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There is a hater campaign afoot right now centered around jealous individuals and a small click of their friends. They have been removed and blocked from my friends list for spreading rumors and gossip behind my back. For the record I am not a government agent, I have never worshiped or encouraged the worship of lucifer at any point in my life, I do not subliminally mind control mark ultras to reinforce their programs, I did not steal money from Ben Murphys fundraiser, Neologicaltech is not associated with Mark Hamilitons Neo-Think, the neo meditation cube does not have a patent that’s owned by the UN, and there is no VooDoo associated with the ingredient list of the Neo Meditation Device. This is my official position on this matter.

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  • rachelove8 says:

    Seriously James this is not cool I was nice to you and you really need to stop it…it’s defamation of character to do this you should know this and posting up people’s names isn’t very mature….especially since you run a biz…I suggest you handle this other ways….and if you don’t I will get a lawyer on it don’t tempt me this isn’t the first time….I prefer to handle this kindly with you….I asked you questions and Gave imput..and you and attacked…me I can post your messages if needed

  • EEVIE says:

    I support you, James. Many of us do. We know the truth, too.

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