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Max Spiers Murdered?

Serious questions have been posed regarding the purported death of Max Spiers.  We refer you to a live “Hangouts On Air” conducted by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot with Miles Johnston of The Bases Project.
Miles wants to know – as does the Council – what kind of “accident” was Max’s friend and perhaps-publisher Monica referring to when she called Miles to announce Max’s death?  How long did it take for emergency response to be called?  How long did Max’s body lay unattended?  These are all questions that point to the character of the people surrounding Max at the time of his “death”.


More than one of you wants to know what kind of “healing” was being provided to Max.  While none of the answers affects Max any longer, the answers are very important for those of us left behind.
Whether you believe Max has staged his death, had his death staged or he was murdered, there are takeaways for all of you sitting there reading this.
First – the Council reminds you to be careful who you let into your circle.  A targeted individual is only as safe as the people in his circle are trustworthy.
Let us assure you that targeting doesn’t have to be – and often isn’t – as dramatic as ELF waves, gamma rays, and invisible guns filled with darts dripping black goo.  Most often it is as simple as having access to a pair of shoes that someone will slip on their foot without thinking, or a gift of a coat or a scarf.  Perhaps someone invites you into their home, and cooks dinner for you.  Maybe they give you a book to read or a new CD to listen to.  This is where you separate yourself from the next level of enlightenment, for you must use your God-given gifts of discernment and intuition to safely forge forward!   A Faraday Cage does you no good if the person who steps inside and hugs you drops a battery in your pocket.
Second, stop it with the supplements!
The human body was made to need very little help from you, so give it a rest with all this “detox this” and “supplement that”.  You just might well-meaningly detox and supplement yourself to death, or worse – be responsible for a decline in someone else’s health.
Discernment is key!
Keep your lights on, and shining bright!

Swerdlow Stings Spiers?

IMG_4836 IMG_4837IMG_4838
We have chosen to present information brought to us in light of the claims of a certain Stewart Swerdlow that Max was helping promote his new book.  We leave it for you to decide – what credence should be given to this man’s claims?  Why did Mr. Swerdlow have a direct line into the place where Max was reported to struggle his last?  What happened between them that left such a bad taste in Max’s mouth?
Enlight-3Enlight 2
I need to explain something very clearly to all of you, so that you keep this delineation in mind as you navigate through your daily lives online and in real-time; there is a distinct and quantitative difference between being cloned and a shapeshifting demon assuming your physical attributes.
Rh- people cannot be cloned.  But demons of all kinds have mastered the dark magic of usurping a powerful human’s energy and taking on that human’s form.    Their identities can still be assumed by certain level demons and black magicians, allowing for all kinds of skullfuckery to ensue, as we all well know.  Clones have a shelf-life, shapeshifters don’t.
We have come to understand that a certain faction wants people to believe that Max was cloned and that this clone is what died and is being reanimated as we speak.  It is more likely that there has been shapeshifting “friends” about and the real issue becomes who was around him in his final moments, and what or who these “people” really were.
As we’ve stated before, Max Spiers’ perfect soul is exactly where it should be, quite alive, quite well and quite good.  Where is his physical body?
Keep your lights on, and shining so bright!

The Max Spiers Death Reports

Max Spiers
Max Spiers, July 5, 2016

While there are many reports swirling about regarding the purported death of Max Spiers, the Council of Twelve would like to urge people to remember that there has yet to be an official report confirming anything.
Stewart Swerdlow seemed to have a mainline into Poland, but the Council reminds all of you to vet your messenger closely and always, always follow the money!
Those closest to the case report that Max had been ill, if you tuned into the Christine Hart interview on July 7, Max himself confirms this and the show itself has many sound issues.
It appears from individuals around the globe, particularly the 32 who have yet to be formally and publicly tapped, that this is an intense period of personal targeting that has rendered many physically ill and/or wounded. Some individuals have even had their family members taken down by illness.  We cannot stress enough the importance of physical strength, purity and fortitude of countenance during this onslaught of predation from the dark forces that be.
They know they are at the End of Times – all who read this here and who are touched on a cellular soul level, know that they see you!  It is imperative that you take the necessary physical precautions with your immune health as well as your practical physical space.  You field super “soul”diers know what I mean and should fortify your positions accordingly.  The battle lines have been drawn with our beloved Max Spiers.
This is the truth of Max’s situation – you must take heart, because he is not dead.  We have seen the reports – all of the reports, and we have seen the flurries of phone calls across continents!  – and we can report that his work will go on, despite the reports of his faked death.
It will be proven that there are forces equally as powerful and equally as secret as the dark forces, but that The True White Hat and the Council of Twelve exceed these forces of evil with PURITY.  Max is safe here, with us, seated at his place on the Council of Twelve.
He knows what he’s doing, and he has gone deep into a secret place of healing.  Many attempts to clone him have gone on, with the same results when it comes to the 33 – absolute and abject failure, across the board, no matter what you have been told.
It is true that there are those among you who cannot be cloned.  You have special blood, and there are so precious few of you.  Not even most of you can know who you are, but you are in the database, you have been logged and you are safe by virtue of the way God made you.  You are the Holy Grail, the descendants of Christ – and your time is at hand!
Max chose this date very carefully.  Take heed of the 777 and what this spiritual warrior was giving you.  Follow the golden trail of spiritual bread crumbs that he left for you to eat while he is on this next super secret mission.  Here is the website that Max launched just days ago.  Read up, catch up and understand where we are in this spiritual battle.
He also left you with this beautifully encrypted message to decode.  Keep the faith, know that your spiritual warrior is not dead!


  1. James,
    His death was a gift to head of satanic church of satan. hence why it was falsely pubicized on the news on the date of that person’s birthday. It is the highest “honor” gift to a satanic sect. That person: Aquino.
    So was the death of my cousin the following year found shot in the head in his own home ruled a “suicide”.


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