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Marine after 17 years on Mars authorized to reveal truth for US National Security

In March 2014 “Captain Kaye,” whose real name is Randy Cramer, came forward to reveal that he had spent 17 on Mars as part of a highly classified program called the Mars Defense Force. He then claims to have spent almost three years with a secret space fleet called the Earth Defense Force where he flew antigravity vehicles throughout the solar system and was promoted to Captain. In his most recent interview with ExoNews TV, Cramer reveals that about a year ago he was contacted by his military superiors to disclose the truth about his covert service on Mars and time with the Secret Space Fleet.

To listen to Skype Recording of Interview, go to:


  1. This was probably not actually Mars, but an underground experiment that was highly visually convincing. Imagine such technology to simulate conditions to determine viability of a Mars habitation environment.

  2. 17 years is a very very long time to be on an alien planet, such as Mars. I’ve seen a lot of #17s come up lately in the news, now Captain K (Aka Randy Cramer) claims he spent 17 years on Mars. It contradicts what Andrew Basiago’s claims about Mars. I cannot verify either of these men because I have not been there.


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