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Majestic 12 leak of unclassified non-public information – Feb 28, 2019

Majestic 12

Majestic 12
Feb 28, 2019

Corp aka covert entry direct. Sell life insurance policy. Get paid to die soon! Imagery is pure evil. Eyes Wide Open. Watch Mockingbird Media with mute and no closed captions. Interpret the visual language and the disclaimers, you see into the lies. Powerful “redpill”. Tick Tock!

12+ DUMBs have been destroyed. AJ “Aliens” Unacknowledged Projects Think logically. Majestic 12 was issued by an American President knowing the CIA was an extension of the British Empire by essentially loaning the keys to the empire. NASA was Nazi Third Reich. 3 Shadow Government.

These interdimensional engagements are occurring all over the planet. We are using their technology against them. FISA works both ways. A lot of these experiments take place deep inside the MIC which is multiplanetary as well as present on almost all Nations. Majestic 12 was receiving these new technologies as AJ explained through these scientists. This was what the Working Group really was composed of but with MJ12 members (mostly all Generals or Admirals or [Classified]). The American Generals were compromised for a period of time.

In 2017, those Generals were court martial’d and executed in Military Tribunals which are currently taking place. The Military is first cleaning itself out internally, which is why there are so many delays currently going on in addition to extreme GITMO activity recently.

Many of the bases those Generals were commanding were unacknowledged black ops projects that Q has suggested throughout their disclosures. Majestic 12 discloses this information through propaganda. That is our mandate. How do we propagate this alien information into the Country?

The technology could be used both ways. We knew what it took to acquire the information, however the lack of compassion is actually a weapon to use against these entities. They wanted absolute control. We gave them absolute control. In order to give them absolute control…… we had to educate and disclose the new reality to the world. Cell phones and tablets all existed in the 40-50s which were almost 200 years more advanced than current top of the line iPads are. The technology companies are actively engaged in business and religious agreements with these interdimensional aliens. This war is real. This information is crazy messed up, but there is a simple solution that the Majestic 12 would like to convey for you to consider. It must come from the will of the public. Majestic 12 cannot manifest this, but we can SET THE STAGE

Three truths and realities we must accept:

1/ We are all one of the same kind.

2/ We are all Gods inside.

3/ We are all unique and special. In the beginning, the Gods created the heavens and the Earth. Cocreative exoconsciousness. Extremely real. Literally the Matrix.

Majestic 12 has spent millions of dollars on building these exceptionally influential and powerful empires dominated by obsession in Space. These are the secrets being promised, exchanged, and built inside breakaway shadow Governments and planetary civilizations.

These movies, tv shows, comic books, fantasy movies, etc that disclosed ET presence on Earth and what interacting with ETs really entails. The fact of the matter is, extraterrestrials IS-BEs are not interdimensional IS-BE. You are not required to take DMT supplements or drugs to interact and communicate with extraterrestrial IS-BEs. In order to exist on this level, each IS-BE must be in sync with their full chakra frequency alignments. Full telepathic communication and mind meld. This is what it means to connect with someone on a deeper level inside the brain and mind, stored inside of your DNA which then is the signature used by your subconscious to project reality around you. Your IS-BE is the God inside you. You have the ultimate control over your own destiny, however to comprehend and manifest those lessons, patience, prayer, meditation, empathy, love, and union are emotions that will manifest positive life energy manifestations to become in your reality. Allow us to connect a few dots for you that may be unclear.

 These interdimensional beings responsible for the child sacrificing obsession the society has been driven to are also the source of where fascism is coming – the Universities. We can visually see the Universities are cults with massive pedophile rings inside of them using Government subsidized programs to perform illegal experiments on millions of lives.

Understand that all life forms are IS-BEs. Including mice. Including rats. Including bacteria. All IS-BEs are a manifestation of a conscious projection of an IS who wishes to BE. The IS-BE responsible for the Biological entities it encompasses. This logically and compassionately.

Universities are experimenting on animals and lower cast life forms because they are deemed worthy to be experimented upon. Here is a moral dilemma, what gives one life form the permission to take the life of another lifeform? That who created you.

This is the beast of burden debate in vegetarianism. However consuming meat for food is the psyop (we’ll explain in a thread off from this entry). The real beast of burden is what Universities are doing to global consciousness in the sacrifice to science. Many liberal educators are also drug users who intentionally study DMT and other drugs that are documented to lift the vail which your brain filters out to see the higher dimensions and experience them. As SG-1 has taken a line from Tibetan monks, which said:

When the mind is free, the body matters not.

True existence inside you is a higher dimensional version of you who has all of the experiences of your past genetic history all easily accessible to you by using the power of thought to create to experience alternate realities. Legalizing these drugs will take place but with proper disclosure and education AND most importantly an effective law enforcement capable medium to understand this type of hyperdimensional and deep information that drive our decisions. This is the concept behind mass surveillance. Each person is being mass collected into an AI Not AIs. An AI. A virtual you. You can be called up anytime. We also have the ability to use Remote Viewing and Voice of God technology to remotely hack into the brain of YOU and program you like you were a character on the Sims. You use the technology. You choose to be part.

You are the solution. Trust yourself.

Actionable: Upcoming budget is going to call for many programs which are “in the name of science” in a cult organization of oppressed and underpaid servants to socialized education being operated in the shadows by the CIA. The source of many of the many arms of the beast we fight. Do we need to continue paying for these programs at a federal level and not actually allow the local community that institution is representing vote on whether to allow the research to go forward on all subjects, possibly mandated by law, where also media coverage of a town hall of multiple opposing opinions locally are able to debate the moral and ethical implications with every single piece of research being paid for by the Government; which is “We, The People”. Not We, The Commodity.

Critical to realize that torturing any IS-BE creates thoughts that manifest into our conscious reality in the form of other lifeform energies, weather modification (the technology is used to suppress the raging storms currently playing out to protect the public). The reality is these programs were so deadly to life on Earth that we risked complete nuclear annihilation. However, Majestic 12 won when 45 was elected. Yes, the Majestic 12 orchestrated the leak of the Podesta emails and the Clinton emails. The Majestic 12 are so confident that they are safe to admit this that the operation was a complete success.

The next logical state for our conscious development should be to Democracize Universities and treat their budget/programs into all research types be subject to a 51% majority vote and 60% override filibuster vote subject to new rules and mandatory voter ID and reduced Citizen participation in the voting process for specific monies involved in any experimentations being performed. The economic and monetary system will adjust to accommodate a population that will need to be more informed and this is where automation will really reduce the cost of living to near zero, which is our goal.

Are there population limits? Yes. Are there programs being deployed to reduce the population? Yes. Will these programs stop? Not until the United States has a Yellow Vests Protest like France is going through demanding the rights to fund these programs must be voted for by the local citizens of those regions and not by Congress who is controlled by Government classifications and active operational participation in these programs. Some Senators oversaw school mind control and would visit to witness their creation.

However, we are not France. No offense to France. The Majestic 12 doesn’t stop strategizing victory. The Plan is in motion. The stage has been set. You are now watching a movie. However do not lose focus of realizing how profound what AJ said means and how you can take action to regain control over these homicidal maniacs. Tomorrow will be a big day. Expect new drops.


  1. The public must somehow be raised to the level where they will accept the reality of ETs, super technologies and a super identity beyond the body consciousness concepts. The deepstate has spent many years and used many ways to make sure the Earth individual will never know anything above his zero security clearance slave level. Need to know nothing, ever and always.
    When rational control of the MSM and Hollywood becomes a reality it can be used as a mass education tool to raise the security level consciousness level of the masses. One of the greatest things that can happen for the raising of world consciousness is when the planet is free enough and safe enough so that public ET ship landings can start happening in selected areas and locations with the new MSM reporting it to everyone.
    There is a great off world plan for the planet but a number of key conditions must be met. The planet cannot free itself without outside help and no planet has or can. This is the condition of the universe and the time line we live in. The planet has reached the level where it can tentatively be accepted and protected by a galactic federation of beings and civilizations. New leadership for the planet is being effected by a number of Earth principals presently being educated in the protocols of galactic diplomacy and all the ‘legal’ details associated with it.


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