Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Mankind Ends in 33 Years

This is not a wild unsupported statement. This is your wakeup call about the environment. You can brush this statement aside and just go about your daily routine. If you are a senior citizen, chances are you will die in the next thirty-three years. It’s your grandchildren that are going to pay the price for mankind’s poor stewardship of this planet and its resources.
In 2016 then President Obama visited Midway Island in the Pacific Ocean. What he saw was thousands of sea birds, fish, seals, and other animals washed up on the shore dead. They had ingested little pieces of plastic and died. Both the Pacific and Atlantic
oceans have huge islands of floating plastic. Within these floating islands are thousands of dead animals trapped in fishing nets and other debris.

Traci Watson in USA Today writes, “Voyage to the bottom of the sea: Tons of toxins are there, Crustaceans show vast contamination. Researchers exploring the oceans deepest reaches are accustomed to seeing oddities, from fish as fragile as tissue paper to translucent sea cucumbers. But even veteran deep-water scientists are shocked by the latest discovery at the very bottom of the sea: toxic pollution – lots of it.”
In the atmosphere CO2 is at four hundred times normal. The atmosphere also suffers from dust and pollution from volcanic eruptions. It’s almost as though the Earth itself wishes to rid itself of mankind. I one of the busiest cities in the world Beijing, China there are days when the population is told to stay home and not drive vehicles because the air is hazardous to breathe.
Both the North and South poles ice has melted substantially. Polar bears and becoming extinct at the North Pole. At the South pole numbers of one species of penguins is down eighty-five percent. When the fisheries die out third world countries that depend on them for food will starve. This will fuel famine and pandemics around the world.
Mankind’s fate may not be reverse able at this point. Tragically governments and politicians think this all will just go away. Just as they say “Global Warming” will go away. My answer to governments and politicians is life is about to end for mankind on this planet.

John Titor II


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