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Marburg, The Next Plandemic

What We Know About The Marburg Agenda Based on Todd Callender Firm’s Research:

1) The vaxxed were injected with spiked proteins that have “inserts” or “payloads” of HIV, Marburg, and Ebola

2) These HIV, Marburg, and Ebola payloads stay dormant in packages of lipid nanoparticles derived from Hydrogel.

3) These payloads consisting of all 3 viruses (HIV, Marburg, and Ebola) can each be activated by 5G frequency set at specific hertz respective to each disease.

4) The next plandemic is a Marburg outbreak which will be released upon the broadcast of a 18 gigahertz signal from the 5G system that was deployed throughout the world during the Covid crises.

5) This broadcast will be transmitted for one minute, 3 times in pulses and will cause the lipid nanoparticles to swell up and release the Marburg payloads thereby causing a Marburg Epidemic.

6) These pulses will also activate the CRISPR technology in the injected ( NOTE: CRISPER Involves gene editing & gene deletion) which will cause the deletion of the 1p36 gene. The deletion of the 1p36 gene disconnects a person from their neocortex and induces a propensity to bite.

7) This is why the US military and the CDC have been preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse. They are preparing to defend against 5 different classes of Zombies. ( NOTE: The CDC has a Zombie apocalypse preparedness guide on their website and Amazon’s new terms of service uses language that suggests they are aware of a coming zombie apocalypse)

8) CRISPR technology will also be used to delete the God gene in those that are injected and are allowed to live rendering them incapable of any connection with God and their soul.

9) According to Todd Callender, the first 2 doses of the Covid injection was to install the software along with the DARPA hydrogel lipid nanoparticles payload packages. The monthly Booster shot is to install the hardware which he says is the graphene oxide that will be in every monthly booster shot.

10) People who took the Covid injection will have to keep taking the monthly booster shots or they will die if they don’t.

A Brief Summary of the next stage of the Satanic World Government’s Plan

The Covid pathogen is chimeric, part bacterial and part viral. The lipid nanoparticle packages injected into people are also chimeric and in some cases they’re Marburg mixed with E Coli, or Ebola mixed with Staphylococcus amongst a number of other pathogens. When these lipid nanoparticles are exposed to an 18 gigahertz signal they swell and become porous and begin to pour out the protein nucleotides that will then cause the injected to produce pathogens. (One of the objectives of injecting people with synthetic messenger RNA technology via the Covid injections was to get their bodies to produce synthetic proteins that become contagious via shedding) During the Covid scamdemic the injected were shedding S-proteins or Spiked Proteins. Todd believes that after the signal is broadcast the bodies of the injected will start to produce synthetic M-proteins (M for Marburg). (The injections were designed to be contagious in the words of Bill Gates)

How Does Todd’s Firm Know That Marburg Is The Next Plandemic?

1) The funds distributed through the CARES Act signed by Donald J. Trump, have already been spent on Marburg outbreak preparedness. These funds were spent on things such as Marburg PCR tests and Quarantine camps in various states that accepted funding from the Federal government. One of the conditions for states that receive funding from the Federal government is to agree to give up the state’s decisions on public health to the Federal government during a plandemic.

2) The Marburg provisions of the US Prep Act (enacted in 2005) have already been put into action.

3) On December 9th 2020, The Department of Human Health Services (HHS) secretary Alex Azar issued a new notice declaration under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act to provide limited immunity for activities related to countermeasures against Marburg virus and/or Marburg disease. The declaration is effective as of Nov. 25 2020.

4) There is a mandate in the PREP Act to quarantine and test people in FEMA camps for Marburg virus and/or Marburg disease and strip them of all constitutional rights. In such a situation, the only rights the people will have will be granted only by the CDC.

5) Once 18 millimeter waves from 5G towers are transmitted the Marburg payloads in the bodies of the injected will begin to leak and cause a hemorrhage fever result that they intend to use as the pretext to usher in Marshall Law and open the FEMA camps which will serve as receiving centers for those experiencing Marburg symptoms.

6) Hospitals will also be used as receiving centers to murder people because in 2008 the US government merged public health with Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military and the Judiciary. They are all ONE NOW.

7) 200, 000 people were murdered in US hospitals last year in 2021 via Fauci’s Covid Protocol.

Fauci’s Covid Protocol and the Method by which Hospitals are murdering people:

1) If someone goes to the hospital for say, a broken arm, they will get a Covid test. If the Covid test comes back negative they’re given another Covid test with a higher cycle rate which causes them to invariably test positive for Covid.

2) They are then moved to a Covid ward where they are given an IV bag of Midazolam ( NOTE: Midazolam is also what they use for lethal Injections during executions) which lowers the lungs ability to absorb oxygen by 70%. The drop of 70% oxygen which was deliberately induced by the hospital by giving the patient Midazolam is the pretext they use to then move the patient to the ICU ward.

3) When the patient is in ICU they then add Remdesivir into the IV bag which inevitably causes the patient to end up on a ventilator.

4) The ventilators are operating and broadcasting on a 60 gigahertz signal which is the exact signal that separates oxygen from nitrogen causing the patient to suffocate to death.

5) Once the patient reaches the ventilator stage their chances of surviving are almost impossible.

FEMA Concentration Camps:

1) Once people are in the concentration camps the CDC will decide who gets to live and who dies.

2) Todd Callender states that he has a FEMA whistleblower who told him that the plan is to scare the hell out of everyone so badly that they will come to the FEMA camps willingly, desperate for the government’s help. This is their plan because the US government doesn’t have the manpower to go get every American and bring them to the FEMA camps. If you voluntarily go to a FEMA camp they will force a Marburg vaccine on you.

2) On page 6 of a 2013 Supreme Court case called The Association of molecular pathology Vs. Experimental Genetics it states: “The court finds that use of synthetic mRNA in particular creates intellectual property rights” which means that those injected are now legally owned by a Corporation.

3) Who is owned by one of the 4 Vaccine Companies or by the Gates Foundation or the US government (Note: US gov and all nations are owned by the Catholic Church) is determined through the firefly enzyme called “Luciferase”.

4) According to Todd Callender this was not the idea of the vaccine companies. DARPA created the Covid injections (software) and the Booster shots (hardware) and commissioned the vaccine companies in order to distribute it to the public. Every idea and everything unfolding originated in DARPA’s and the RAND corporation’s think tanks of death.

5) According to Todd Callender once this unfolds, during the confusion of the Chaos, the US gov plans to bring into the US 30 million enemy occupants over the Mexico border. He says that this is the reason why Mexico is the only country that does not have 5G towers installed. He also says that they have been training enemy occupants in various military bases all over the US for the purpose of invading the public. (NOTE: Mexico is also the only country that does not have any Covid restrictions or PCR testing to gain entry)

6) Todd Callender states that according to the US Military’s own database, the mortality rate of US servicemen who received the injection massively increased by 1100% which is unheard of. He states “our military men are dropping dead while they train enemy occupants”.

The Time Frame of When They Will Announce Marburg on Mainstream Propaganda News

Todd believes that they may announce Marburg in the next few months but may wait until after the US elections which begins on Nov. 8 2022 and ends during the 1st quarter of 2023. Another scenario that may potentially play out is that Marburg is announced on the news before the midterm elections which the Biden Administration may use to temporarily suspend the elections by declaring a state of emergency.

I personally think Marburg won’t be announced until the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2023 because 1)many companies are still manufacturing the technologies involving vaccine passport tech, 5G, mind control tech etc, necessary to control the masses. And for this to happen successfully they need things to remain stable for just a bit longer. 2) We have not seen multiple billionaires pulling their money out of the stock/industry markets in anticipation of a Marburg outbreak that is just months away. 3) The Biden Administration is losing the support of voters and it doesn’t seem sensible to launch a Marburg plandemic until after the elections.

Marburg Treatment Protocol

Just like Covid, even though there are safe and inexpensive treatments for Marburg the CDC and WHO have declared that the only way to stop Marburg disease is by vaccination. This is a LIE! Todd recommends Dr. Chambers website for reliable treatments for Marburg disease.

Todd Callender’s Petition To Stop The Death Shots And Download Form To Refuse The Death Shot Here:


Disabled Rights Advocates For The Vaccine Injured:

Todd Callender’s Interviews can be found on Bitchutt and Rumble. There are many but I think these 3 are the best and sums up his firm’s research. Please spend time listening to all 3 interviews so you can remain well informed about what is to come.

Video 1: Todd Callender speaks with Reiner Füllmich (the International attorney suing Boris Johnson, Bill gates and others in the World Court for Crimes Against Humanity)

Video 2: Todd Callender is interviewed by Rick Wiles

Video 3: Todd Callender is interviewed by Jeffory Rather and another guest whistleblower

My Thoughts on Dr. Ardin’s findings in “Watch The Water” documentary

I think Dr. Ardis’ findings involved only the first stage of the World Government’s plans for total technocratic domination. The first stage is the Covid scare to get people to receive nano tech into their bodies via injections and PCR tests. Based on the fact that, in October of 2017 the same people that were behind event 201, ran a simulation ( funded by Johns Hopkins hospital) of a futuristic SPARS outbreak scenario that takes place from 2025-2028, it’s reasonable to assume that they intend to create future outbreaks. SPARS is MERS and SARS combined. MERS, SARS and SPARS were all genetically engineered by the World Government for the purpose of biological warfare against humanity, but through propaganda they’ve convinced the world that these diseases are naturally occurring.

I suspect this is one of the reasons Dr. Ardis is still alive. He pretty much discovered the mechanism by which “Covid” and covid like symptoms were spreading during the end of the first stage of their plan. If Dr. Ardis discovered this in the early stages of their plan I don’t think he’d be alive to talk about it. Of course that’s only conjecture on my part. But because they have already murdered several doctors, virologists, biologists etc, it’s logical to assume they would’ve killed Dr. Ardis if they precieved him as a threat to their overall plan. They murdered French Viorolgist, Luc Montagen and and Dr. Andreas Noack, remotely, right after publicizing their findings, using direct energy weapons. So it wouldn’t be hard to take out Dr. Ardis if they in fact deemed him a threat to completing their agenda.

Todd Callender’s research which really checks out is just currently trending so we’ll have to wait and see what happens with him. He does currently have lawsuits against DARPA as well as the US government, he also stopped the building of multimillion dollar Quarantine Camp in Arizona, so his profession may be serving as protection for him

Who Is Todd Callender?

Todd Callender has worked in the disability, health and life insurance industry for more than 20 years and focuses on the international convergence of biomedical, morbidity and mortality risks in the global legal context. Todd currently serves as an executive board member of many multinational companies and was responsible for the completion of the FDA’s registration process for a new medical device in the mass vaccination industry. He currently serves as lead plaintiff’s counsel in the ongoing federal litigation relating to the compulsory Covid vaccination of members in the US Armed Services. See: Robert v. Austin (21 CV 02228) in the Colorado Federal District Court.


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