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Alex Diaz – Clone Factory – May 9, 2012

May 9, 2012 Regression Alex Diaz

In this regression Alex talks to my clone and visits a facility where these clones are made. We begin with Alex stepping through a doorway.

“What do you see?”

A forest, there are 3 or 4 men in military uniform approaching him. When he gets a closer look he realizes these men are clones of me. They are running, trying to escape from this facility where they were made and tortured.

These clones seem to know about me but they are not friendlies at all. They were programed by the covert government to replace me.  They give Alex an evil looking grin. Alex hits them with a neutralizer gun wiping their programming and project a love energy around their aura. They are now in shock and confused. Alex informs me they will probably shape shift into some other creatures and hide from the government.

Next location I have him try to locate the facility where I am taken a lot, all I know it contains the code name “Jackson’s.” He pinpoints a Jackson Eelro (French name) located in the desert Nevada, but also thinks there are clones of me in a underground facility near Detroit and Atlanta.


 He steps inside one of these facilities; the staff is dressed in white. They are torturing the clones to see how durable they are. They are pinching off their skin, ripping little pieces of their flesh off, drilling screws into their flesh, mutilating their limbs, and some of them are being killed.

These poor beings are being tortured beyond imagination. They are in a confused state most of them are kept in cages and vaults. Some of them are under water, breathing with a gas mask.  These units are not in service yet.

Alex notices one clone with a big gun, metal armor and computer terminal on his wrist. He also sees a monster looking reptilian and other freaky creatures. He tells me they have figured out how to separate the soul and put human souls into some of these units but only a few have the capability to do this. Though I have my doubts if this is really what’s going on or if it’s simply a projection of consciousness.

Alex steps into the clone with the armor. It feels powerful, fast, strong he feels as if he could lift a car, and very intelligent. There are little screws that pop out. He is able to interface and read data from the computer real fast.

I instruct him to gather information on “Project Name Recovery”

Readout as follows: Used by the military to identify whether a being was working under mind control. The data says I sabotaged this project. When I was altered, I disguised myself as one of them and snuck in, sniped a lot of people down, and killed everyone. I got away and wasn’t punished, but they still are going to try to get me. This event hasn’t happened yet it occurs in the future when we get our abilities back.

I then ask Alex why my birthdate is blacked out on my file. He says it’s because I have multiple lives and each time I am put into a new body the memories are erased of the previous one. This is sort of like reincarnation but that is a natural process, what they are doing is manmade.

He then looks up Alpha squad 45. They are a group of snipers under the command of a sergeant in the military. I am alpha squad. Alex is delta squad, Delta goes in first, they are fast and ruthless, while alphas go in afterwards they are nice and clean and snipe people down. Alex and I are usually not paired up on the same team but we have been from time to time in the past.

Omegas tend to be staff members and used mostly for assassination and suicide bombing but they can come back to life. Omegas think they can do better that’s why they are jealous of the rest of us.

So I then ask him what does what does 40231 mean?

“It’s a microchip that I have, located in spine, a golden one, triggers pain. Triggers mind to do certain things, remotely influence me. Can’t be disabled, if taken out they will put another in me.”

How do I turn off subluxation, subluxation is a AI entity in the bones that prevents us from shape shifting.

“To turn off subluxation, very complex, it will happen but not when we want. By late December we should be able to do that. Need to mediate, picture yourself disabling the chips.”

What happens late December 2012?

“Reptilian’s, greys, and hybrids invade, enough is enough some of them are benevolent and want this madness to end. They will come during the days of darkness, about 62% of humanity dies. Military thinks they will use us super soldiers to protect them, but programming fails due to the photon energies, their underground fortresses become their tombs.”


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