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  1. Nesara gesara what can we expect to happen for us the middle to low class single parents of a child with Down’s syndrome? Debts? Mortgage? School loans? Medical bills?

    Can a Med bed cure a disability?

  2. Thank you, James for all your info — much appreciated!

    Nesara has been slowly implemented already. Some have had their mortgages, student loans wiped out — I heard this from a year or so ago. My credit card bill just last month was cancelled. I heard that it will be a blanket roll out in January from Utsava. https://www.bitchute.com/video/6E1kvkHBJjyP/

    Hang in there! 🙂

  3. I am nearly 78 and would be happy to participate in this program as I would need to be healthy to assist in others recovery in this coming brave new world.

  4. I have been researching this and other things now for 20 years. I found James Rink some time ago and I consider him an ambassador of and to earth. The med beds are, of course, my most active interest and when I realized how we have all been played, all these years, my entire life, I am appalled.
    So the question remains…. when? I believe we are owed all things that are and have been available for decades and much longer and it is time now. NASARA NOW!

  5. From what I have heard and James knows this, is that the technology of the Med Beds is a gift from off world and should not be a hard to get procedure once out in the public. I for one, am in mid seventies and an injury has stopped my life and await its availability but as a healer/nurse I know there are so many same and worse than I. Jared Rand has the prototype of the Celestial Chamber and everyone needs to catch his video/audio on FESIG that James interviewed. He is an amazing speaker about the Med Beds. I have waited all my life for Big Pharma to take the dive. Lets hope its sooner rather than later for all of us.

  6. Here is my thought. DNA is in every part of the body not just blood. So my hypothesis is that DNA can be pulled from hair or tissue and that could work for the jabbed. I don’t see why, if this tech is so advanced, it needs blood cell dna only. Let’s get real. It takes multiple jabs to infect the whole body quickly. So, viable dna would still be available. My guess. Another practical thought is that it seems that this tech can probably also grow and learn as we do. So, it could probably use any viable dna from other body specimens which is not already altered in a jabbed human and recreate it. Maybe. And if not, then that is even more interesting, hmm?

  7. What about DNA samples given prior to the jab? For example, Ancestry.com who take a DNA sample and then provide a chart of a person’s ancestry. Could governments access that DNA data prior to the vax to use for the individual? It would be clean DNA.


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