James I had a visitation from before dream time in astral at about 6:00 am this morning. I was in my room. I didn’t get a look at it from what I can remember as It was behind me. I stated  to wrestle with it. I even heard it laugh. I kept coming back to sleep and waking state. At one point in astral in my room I looked to the corner of my room. I ask where the energy was entering my room and I felt I was coming from this upside down star of the fatal female mason group I have a mold of a carving of that I picked up from a flea market. It’s the symbol that represents them and it’s a magic sigil. I woke myself up at one point. Had to feel the difference between astral and reality to know I was awake. When I awoke I went and toke the fatal thing off my wall and cleansed my room with sage. It didn’t come back. But today. Later after I woke up in noticed this.


Same scratches as before… And this is a picture of the star I found at a flea market. Picked it up because I knew of the occult connection with the military. Saw it as a little evidence. Thought it might not be a good idea to put it on my wall butt did it anyways. And feel it has a connection. Like it opened me to a portal. May seem far-fetched but I feel this because of when I asked where the energy was. Coming from that is what I was shown in astral.


Not sure who these beings. The evening before I watched something about magic sigils before I went to sleep, they are used in TV to trance people. Maybe seeing the magic circles they use in the openings of the news tricked it off. I don’t know.

I was present in my astral body in my room when the portal opened up. Not sure what’s up. It’s a magic symbol so in the case that it actually had anything to do with it would make sense because these symbols are so charged with meaning by all the people that have worked with them through the ages.

The Nazis and later the US military use occult magic to summon these demonic beings that are the greys.

Any ways this last photo is interesting because you see on the back that the sigil was made by the German military. Just an interesting connection. Can’t say for sure the thing has anything to do with the encounter just that in astral I felt the dark energy emanating from there area it was when I asked where the energy was coming from.



Looks like little grey activity and not the good kinds, hopefully you learned your lesson before bringing this stuff into your home. Now for the funny part you can meditate and reverse the portal to see whos on the other end. Who knows maybe you can scratch them up while they lay in stasis. Imitation is the purest form of flattery. – James Rink