Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Matt Tracy who is real

I was dreading doing a solo show talking about how to tell ‘who is real’ and ‘how do you know’. And pointers on the need to make sure podcasters own their own work. Matt Tracy volunteered to join me for it–and we talked about all that and more. [We did NOT name the folks we think are not real.] ************************************************************ Matt Tracy is a survivor of the various Programs & Projects within the US military who’s aim it is to secretly kidnap children and put them through unspeakable torture, both physical and psychological, to break the children’s minds to the point of fracturing into multiple personalities that the assailants can then use to maintain the compartmentalization of their dealings and goings on for the primary purpose of maintaining total secrecy from the public eye of their murderously criminal behavior. And they’ve made an exact science of it. To contact Matt: To contact Penny:​​​​ A free-to-join modern forum site, registration best done from a computer. Patreon:… MUSIC: The song at the beginning is used with permission from Pyramids On Mars. It is called “Nacht Waffen” and is from the album “Edge Of The Black” was out on Christmas 2019. You may order through: Order at : Order at:


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