Tuesday, June 18, 2024

*LIVE* Teal Swan on Kelli In The Raw TV / Amazing Interview!


This was an incredible interview! Don’t you guys love Teal? She is fantastic!

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  1. These gals would be a lot more likeable and credible without the giggling and hair-tossing, and describing everything as ‘super-awesome’. It’s kind of like watching a bad episode of ‘Real Housewives’.

  2. The blue guy should be the infinite, all knowing personality of Godhead, whose name is Krsna.
    The interviewer probably was being asked to be brought back to the spiritual world or higher planetary systems where there are higher variety of enjoyment. The Supersoul(Krsna) in the heart guides you to your next destination according to your desire. He gives us free will and helps you with your wants and needs as you deserve. krsna is describe as a bluish colour and he is self effulgent. He can make himself so tiny that he enters the heart of our soul (not the body). Original Srila Prabhupada Books are there for free at prabhupadabook.com and krishna.org. If anyone wants to know more about the qualities of God and what he wants for us. IT’s just a suggestion, since I have no experience of auras or other dimension. Actually I don’t want any powers so plz Tell everyone to read srimad bhagavatam which explains the science of god and the impersonal aspect of the lord as the material universe.
    Hare Krsna

  3. Kelli is so lucky to have got an opportunity to see god face to face. I have never seen him like that.
    But as always he does not reveal his true form because his effulgence covers him up. He only reveals himself to the pure devotees who are engaged in 24 hr devotional service to the lord. However now I got even more faith in the original Krsna Concious movement because I have actually heard from someone who’s partially seen God’s form as a person. This proves that god exists and he is a person to me.

  4. Wow, really heats up in the middle where they talk about reptilians, abduction tags and demons being put in Pop music!


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