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Max Spiers Dead!

From: Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (

Xtraordinary Men Int’l

‘I’m very excited to begin this journey and I will be blogging my journey and findings in a way that I’ve never done before’ Max Spiers 12th July 2016
Hi Angie, This is awful. I do hope its not true and that Max and James who are both soul brothers and supersoldiers born just a few days apart on 22nd Dec 1976 and 28th Dec 1976 respectively are still alive somewhere. However, they would no doubt both have implants which can trigger a heart attack should the NSA deem they need to be terminated. Now, regarding the vids, the first vid at was aired on 30th June 2016 and posted on 2nd July 2016 and the next vid at was aired on 7th July 2016 and posted on 9th July 2016. Now, apparently there was to be a further interview with Annie, but Max cancelled it claiming that Michael Aquino was psychically attacking him. Okay, I’ve listened to the first vid, but so far not the second. Anyway, I’m assuming that the info you’ve supplied is reasonably accurate which would suggest that both Max and James have been taken out or have been taken somewhere like the Dulce facility where they’re never gonna see the light of day again. Anyway, there are 3 people which may have further information 1) Annie Hart 2) Miles Johnston 3) Sarah Adams. So, if any of these 3 people can enlighten the rest of the world what the hell is going on we’d all appreciate it. P.S. Max is definitely dead at a friend’s house nr Warsaw as of 16th July 2016. My guess is he od’d on prescription narcotics like Prince, but we’ll probably never know. If he had broken up with Sarah Adams that would definitely be a factor in his death. N.B. Just prior to his death Max opened a new website on 12th July 2016 at where he was very upbeat about the future and posted a long list of his vids. So, the vids are now Max’s legacy for all to see. James, meanwhile, is still missing in action.
Miles Johnston has just released a vid giving details of Max’s death at which occurred on Sat evg 16th July 2016 at a friend’s place nr Warsaw and a crucial piece of evidence has emerged which indicates that Max’s death was occult in nature as a black fluid was oozing from his body for 1 or 2 days before his death. However, I have no firsthand experience of this type of occult death, but I do have knowledge of how black magicians can cause the death of a male victim by causing the body to rot from the inside out which is also accompanied by a foul smell. In the case of females, bleeding will occur as in menstruation which will continue until the death of the victim. Anyway, I would be interested to know if Max in the days prior to his death was exuding a foul odour or if the black exudation was exuding a foul odour. N.B. There is no information on the Internet on this matter which just goes to show how Satanists who control the Internet keep secret the methods used to kill people by occult means. Also, we know that Max was deeply involved in the occult and without sufficient protection he could easily succumb to this type of occult attack. In this respect, the only 100% protection is to be 100% holy which is near on impossible in today’s world of sex, drugs and rock n roll. Anyway, Max is now on the other side for better or for worse and James meanwhile is God knows where!!
From: angela disney <>
Subject: Re: Turkey Coup
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2016 11:14:30 +0100

Max Spiers is dead, Anthony. Reportedly his heart stopped in Poland where he had been hanging out with some good folks. He cancelled the 2nd interview with Annie Hart the one mentioned in the previous link I sent you. He told her he had a headache for 3 days and felt intensely electronically targeted. Doesn’t explain the Turkey thing he let slip. I really wanna believe it is not true, but there probably is a body and Sarah already wearing the grieving widow mantel with panache. He was drinking a lot and was going do a show with me on MKUltra and addictions fallout. Kinda weird though with Max gone and James supposedly out of prison and erased, although rumoured to be abroad (in mexico). I so pray they knew and honoured Jeshua Jesus. Angie


  1. I’m not sure if it is authentic or not but someone is circulating a Facebook screen-shot of a post Max made, time-stamped ver batum in the top right corner “6/28 2:32 pm” and the post reads ver batum “Sarah casted love spells on me… and now she’s using black magic. She’s poisonous.”
    the screen shot was posted by Dolores Jones 19 hours ago in a facebook group named “Secret Space Program.” I went back on Max’s timeline to locate the original post. There were no posts from the aforementioned date.


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