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Max Spiers blows the whistle on MKULTRA & Trauma Based MIND CONTROL

Guest: Max Spiers

To have the courage to speak the truth when the truth is not what you want
to hear! During the interview, Max Spiers was attacked three times, but he stayed with us during the
interview like a real trooper! Our statinowner and producers were also on standby during the entire interview,
because we had received word that hackers were going to take us down during the interview.
We were disconnected twice during the interview, but we kept going!


MK Ultra trauma based Mind Control and recovery. Occult practice within the
elite and symbolism. Energy manipulation for power.

Max states that “I was involved in project mannequin in the UK which is an extension of the NAZI
uberman (superman) projects to create a warrior and a breeder. I have
connections to Montauk and time manipulation projects. I have studied “magik”
and esoteric thought for 15 years and became conscious of my awareness in these
projects just after I turned 30 in 2008.” Max currently resides in Dallas, Texas and
does what he can to make others aware of the global propaganda machine. ”

This is not a game humanity, this is not a drill, this is what is happening
right before our eyes….AWAKEN or be consumed!

Max Spiers is concise in his accounts, and it sends shivers down my spine as he recollects the trauma
of his childhood live on the air. Bravery comes to my mind because the subject matter is hard to wrap one’s mind
around, nevertheless, if you find yourself to be a person who is psychologically and emotionally in tact,
then you will be able to stomach all he has to say.
We have all heard of the MK UTRA program, designed to challenge one’s reality into a plethora of imaginary screen shots
Like video game placed into your mind. Those who have experienced this wacky experimentation don’t normally
come out of this one piece, if you know what I mean. Some actually end up committing suicide, or become drug addicts, or go on shooting sprees as the local news has exemplified time and time again with military men returning from tours in Iraq. Some go insane never to return to normalcy.

As you listen to this interview with Max Spiers, please keep in mind, that though I am not a psychologist nor do I have the tools to psychoanalyze anyone, I will say that Mr. Spiers is nothing short of credible. We received a few emails during and after the show, those listeners who could relate to Max, we shall keep there names private. Max has offered to aid these individuals on there journey.

What did the show entail?
AI- Artificial Intelligence, what is it?
What is THE SPLIT Max refers to ?
Is earth an expiriemt gone south?
Why do humans have 2 strand DNA, isn’t it supposed to be 12?
Why has the placement of the golden cap stone on the Giza Pyramid been delayed?
What are clones & cloning centers?
Will humans ever evolve into a 12 strand DNA?
Are there aliens occupying planet earth, if so who are they?
What happened to the planet Mars?
What is “negative manifestation of fears?”

Please enjoy the interview and if you need to contact Max Spiers, please email him at

Estabrooks admitted in 1971 to creating hypnotic couriers and programmed multiple personalities for Military Intelligence purposes in this 1971 Science Digest article. MUST READ!!…

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  1. Max did such an amazing job with this interview … and many more to come! He is quite gifted at sharing his immense knowledge into the history of the bloodlines matrix in a way many people who have not yet connected those dots can understand and learn much from. Max and Fritz Springmeier are like bookends to the library of bloodlines knowledge. Thank you Max (and thank you James for sharing/posting)! ~Sandy

  2. great show! Anna Hayes and her voyagers books also goes hand and hand with this info.Goes back in time to the 12 tribes and 12 strands of DNA.Again great show.Melchizedek Emerald Order


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