Monday, July 22, 2024

Me & The People – #01 – James Rink – Aliens, Time Travel and Future Inventions


  1. Hit some good ‘spots’ with me. I did move the original spirit of the baby aside It would probably serve as a primeval spirit benefit to this body like an idling empty car that must not be shut down (die) when I need to exit for a short time. Infant life as I recall had mostly extended periods of dumbing down. I did not think in English nor any language at that time. The family was identified as German. Many Germans would identify the family as Nordic. The father I was with fit in as a type of MIB. He had recalled to me a secret base in Germany being tested for subconscious minute and exact recall of aircraft actions presented on film. I believe MK played a good part in some pilot flying abilities. (remembering now that Diana’s driver may have had no problem hitting the 13th column at high speed while MK programmed.)There were ME-163 rocket planes assigned to secret base security. He said he may have broke a contract when a black suit visitor paid a visit to our home in 1969. The guys skin looked chalk white. Father had removed a small water tank from the water inlet pipe under the house. He removed the side cover on it and it revealed many transparent rock crystals that the drinking water must travel through/over. All his ‘business partners’ were Allied war veterans with Scottish names. Likely MI6? Many fractured memories here and stressing me now. Saving this video so I can continue watching later. Thank-you


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