hand, I did it cause it freaked me out. Those are not supposed to be there, some pain but it was not bad. After taking them out I got the impression maybe i should have left them in. Then months later when talking to Anya, she told me the that I should have left them alone, they were to counter the bad stuff put in me. Then a few months later I got that I had things or implants put in me to counter the bad stuff, as in I had been infected with terminal diseases and these implants stopped them and now the bad stuff is gone. I had been sick with all kinds of weird things during this time, I had given up on doctors cause they never knew what it might be then decided I was making it up. So if possible I would like to talk to Sharon about my situation. And I may see you at the summit. Not sure if I can handle that stress yet but I may go.

Thanks, and take care

Listener 6  – APRIL 19, 2013

James I really enjoyed your book. I just read it three times in a row. But I hate to out someone, but Alex Diaz is full of shit. He speaks nonsense. I am worried you didn’t see it. Alex makes you look very bad. He tells you what you want to hear. Hes making up what he says about others. Out of all the people I have heard or seen on your stuff I feel Alex is lying to you for a laugh. Hes pulling your chain for amusement. I don’t lie.

Also I am so sorry for what that shit bag Colonel did to you. I am very upset. I would love to run into him someday. Thats why I keep warning you. Sorry he did that I am sad. :(.

Listener 7  – APRIL 19, 2013

James I know the reptilians and greys have a agenda to follow but there is a set of good greys. In the future they are very jealous of the reptilians and want to be superior.

Also pay no attention to that other guy who thinks Alex is making shit up. I remember him on missions and his info is accurate about the war in mars. I read his regression he said there was a black guy with him in mars. Do you think that was me?

Do you remember being in a military type lab with other clones? Whenever I focus on what they did to me my back starts to hurt and I see a orange chair.

Was Nate ever evil? I don’t think he was, but I think he got possessed at one point. Lucifer was tempting him. Nate was a strong soldier so Lucifer did what he needed to do to make him evil.  By helping Nate heal you brought balance to him and made him good again.

Is there somebody close to him that’s a ss. Like another grey ss? Or maybe hes a grey now, but more specifically a grey cyborg. I think somebody replaced him in 2005. That person you talked too in 2007 is very abusive with a high sex drive. Its not the real him.


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