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Mars Base – Flying Cobra Division

Written by James Rink with help from Adrian Espinoza and Oksana

Every night my astral body is traveling to the moon for a reason I was unable to remember when I wake up in the morning. In a remote viewing session with my medium friend Oksana, we try to retrace my steps.

In my bed in the physical while I am sleeping a mantis ET comes. He disappears and he is now a hologram and I can now talk to him. He takes me back in time to when I was a child into a new state of mind. I can also get information to transform it in the now moment. I follow my energy of other lifetimes to four domes on the dark on the side of the moon. In side one of the domes is an elevator in the middle. The elevator goes down an energy vortex with glass all around it in a cylindrical structure which goes to other levels.

I am here, it’s me but it’s not me. A clone of me is there. The energy is all different. My mind is controlling it. It’s a copy of me but remote controlled by my consciousness.

The consciousness present in my 3D body on planet earth is more of an observer then a controller as compared to my other bodies off world. The minute I connect to this clone my subconsciousness and consciousness strengthen from the control system. I am the main navigator of all these other clones; they run on my consciousness. I am fueling them from my 3D earth body with information constantly. However, the flow of information from them to me is blocked. Information from these clones gets absorbed and encapsulated and then is blocked by a spherical crystalline structure type implants.

In the domes there is a place where glass doors open up and after you walk through it you are now on the surface of the moon. My clone seems to be wearing a holographic type suit. This hologram is projected by using my energy and creates a layer of energy all around my clone to breathe using a certain molecular structure so I can survive for up to 45 minutes on the surface on the moon.

When you travel down the elevator eventually you reach the gate room. The name of the gate I travel through is called Pantheon 13 (P13). I now travel to a base on Mars run by the Flying Cobra Division. They also have a sister facility at Area 51. I don’t know the name of the Mars base as of yet. Umbrella Corporation is here. The Flying cobras refer to the white albino Draco race who are Draco hybrids mixed with the white cobra race. These Draco’s consider themselves a royal race and they want to get the best souls and keep them in their programs.

This facility was built in 1943 on Mars. Outside there is a double door, looks like a submarine round door. The name of this facility is in German. They speak German here, if someone speaks German to me, I would hear it as English in my head due to an implant. This is a Nazi facility; connected to some labs. The children do not see the scientist in white lab coats. The main idea is to monitor their vital signs and monitor what abilities they can open up and their endurance and physiologically influenced breaking point.

The children are kept stacked in cages in a huge hallway. My friend Nate is there but he seems detached from reality, some of us are stronger than others. I am here as a child I look to be about 6 years old and naked. That memory is related to all of this. I am astrally traveling back in time to heal my memories of this time and to help save those children. I then go back further in time to try to undo the creation of the system this base was built on. But there are so many creators that I can’t undo the creation. I need all the members to help me unbuild it.

All the souls trapped here are fueling the whole system. I am talking to them and communicating to my own child self through this holographic mantis of click who visits me. It’s like bubbles inside bubbles and I am in the movie being shown. This facility is connected to Montauk, mind control, training, splits, and more splits. I am telling the children in the cages telepathically what’s going to happen to them and how to resist and how I will come and save them later so they will have hope. I am healing all my fragments by helping someone else. My handlers know I am going there and they know they lost control of me.

Inside the base the children in cages are kept in a passageway segment. Beyond that is a big transparent door. We see torture rooms, rooms where we do all the work. My higher self is standing behind the door and I am helping my younger aspect complete something important. What is important is how I am co creating a new reality. I am not here but I am here in another timeline, this seems like a pocket reality. My physical vessel is there, they are doing experiments on me and they know they have only a certain amount of time to use me. They are making genetic clones of me and using them in alternate realities. These realities are like two different bubbles creating one big bubble. I am molding and shapeshifting the whole story. I am the one now in charge of my story and I am changing it. Its like watching a movie and I no longer have the traumatic emotions connected to the movie. By giving them the information, I help bring it life. The neurons get activated, that’s why these kids are not as feral as most kids who are kept in cages.

They try to keep us in constant fear so they can easily program us. I see myself in a cage there. He is sitting in a squat position, he is wearing no clothing, naked. They are all naked. He looks 6 or seven. I telepathically send a message to my caged aspect, “Stay strong, stay strong, stay strong. I know I am out.” Its like looking at your own reflection and the feelings of being free. Mentally I am not in a body anymore. This little self-came there to show the other kids what will happen in the future. мошенники мошенники мошенники. We are one big consciousness put together. Like a lotus flower of sort. All the children are connected telepathically. If someone at the end sees something coming the others feel it too.

There is a room with a trip chair, XXXXX and XXXXXXX would inject us at the back of our neck with a serum that they said would make us immortal. XXXXXXX would say “put James there and strap him.” She would say something about the rise of the phoenix. You can hear kids screaming in the background. They then put a Darth Vader like mask over my head and I would black out.

There is a room with a white screen they made us kids stare into to be programed. The screen repeats the word “obey”. XXXXX is there, he is wearing a black Nazi uniform and is beating a rubberized stick in his hands, his voice ranges from nice to evil. He tells me, “if you don’t do it, you know what I will do.” He is now beating the stick with his hand. XXXXXXX is standing there too, she has a blank emotionless face and in a cold soft voice says, ” you heard what he says, he wants you to do that.”

They are training the kids like Pavlov dogs at the base, using trigger words and phrases for children. XXXXX came to me on the physical level here to check to see if those trigger words still work on me. This is why he would act in a rude and dominating way over me, he would switch into autopilot mode like he did with the children at the base. He doesn’t realize what he is doing though, this is all subconscious programming.

XXXXXXX knows all the programs they programmed me with in childhood. Each program has a title too. Like a standard programming. One program they put into me had the title: “Abandonment” and that one is used to program me to always feel lonely and like no one cares about you and XXXXXXX is part of that programming system.

There is also a holographic room in which XXXXX and XXXXXXX used for training, torture, and testing. Here they would perform the violet rabbit ritual to torture children. They would program that child by asking questions and telling them terrible things to make them want to run away in a hologram of a labyrinth. When they enter the tunnels, it would give them squeezing and pulling sensations and sometimes a child would get lost because this is like a portal system. At the end they lose all their energy and collapse and their energy body comes out of the physical and they are now fractured.

There was an eventually an explosion at the facility and XXXXX lost use of his left leg and would limp, and had to wear a wig. He also got shot with a bullet in his head and had some metal plate at that location. The regen tank got exploded at the base and it took a while before they could get a new one. He seems controlled by an AI consciousness system now under control of the Old Director on the moon who basically runs the entire SSP program.

There is another room there where they have a big glass tank with a big crocodile and a snake inside of it. The crocodile eats that snake and all the children are forced to watch it. They also put the child who did not do well in the last testing room and throw him/her to be eaten by that crocodile too. There is also another room with a giant black spider, the kids were supposed to use their abilities to get away from him literally bouncing off the walls in panic. There is another room with a round birdcage on a rubber looking pedestal. They would spin this and hit you with baseball bats.

There is another room with water tanks here they dunk your head until you drown. There is a wall with strange looking hooks that they hang children on for plain pleasure reversals. Burns can be seen on the children on their hands and feet and backs sometimes. If you don’t do what they want you to do; a reptilian will punish you in an electric chair with helmet, it looks old and is made out metal. Because the children are telepathically connected in a group consciousness; if one gets hurts, they all get hurt too.

There is mantis in the other labs. And they are putting together tables of classifications of children based on characteristics for the implants. They need to know who has what abilities and what they can be used on what missions. My profile of abilities include; reading minds, opening portals, telekinesis. Before the children are sent off into portals, they are given brownish beige shorts and short sleeve shirts.

Off world I seem to have more 5D abilities such as levitating in the air. On one mission I was sent to a giant platform covered with a biodome with a breathable atmosphere. Inside there is a part with mountains and forest and a part with a high-tech city with gothic type buildings which act as receptors as they radiate the energies of the outside to receive information what’s going on in the universe. There are giants’ labs and halls there. I can see on the walls screen what is happening energetically in the universe. The giants look like human looking beings made out of energy. Bluish aura around these people. They call themselves the Eriens.

We both now see us on a giant Draco spacecraft when we were little. Everything looks metallic, we can’t really tell where the lights are coming from. I am also on this ship. But they separate the boys from the girls. They also separate us by age, abilities, different training locations. Different portals leading to different training ground and greys are walking around with holographic images on themselves. They use a lot of characters from children’s cartoons. Animations are used on planet earth are used to create a base of creature so they would fit into those programs. Its to keep children mixed up what is real or not. Kids will not remember their childhood spent in many of these different training facilities anyway. I work with every child at a time and I know a lot of people I meet with in the here and now are those are those people from the cages. Most of them are damaged and unstable from the programs.


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