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Mass MILAB Abduction Experience at 2013 Super Soldier Summit

I personally felt drugged and after waking up in the morning of the event but i don’t remember how it happened. If you where there and remember something please feel free to comment. Also Melinda tells me there was no mass abduction in this years 2014 summit. – James Rink

Sunday Night, May 19th, 2013 at Fiesta Casino Hotel in Henderson, Nevada

By Laura S.

Did It Happen?



As recalled by Laura S.

1. First of all I wish to say that I’m sorry to anyone present in the room if what I’m about to share triggers any memories as I’m sure it will. I am triggered by the photos I’ve included so I suspect some of you may have reactions to them. Again, I apologize for making you uncomfortable, but I feel it’s important to remember and get to the bottom of what may have happened. Never be afraid of the truth, but always be afraid of the lie. Only in remembering our experiences can we truly heal and only in remembering can we know the truth.
2. On Monday May 20, 2013, I awoke in my hotel room at the conference all stopped up and blew my nose to find slight amount of blood and new scab like material.
3. Mon. morning, 5/20, while in the shower I noticed bruises on my forearms. Mostly up and down my left arm. I wondered how I got them and it crossed my mind that there may have been some sort of experience since I couldn’t account for them occurring due to anything I had done that weekend. S. had come to the conference with me to gamble and we were rooming together. I showed her the bruises and while they weren’t very dark, she saw them clearly.
4. Wed. a.m. of following week (on 5/22) I blew my nose and had lots of dark solid scab pieces from way up in nose come out. I had nasal problems and was very stopped up from Sun. till Wed.
5. When Erin first mentioned the experience on Monday while we were in L.’s room to do her radio show, I had some immediate recall and was remembering or seeing what happened.
6. Erin showed me photos of the broken door safety latch on her hotel room door. She said that Jay’s door latch was broken the same way, but there were no photos of it.


7. I was in the room late Sun. night when Scottie then came in much later than me. I had not latched the safety and she didn’t either. She later said that she thought she might go out again and didn’t. “They” did not need to break into our room. They must have had an electronic pass key. I remember going to bed at 1:00 ish with Scottie coming back at about 2:00 and then we both slept in very late.
8. I had a visceral reaction when Erin told me something had happened and I told her about my bruises on my arm and my bloody nose that morning. I showed Erin my left forearm bruising when she told me they all had bruises and showed me hers on her arms.
9. Since Mon. till the following week (1 week later) more bruises showed up on my forearms in the following location and patterns:
• Left arm top as if grabbed by a hand I had 4 fingertip bruises in an arching pattern.
• Left arm bottom I had a long thumb bruise with a fingertip separate one like in a stipe.
• Right arm on top I had a small dark bruise.
• Right arm on bottom side I had a lighter single small bruise near my elbow.
10. I also had a “pulled” or “strained” muscle on the top outside of my left forearm as if I had pulled away from the hand grabbing me. This area of my arm from my elbow to my wrist was sore for over a week and became sorer up to 7 days later. At time went by, I swore I must have pulled a muscle.
11. Upon returning home from the conference I felt like I was somebody else…profoundly different.
12. I was wiped out and tired for days. For weeks (maybe even months) I had post-traumatic stress; fear of not being able to breathe, panic attacks, and an acute fear of the dark. Weeks following the event I attended another conference where I had severe panic attacks in the dark hotel room and an actual fear of going to sleep. Due to all this, I felt VERY screwed with and was very angry about it. I looked forward to having my life back.
13. Here’s how I remember the event:
14. I was awoken by the hotel room door opening and 2 men entered when they took me. There was some kind of electronic pulse with a snapping sound that was keeping Scottie and I asleep. They had to shake me hard many times to wake me up (to override the sound?) and then to get me to stay awake. Scottie remained sound asleep. The only light in the room was from the hallway outside and it took my eyes a few moments to adjust.
15. I kept looking over at Scottie hoping she would witness this or to see if she was awake or if she way okay. I was told by a guard “don’t look at her” twice very firmly. I was told “come with us and hurry” and “keep moving.” I remember saying when I saw that they were military “oh shit, here we go” and they said back to me “Ms. Leslie.”
16. We were escorted out of our hotel rooms onto a service elevator which was held a t each floor for all to be taken from that particular floor. We were each escorted one at a time onto it. When everyone or most everyone was on it, we then went down.
17. I remembered seeing all of us lined up shoulder to shoulder down a wide hallway and all facing to the right. We were called out of this line to step forward into smaller groups.
18. There was a plain-clothed man saying to the military guards “gentlemen, I want assured compliance…got it?!” To which the group of guards there said “yes sir!” I took this to mean they were to use force or hurt us if necessary.
19. Here’s who I remember seeing from the conference: Melinda, Erin, Jay, James, L., Michael Prince (James Casbolt), Max, A., Steve, Niara, Miesha, Tyler, Todd, and Sarah. There may have been a few more, but I’m not certain of how many total.


20. Strangely I remember almost everyone was wearing blue jeans. As if we were all handed our jeans to wear when we woke up (and if you had them laying or hanging in your hotel room). Most of the guys had white t-shirts on. I wondered if they had all worn them to bed? Only a few of us had on dark tops, like L. and I who were both wearing dark t-shirts. But, mostly there were light colors.
21. Michael Prince (James Casbolt) was there as one of the guards. He seemed very awake and completely aware of what he was doing yet very disassociated from the group of us. I wondered if he knew all along that this was going to take place, or at least it appeared his alter knew. He was wearing desert camouflage pants, a solid tan shirt, and dog tags. I wonder if having him in uniform was part of accessing the needed alter for doing this. He also was wearing a tan hat with a small bill on it (standard military looking). In a later phone conversation with L. where she was recounting to me what she could remember, she described him wearing the same thing, including the hat. I had not told her anything about what he was wearing. The only difference is that I also thought he was wearing a side arm.

For those of you who may have been present, brace yourself.


22. I remember seeing Max wearing all black T-shirt and pants. Maybe this was his normal clothes? He seemed really out of it. He kept looking around like he was confused. He looked almost asleep at times and like one of us at times. He was occasionally assisting the guards. He looked like he didn’t know where to be, confused, and he had a clip board and was checking off our names as we were called from out of a line into smaller groups.
23. In April I received an out of blue call from Max and Sarah. Max wanted to ask me about this event. He ended up recounting what he could remember, which wasn’t much beyond how he’d gone to bed that night and the timing of events earlier that evening. The only things he and Sarah really had to say about the event in question is that Max wanted to ask me if I remembered what his participation and the role he served. He told me he thought he may have been used in some way as a perpetrator and I told him yes, I thought so. He explained he thought he may have been and some glimpses of memory regarding his role. What he shared matched. Sarah added that she thought the guards “weren’t human” and she did remembered we were “taken down underneath the casino.” They also said the event would have had to happen after 2:00 a.m. because they could account for everything till they had gone to be. I believe the whole thing would have had to happen between 3:00 and 5:00. But, I’m open to adjusting that.
24. From this hallway we were taken to the hotel’s loading dock area. While in the utility hallway leading to the dock a guy in military uniform grabbed my arm to jerk me towards him and I pulled away hard. He then grabbed me by both arms at each elbow and pinched them. It hurt like a son of a bitch. He laughed as if my defiance amused him and so did his hurting me.
25. A. said something like “can we just get this over?” and “let’s get out of here” to all of us as if to encourage everyone to cooperate so it would be done quickly.
26. L. just looked in shock and disbelief and tired. She seemed scared to death and agreed with A. She then said “they’ll never believe this” under her breath. I remembered a yellow Ryder Truck that we were taken into. It was parked at the loading dock of the hotel, underground, down a large ramp. While the next picture is not at the Fiesta, it is a hotel basement dock and is very similar to what I remember.


27. On that Mon. at the conference, Erin said we were taken into a yellow van, but, I had remembered what I thought was a yellow Ryder truck and did not tell her that during on conversation while in L.’s room. Then on the phone with Erin on June 5th, Wed., Erin brought up out of the blue that Jay, who was staying with her and her husband, said he remembered we were in a yellow Ryder Truck. Erin said this without my having said anything about what I had remembered about the truck. She said she’d tell Jay that I also remembered that it was a Ryder truck. This blew me away that anyone else remembered the truck.




28. The truck was like a “clean room” on the inside. It was very high tech and brightly lit. The interior had white panels.


29. I remembered that this truck had 3 “trip chairs” in it. They were like dentist chairs, reticulated, and could recline. That there were 3 of them. I think these chairs could be sat up and laid down flat as well. Two of the following pictures are of mobile medical units set up in the back of trucks and are remarkably similar to what I remember.


30. I think I remember one of the guards saying “welcome to your annual checkup” and another saying under his breath “check up from the neck up.” I knew I recognized these lines but couldn’t remember where from. Recently I saw the remake of The Manchurian Candidate where this is a line in the movie. Obviously the guards were quoting the movie (sick little mf’s).
31. Upon seeing the back of truck with the trip chairs, exam room, and all, Steve Kelly said; “oh hell no” and then walked away from the group as if to say I’m outta here. One of the military guards quickly came up behind him and placed Steve in a choke hold and gave him a neck pinch. Steve then passed out slowly to the floor. Everyone gasped. He didn’t pass all the way out and was still conscious as he laid there, catching his breath, and the guard then helped him back up and said to him “now you’ll be compliant?” We were relieved he was okay. Steve nodded a reluctant yes at the guard but he looked very shaken. He may have been trying to act tough or unfazed, but it was clear it scared the shit out of him. You could see it in his eyes. If anyone showed resistance or attitude then some intimidation, force, or pain was inflicted on them.
32. When I was in one of the chairs on the truck I was reclined way back but not laid down flat.
33. There was a guy on the chair next to me and I’m pretty sure it was Tyler.
34. Next to each chair was a small table with surgical instruments.
35. I remember seeing both people in lab coats as well as military guys wearing desert camouflage in this “clean room” environment and they were all wearing surgical masks.
36. At some point early on there was a shot given in my arm pit. We were very drugged. I found a scab there the next morning and when I cut it with my razor while shaving my underarms.
37. I had a long, very thin, tinny drill put up my left nostril. This was not an implant. I remember saying “ouch, ouch, ouch” and making a whining sound from the pain. The pain felt like “brain freeze” you get from eating something too cold. There did not appear to be any anesthesia or pain reduction. The drill went crunch, crunch, at it broke through 2 layers of bone.
38. The drilling had a dull ache. The drill was wire thin. The pain was like having dental work done. Before the drill something like an antiseptic swab was put up my nose and after the drill they shoved cotton up my nose for a little while, then remove and replaced it until it was no longer bloody. I cried and my eyes were watering because it stung. The drill also had a burning sensation when inserted deep. I assume this was heat caused by going through the bone. It felt like a pinpoint of heat. The cotton was shoved up while the wire was still there. They seemed to be looking for a visual response.
39. The drill was followed by a thin wire with a pulse. I remember someone saying something about “electrical stimulation of ocular,” or “retina” or “nerve.” And something like “visual retention” as well as “electrical pulse.” Either they said or I thought it was some kind of electrical stimulation of the visual cortex or nerve.
40. We had to “view” or “Remote View” something after this. I heard someone say “she’ll do it, give her time.” What did I see?
41. At some point there was “psychic driving” where something was repeated over and over again. It seemed endlessly repeated. This happened after I was drugged heavily. The drug had mildly hallucinogenic properties and felt similar to my previous milab experiences.
42. I remember part of the repeated phrases were both; “you will…” and “you will not…” and it may have been “you will do as we say” and “you will not remember this.” And also “this is your life,” “this is your life now,” and “this is who you are now.” They also said something along the lines of “you remain alive because we want you to be” and “only because we want you to be” and “…know that.”
43. The pain from the surgery seemed that it may have been intenially useful at this time as if the dull ache or headache remained was deliberate for this period of “psychic driving” or attempted programing.
44. The message was repeated by someone leaning over you. Although the whole thing seamed rushed and sloppy like they didn’t care if it really worked, but it seemed they knew it would work enough.
45. I vaguely remember some music playing too in the background. Something smaltsy like Blue Danube?
46. They were doing something mental or psychically with us while there was this electrical stimulation from the wire. Pictures flashed in my eyes and they had me “viewing” something. I’m not sure if this was from my memory or they had me Remote Viewing something. I had the feeling of parts of what I was seeing was like backing up a tape or file, as well as images going in reverse and fast forward.
47. There was a moment during this when I felt weightless or suspended. Now I wonder if this was forcing me out of body, and if that was intentional on their part, or my disassociating on my part.
48. At some point towards the end the procedures someone said; “till next time” and “sleep well” and I actually think this was said to everyone in the clean room with me.
49. Later when all of us were in the hallway or service corridor we were laughing with each other like making fun of light of how we were felling, acting, or of how we looked. When we were escorted back to our rooms by plain clothesed military guys it would look like our “friends.” We would have appeared drunk to anyone watching. We were almost asleep already too. My guess is this is all exactly as intended.
50. Since the experience I have felt that somehow our visual memory retention was enhanced somehow, not destroyed! Was it increased memory? Specific memory? Psychic vision? Was it for remote viewing enhancement? I think so. And what did they want us to see? I think we were upgraded…although by force and with pain! It’s as if they “increased visual retention and decreased the filters” and used those very words?
51. When we were all back in the hallway after the last group was off the truck, the plainclothes man was there again and he said to the military guys “gentlemen, do we have a non-event?” To which the guards responded firmly “yes sir!” and “yes we do sir.” I took this to mean they were affirming the success of our not remembering any of that night’s incident. Although, one of the guards (I think if was Michael/James) turned around and rolled his eyes like he wasn’t so sure, then smiled and winked at some of us like he knew some of us would remember. Or, that he knew they really wanted some of us to remember? I can’t help but wonder if we visually recall any of the event, are we passing some built in test?
52. So, here’s my final thoughts regarding this experience:
• Was it for the integration of an alter? (for me anyways)
• Integration of a psychic alter? (I was very different for weeks after it)
• Were we guinea pigs in a training op?
• Was it a training op for the guards or lab technicians…like Max?
• Was it training for us?
• Was it a test to see if they could create a lasting cover? Or the opposite?
• Was it a test to see how our alters were performing?
• Or, was something buried deeper in my memory…pushed back and further down?
• Of course it could be some or all of the above or something I’ve yet to consider.
• Bottom line is yes, I believe that some of us involved in last year’s Super Soldier Summit did in fact have a mass milab event together and a possibly very important one at that.




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