Majestic Message of Disclosure Allow us to connect a few dots that will undoubtedly only re-enforce the tin foil wrapped around your head pertaining to chemtrails. The truth is more bizarre than we will go into here, but this is a 100kft view of the situation .

1/ Chemtrails is a term used to describe heavy metals and other particulates being expelled into the upper atmosphere by military and civilian aircraft.

2/ The purposes of chemtrails has been heavily classified with plenty of whistleblowers who spread misinformation and disinformation on the subject to keep you divided and conquered.

3/ Logical thinking is required.

4/ Truth resonates internally and therefore MJ proofs are moot.

5/ Message over messenger.

6/ SG-1 S1E8 Brief Candle explored the idea of nanotechnology that could change the illusion of time pertaining to the aging equation artificially.

7/ How did that episode disclose how nanotechnology is sustained in the body?

8/ A frequency was being emitted that directly controlled the “dial” for time in the aging process.

9/ What was the frequency? It wasn’t disclosed as it is HIGHLY CLASSIFIED.

10/ Sam said somethint key about nanotechnology’s ability to reproduce.

11/ They take heavy metals from around the body and use them to make more of the nanotechnology after the lifecycle of the bot has expired.

12/ Why does the Military spray heavy metals into the air?

13/ DARPA has been researching and developing nanotechnology for the body, specifically for military applications, though only 0.01% of these types of programs are unclassified.

14/ Vaccines are the medium used to inject these nanotechnology devices into your body.

15/ What is VOG?

16/ Why are vaccines shrouded with disinformation and misinformation pertaining to their effectiveness and efficiency?

17/ What have we told you about disinformation/misinformation?

Formaldehyde: A Poison and Carcinogen Used in Vaccines