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Melinda Leslie has been a researcher and investigator in the field of ufology for over 25 years. She is the Director of UFO Sighting Tours in Sedona, Arizona, conducting over 300 tours with the use of military Generation III Night Vision Goggle equipment, vortex tours, and psychic and mediumship consultations.

Melinda is a UFO abductee and has been public with her own extraterrestrial and covert-ops human abduction experiences for 24 years. She has researched a military and intelligence agency involvement in UFO abduction cases for 22 years and her research and personal experiences have been featured in 15 books. Melinda has interviewed over 100 abductees with experiences of harassment, surveillance, and re-abduction by human agencies. The primary focus of her investigations is in assisting abductees and on the gathering and documentation of evidence.

Melinda has lectured for numerous organizations including MUFON, the X-Conference, the Bay Area UFO Expo, UFO Expo West, the International UFO Congress, The Whole Life Expo, and more. She has appeared on several television shows and has been a guest on numerous radio shows including as a repeat guest on Coast-to-Coast AM.




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Could You Be Experiencing ET Contact?

65 Questions to Ask

Provided by Melinda Leslie
Abductee and UFO Expert Researcher/Investigator

If you believe you may have experienced contact with non-human beings (typically referred to as “alien abduction”) the questions below can assist you in exploring your experiences.
There are many possible causes for emotional and physical distress, and a professionally trained psychotherapist can assist in helping you to rule those possibilities out before you begin to consider abduction as the source. When that has been accomplished, regression therapy is a highly effective tool for exploring the abduction phenomena in your life. If you seriously suspect that you may be experiencing contact, the following questions can aid you in determining if those experiences warrant further investigation with a regression therapist.

Mission and Earth Awareness

1. Do you secretly feel you are special or chosen?
2. Do you have a strong sense of having a mission or important task to perform, without knowing where this compulsion came from?
3. Do you have a cosmic awareness, an interest in the environment and the issues affecting the earth and all life forms, in becoming a vegetarian, or have you become very socially conscious?
4. Do you frequently think about or dream about disasters or earth changes such as quakes or floods, with the conviction that they will be happening?
5. Do you have dreams where superior beings, angels, or aliens are educating you about humanity, the universe, global changes or future events?


6. Do you secretly fear being accosted or kidnapped if you do not constantly monitor your surroundings?
7. Are you now or have you ever been afraid of your closet, and what might come out of it?
8. Have you frequently found yourself repeatedly checking throughout your home before you go to bed at night?
9. Have you seriously considered or have you installed a security system for your home, even if there was no justification?
10. Do you have an abnormal fear of the dark?
11. Do you feel fear or anxiety over the subject of aliens or UFOs?
12. Do you feel like you are being watched frequently, especially at night?
13. As a child or adult, have you seen faces or beings near you when in bed, which were not explainable?
14. Do you have fear of looking into the eyes of animals, or have you ever dreamed of looking closely into the eyes of animals, such as an owl or deer?
15. Do you have strong reactions to discussions about or pictures of aliens?
16. Do you have inexplicably strong fears or phobias of particular sights or sounds, such as fear of heights, insects, certain sounds, bright lights, your personal security or being alone?
17. Do you have the feeling that you are not supposed to talk about encounters with alien beings, or that you should not talk about the beings themselves?

Time and Sleep

18. Did you ever experience a period of time while awake when you could not remember what you had done during that time? This missing time may have been a half hour, several hours, a whole day or more. (Do not include lapses due to highway driving, or any experiences when you were drinking alcohol heavily, or experiencing chronic physical pain or the effects of medication, or times you were absorbed in work or reading.)
19. Do you have trouble sleeping through the night for reasons you cannot explain?
20. Do you wake up frequently during the same time each night?
21. Do you have a sleep disorder or suffer from insomnia?
22. Have you ever awoken in the middle of the night startled, feeling as though you have just dropped onto your bed?
23. Do you feel you have to sleep with your bed against a wall in order to feel safe, or sleep in some other peculiar manner to be comfortable?
24. Do you wake up by hearing a loud noise, but fail to get up to investigate and, instead, fall back into a deep sleep?
25. Do you ever hear popping or buzzing sounds, or any other unusual sounds or physical sensations upon waking or going to sleep?
26. Have you seen a hooded figure in or near your home or next to your bed at night?
27. Have you experienced a sudden, overwhelming desire to go to sleep when you had not planned to, but were unable to prevent yourself from doing so?
28. Have you awakened in the morning or in the middle of the night to find yourself in a different location in your home, or a different position in your bed, or wearing different clothing from when you went to sleep?

Memory and Dreams

29. Do you have a conscious memory or a dream of flying through the air or being outside your body?
30. Do you dream about seeing UFOs, being inside a spaceship, or interacting with UFO occupants?
31. As a child or teenager, was there a special place you secretly believed held a spiritual meaning just for you?
32. Do you have dreams of being chased by animals?
33. Do you have an obsessive memory that will not go away, such as seeing an alien face or a strange baby, or an examination table or needles, etc.?
34. Have you had dreams of passing through a closed window or solid wall?
35. Have you had dreams of non-human doctors or strange medical procedures?
36. Do you have memories that you do not feel happened the way you recall them?


37. Does your home have unexplainable sounds, apparitions, or unusual events that have been attributed to ghosts?
38. Do you have a strong interest in the subject of UFO sightings or aliens, a compulsion to read a lot about the subject, or a strong aversion towards the subject?
39. Do you sometimes hear a very high-pitched noise in one or both ears?
40. Have you ever seen a UFO in the sky or close to you within a short walking or driving distance?
41. If you have seen a UFO, were you strongly compelled to walk, drive or stand near it, follow it, or call out to it? Have you felt its occupants were particularly aware of you?
42. Have you seen someone with you become paralyzed, motionless or frozen in time, especially someone with whom you sleep?
43. Do you recall having a special, secret playmate or playmates as a child?
44. Have you had electronics around you go haywire or oddly malfunction with no explanation (such as street lights going out as you walk under them, TVs and radios affected as you move close, etc.)?
45. Do you frequently see multiple digits, such as 111 or 444, or other repeating number patterns on clocks, digital displays, or in any other setting?
46. Have you seen balls of light or flashes of light in your home or other locations?
47. Have you had someone in your life who claims to have witnessed a ship or alien near you, or who has witnessed you having been missing for a period of time?
48. Have you seen a strange fog or haze in one area that is not due to weather and that should not be there?
49. Have you heard strange humming or pulsing sounds around you or coming toward you, for which you could not identify the source?
50. Have you been suddenly compelled to drive or walk to an out of the way or unknown area, without knowing why you are compelled to do it?

Physical and Emotional Symptoms

51. Have you ever had nosebleeds or found blood stains on your pillow for unexplainable reasons?
52. Do you frequently have sinus trouble or migraine headaches?
53. Have your x-rays or other procedures revealed foreign objects lodged in your body that cannot be explained?
54. Have you been medically diagnosed with the following: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Brain Sleep Disturbance, Gulf War Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain, Epstein Barr, or other immune disorder?
55. For women only: Have you had false pregnancy or a verified pregnancy that disappeared within two or three months?
56. For women only: Have you had frequent female problems and reproductive difficulties?
57. Have you had sore muscles when waking up, without having exercised or strained before going to sleep?
58. Have you ever felt paralyzed in your bed or at home for no apparent reason?
59. Have you found unusual scars, marks or bruises on your body with no possible explanation as to how you received them (i.e., a small scoop-shaped indentation, a straight line scar, a pattern of pinprick marks, scars in roof of your mouth, in your nose or behind one ear, triangular bruises or fingertip-sized bruises on the inside of your thigh)?
60. Have you had paranormal or psychic experiences, including frequent flashes of intuition?
61. Have you ever felt as though you had received telepathic messages from somewhere?
62. Men and Women: Have you had frequent urinary tract infections?
63. Has your drug or alcohol use changed significantly one way or the other?
64. Do you have an unusual fear of doctors, hospitals or needles, or do you tend to avoid medical treatment?
65. Do you have frequent or sporadic headaches, especially in the sinus, behind one eye, or in one ear?

The following is what I call my “short list”. I have a complete questionnaire that I use for my research interviews which has over 150 questions. I have lost the original electronic version and will need to retype it or provide only a hard copy. This is just as well because I’ve been meaning to update it for a long time. This “short list” is only what I provide to individuals who are considering the possibility of having covert-ops experiences on top of their ET ones.

Are You a Military Abductee or Having Covert-Ops Involvement?
If you answered yes to a significant number (30 or over) of the “Could You be Experiencing ET Contact?” list of questions you may have also had “military” or “covert-ops human agency” involvement in your experiences. The following questions may help you determine if you have also had these experiences. This list is in no way an absolute means of determining if you have had an experience and there may be many other explanations for these occurrences. If these questions apply to you, please see a qualified UFO or abduction researcher or therapist. No name is necessary; this is an anonymous questionnaire. You may however email if you desire more information or wish to share your results.

1. Have you seen aliens and military personnel together in the same environment? Was it in an underground base or in the alien’s environment (onboard ship)?

2. Have you seen aliens and lab technicians, scientists, doctors, or other medical personnel together in the same environment? Was it in an underground base or in the alien’s environment (onboard ship)?

3. Have you been abducted by military and/or intelligence personnel without any aliens being present?

4. Have human doctors performed any medical procedures or surgery on you during an abduction?

5. Have you or members of your family ever had a connection to the space program or the aerospace industry?

6. Have you or members of your family ever had a connection to military intelligence, the defense department, or other intelligence agencies?

7. Do you, or have you ever, lived near a military base or facility?

8. Have you ever had experiences with Men-In-Black?

9. Did the aliens instruct you in their technology or show you how it works? (I.e. have you seen propulsion systems?). Have you flown/navigated a ship or worked the controls?

10. Have you been shown alien writing, vocabulary, mathematical formulas, equations, or other possible ET science in your abductions?

11. Do you have psi (psychic) abilities? (I.e. do you astral travel (OBE), remote view, perform psycho kinesis or telekinesis (move mater with the mind), or do telepathy (mind reading)?) And have you had paranormal occurrences in your life (i.e. ghosts)?

12. Have the aliens instructed you or tested you in your psi (psychic) abilities? Did you demonstrate psi and other paranormal abilities when with them?

13. In relation to your abductions, have you had any forms of the following possible harassment: Black helicopter fly overs (usually circling repeatedly), telephone interruption/noises, calls at odd hours of the night, mail tampered with or missing, emails tampered with, or computer hacking? And did it occur soon or shortly after an alien abduction?

14. In relation to your abductions, have you had any forms of the following harassment: Being followed, being outright approached, had run-ins or confrontations with military or government types, or possibly been “Remote Influenced” (thoughts not your own) to harm yourself or another?

15. In relation to your abductions, have you had any forms of human intimidation like: Verbal warnings, threats to you or your family’s life or safety, physical abuse, been beat-up or roughed-up?

16. Have you been taken to an underground facility?

17. Have you ever seen human uniforms (especially military) during your abductions?

18. Have you ever seen military or medical (human looking) equipment during your abductions?

19. Have you ever seen military vehicles or aircraft in your abduction? Did you travel in any?

20. Have you seen military weapons or alien weapons in your abduction?

21. Have you ever seen any of the following during your abduction: Elevators, long gray hallways, partitioned rooms, inset windows with security glass, tents or a haz-mat type tented environments, standard door handles, bright florescent light bulbs, or human looking light fixtures?

22. Have people ever interrogated you during your (ET or otherwise) abduction?

23. Do you have any forms of the following: Emotional trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, tremors or involuntary shaking, or do you feel your body is “running energy”?

24. Do you have psychological problems currently? Is there any history of psychological problems for you or in your family? And if yes, have you been prescribed medication for it?

25. Have you “gone public” in any way regarding your UFO and/or ET experiences? Or, if not, have you expressed an interest in doing so (even if only privately)?

26. Have you had dreams of involvement with intelligence agents or military personnel?

27. Have you had dreams of medical procedures, of being in a lab type environment, of being on a military base, seeing military equipment, or of being interrogated, questioned, or threatened?

28. In your life have you met, connected personally with, or been friends with individuals with a background in the intelligence agency community, military intelligence, space sciences, physics and engineering, or aerospace communities? Did this occur before or after these other experiences?

The following are 2 articles I’ve written. Please do not publish without written permission by me:

How the Covert-Ops’ Reverse Engineering of Extraterrestrial
Abductees Shifts the Abduction Paradigm
Melinda Leslie

Twenty-four years ago I came to learn of my own experiences with extraterrestrial (ET) abduction. After only two years into my discovery process, I suddenly had a new form of encounter – one that included the involvement of military personnel in my experiences. This new discovery led me to research the military or covert-ops involvement in other cases besides my own, and learning that I was not alone. In fact, many ET abductees share a covert human involvement in their lives.
I have now conducted over fifty formal interviews with abductees who have these covert-ops experiences and I’m familiar with at least another fifty more. Over the years, these experiences became the focus of my research, but my definition of them changed as the research grew and changed. I have come to call these experiences the reverse engineering of ET abductees. To really grasp the greater implications an explanation is required, especially since what I actually mean is the bigger picture of where ET abduction meets technology meets UFO cover-up.

MILABS: An Acronym is Born
In the UFO abduction and general ufology community the acronym “MILABS” (or MILAB) which is short for military (MIL) abductions (ABS) has become synonymous with a military presence, or government agency involvement, in ET abduction experiences. This abbreviation was originally coined by Dr. Helmut Lammer in a paper he wrote titled Preliminary Findings of Project MILAB: Evidence for Military Kidnappings of Alleged UFO Abductees, 1996, and later became the title of his and wife Marion Lammer’s book MILABS: Military Mind Control and ET Abduction, 1999. While credit is due to Dr. Lammer for coining the acronym, he was not the first to introduce the notion of a possible covert military and/or intelligence community (mil/intel) involvement in the abduction phenomenon. For many years, the subject was widely spoken and written about by abductees such as Kay Wilson (1993), Leah Haley (1993), Karla Turner (1994), Debbie Jordan (1994), Kim Carlsberg (1994), and even Whitley Strieber (1995) to name but a few. There was also research mentioning a military involvement in books such as The Andreasson Affair Phase Two by Ray Fowler as far back as 1980, where Mr. Fowler writes about Betty Andreasson’s and Bob Lucca’s accounts of black helicopter incidents, long before the use of the acronym that has come to define it.
In the time since its inception, “MILABS” has become a catch-all phrase used by researchers and abductees to reference many types of possible experiences. From the presence of military uniformed personnel in an otherwise ET abduction scenario, to a litany of government mind control activities, a sanctioned government involvement in monitoring the lives of ET abductees, to an outright military cause for abductions in-lieu-of or excluding extraterrestrials altogether. Thus, the acronym gets tossed about causing confusion. This problem has resulted in where the person saying it means one thing, and the person hearing it is often thinking something else altogether.
Due to the confusion I started to redefine my research, not with an acronym, but with a sentence, that of: “Covert intelligence and paramilitary re-abduction, harassment, and surveillance in extraterrestrial abduction experiences.”

The Research
My research shows that a covert pursuit of developing extraterrestrial technologies, in combination with the military, economic, and political gains that would be derived from such a pursuit, has resulted in making ET abductions a matter of national security. And I feel it also provides immense insight into why an official disclosure of the UFO reality has not been forthcoming.
I contend it would be a complete “dereliction of duty” if the national security apparatus were not monitoring the abduction phenomenon, given the sheer number of people claiming to have experiences worldwide, the totality of evidence for ET abductions, the technology to be gained, and the implications of the covert nature of abduction experiences. And I suggest this targeting, monitoring, and re-abduction of abductees by covert mil/intel agencies may provide the strongest evidence for the reality of UFO abduction experiences. There is an abundance of evidence for covert involvement, such as extensive corroborating experience testimony, multiple forms of physical evidence, eyewitness testimony, accounts of military and intelligence insiders, and many forms of documented surveillance.
The variety of experiences reported by the abductees may include any of the following types of activities:
• Being watched or being followed
• Black helicopter harassment
• Threats made to the abductee
• Phone interruptions and phone calls
• Email and computer hacking and/or snail mail tampering
• In person face-to-face confrontations
• Illegal break-ins to property
• Underground bases seen
• Abductions by ETs with human military personnel present
• Abductions by human military with ETs present
• Abductions by human military only without ETs present
• Mind control procedures
• In-depth interrogations
• Medical and genetic procedures
• Implants removed or inserted by humans
• Testing and development of psi abilities

Included in my research is evidence that such agencies are involved predominately out of a quest for ET technology and to back-engineer technologies that operate on paranormal functioning (psi). And because of the development and control of those technologies, it is also one of the reasons behind the government’s suppression of the UFO subject (policy of non-disclosure) and along with it, the suppression of our dormant human potential – a potential where psi abilities are an everyday part of human experience.

Why a Name Change?
Again, I started to notice a great amount of confusion about the term “MILAB” and the scenarios it has come to represent. The confusion seems to stem from some incorrect assumptions and over time I’ve come to learn of possible sources for them. I’ll attempt to shed some light on these.
There are predominately three assumptions regarding MILABS and their meaning: The first is the idea that all abductions are actually perpetrated by the military and that there aren’t any actual ET experiences. The second is that all ET abductions are mind control experiments. And the third is that all MILABS are false, perpetrated by ETs or hybrids in uniforms and don’t involve any actual human personnel. I find it interesting these three ideas are from such opposite ends of the spectrum; from there not being any ET abductions, to abductions being only the ETs with no military involvement. Never mind that each of these extremes excludes large amounts of information abundantly found in the research of MILAB cases. I’ll address each idea and where it most likely originated.

Abductions by “Military Only”
The idea that all abductions are caused by the military and that there aren’t any ET ones has been proposed by multiple individuals over the years. The most notable are Helmut and Marion Lammer, authors of MILABS: Military Mind Control and ET Abduction, 1999, and Dr. Steven Greer, Director of the Disclosure Project and author of Disclosure, 2001.
In the case of the Lammers, they entertained the idea of mind control procedures having played such a large part in the MILAB scenario as to suggest that many experiences could be wholly due to it. Of course I can’t rule out that mind control may be the causal factor for some experiences, but it does not appear to be the sole reason for any of the cases in my research database. To the degree the Lammers demonstrated that mind control procedures are heavily involved in some experiences, I agree they are. For many years, I fought with the idea that mind control played an important part in experiences, but have since realized it is part-and-parcel of the MILAB scenario.
Mind control methods show up in the procedures used to control the abductee during an experience, but more so in the procedures to suppress the abductees’ memory of the experience. At this point, I can definitively say that MILAB perpetrators have the combined use of intimidation, fear, drugs, and hypnosis down to a science. But, at the same time, mind control falls far short of explaining all the evidence and it does nothing towards addressing the reasons why there is a covert mil/intel interest in abductees.
After a closer read of the Lammers’ book it becomes clear they are only offering mind control as a possible explanation along with that of ET causality. They never attempt to explain all abduction as solely mind control and were only noting MILAB experiences may be in some cases. In the Lammers’ defense, in Helmut’s paper titled Preliminary Findings of Project MILAB: Evidence for Military Kidnappings of Alleged UFO Abductees, 1996, he wrote:
“I think that abduction cases involving abductee reports of being abducted by the military as well as ET beings are very important for two reasons: 1.) If the UFO community has evidence that a covert military intelligence task force is involved in the abduction phenomenon, we would know that this phenomenon represents a matter of national security. 2.) The alleged military involvement…could be evidence they use abductees for mind control experiments as test-targets for microwave weapons. Moreover, the military could be monitoring and even kidnapping abductees for information gathering purposes during and after a UFO abduction.”

My thoughts exactly! His statement here concurs with my research and clearly demonstrates that he does not believe that all abductions are done only by the military.
In the case of Dr. Greer, he has implied on several occasions that because all abductions are “negative” (in his interpretation) they are caused only by the military and that there are no ET abduction experiences. I’ve always generally been a supporter of Dr. Greer’s disclosure efforts and feel he should be commended for those efforts, but in this case, I strongly disagree with his conclusions.
I feel Dr. Greer’s view should be taken with a giant grain of salt. I once spoke with him briefly about MILABS and he contends his information that abduction is only being performed by the military comes from the accounts of some yet to be disclosed “insiders” who spoke with him regarding their being involved in perpetrating false ET abduction scenarios.
In an interview by Randy Peyser in 1999, Greer said that these individuals claimed to be on “abduction squads” creating scenarios using “human-built UFOs and biological matter” used “to make it look like there are extraterrestrial events going on which are, in fact, 100 percent human in origin.” He also said, “People who have had real ET encounters have subsequently been targeted for this kind of faux experience to confuse the database and put a spin of fear on the subject.” I cannot help but wonder if what were actually being disclosed to him were accounts of MILAB re-abductions, happening because the abductees were having very real ET experiences, and that his retelling of these accounts is greatly influenced by Dr. Greer’s personal views regarding his own ET contact experiences.
He has always related his personal contact experiences as having been only “positive” benign events. And has insisted that all “real” contact experiences are only “positive” and therefore any “negative” ones are not real. Thus, upon hearing these insiders’ accounts of involvement, he may have heard what he wanted to hear – experiences that did not conflict with his anti-abduction position. I believe he chooses to have a very one-sided view due to his own contact experiences and is conveniently able to explain away any he perceives as “negative” as being military in origin now that these insider folks have seemingly confirmed it for him.
When I spoke to Dr. Greer, I told him I would like to talk with his insider contacts and he vehemently refused. I wonder if given the chance to interview these individuals, I might discover their experiences are actually more consistent with what might be expected from a MILAB perpetrator. I suspect the information provided might be more in line with the case evidence and not so supportive of Dr. Greer’s limited view that there are “no bad ETs”. Fellow MILAB researcher Joe Montaldo and I have both spoken with insiders, who have claimed to be involved as perpetrators, but so far those accounts have only supported MILAB abductees’ accounts and not one of these individuals has ever said they perpetrated a completely false ET abduction scenario.

ET Abductions as Government Mind Control

The idea that all abductions are mind control experiments can originally be attributed to a publication written by researcher Martin Cannon titled The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction, 1989, in which Mr. Cannon makes the argument that a government mind control program may account for some ET abductions. In a conversation I had with Mr. Cannon, he expressed anger and frustration that so many people in ufology had taken his paper to mean that he was claiming that all ET abductions were mind control experiments, when in fact he only meant to suggest a possible explanation for “some” ET experiences. He actually thought many abductions probably were carried out by ETs and said his theory was only that, a theory. After our discussion, I asked him to provide me with a statement in writing clarifying this for the record, and he did. This document states clearly that he offered The Controllers only as a possible theory and that he always supported an alien hypothesis as well.

MILABS as Perpetrated by Hybrids

The idea that MILABS may be hybrid ETs in military uniforms has been expressed by a handful of individuals, most notably that of Dr. David Jacobs. Dr. Jacobs is a friend of mine and a few years back I spoke with him regarding this subject. What he generally believes was stated in his book The Threat, 1998, where he says that abductees mistake human-like ET hybrids dressed in military uniforms for military personnel and these ETs bring abductees to abandoned military bases or unused areas of active bases where they examine and interrogate them. Therefore, he feels there is no evidence the military is involved in abductions.

Obviously there are a few problems with this view, the first being that in most abductee accounts, the military bases are anything but abandoned. Rather, there are many complex military activities going on. Also, how would hybrid ET beings have access to unused areas of active bases and why would they be interrogating abductees about their ET experiences? Last but not least, his view does nothing to explain all the harassment and surveillance evidence or the presence of intelligence insiders interacting with abductees in their day-to-day lives.

I feel that Dr. Jacobs is misinterpreting some of the strongest evidence in support of his own theories. Certainly if his theory regarding the ETs as a type of “threat” are correct, and if the number of abduction cases is anywhere near what the researchers claim, then wouldn’t those who run the intelligence apparatus have figured this out too, and wouldn’t they have had to make abductions a matter of national security? Additionally, wouldn’t the intelligence apparatus, using one of its working arms such as the military, have an interest in studying such a “threat”?

If abductions are a question of national security, wouldn’t abductees be a part of that question? How better to study the matter than to monitor, surveill, and interrogate those involved? While it would be difficult to do so with ETs, it is not so with abductees, especially if given good reason with enough black budget monies to be thrown at it (more on this later). So, if Dr. Jacobs is correct, then of course mil/intel communities are going to be interested in abductees. The evidence for MILABS actually validates his research and the ultimate reality of ET abductions overall.

Conditioned Response
Given all I’ve said here it’s easy to see why many abduction researchers and ufologists have a negative knee-jerk reaction when they hear the term “MILAB.” They make instant assumptions the person using the acronym means something ranging from claiming there are no ET abductions and giving an all too easy reason to explain them all away, to claiming that there is some outrageous mind control program manipulating hundreds of thousands of people into believing they are all ET abductees. Never mind that such views are completely void of voluminous ET abduction research data and evidence accumulated over years of study by serious researchers, as well as being void of the data found in MILAB accounts.

Given this insight, the view expressed in the following story is understandable. I occasionally attend abduction researcher and therapist, Yvonne Smith’s, CERO (Close Encounter Resource Organization) support group. After a meeting I had a discussion with Yvonne regarding my MILAB research when she shared that during public appearances and UFO conferences at which she speaks, she is often approached and asked if she thinks all abductions were done by the military, and not ETs. She said the person asking her will often say “MILAB”, implying it only means a military cause for all abductions. This demonstrates a real problem with the public’s misperception of the subject.

I understand that nothing upsets an abduction researcher more than someone trying to convince them of a purely human, non-ET based explanation that negates years of research, overwhelming evidence, hard fought for recognition, appreciation of abduction survivors, and the overcoming of so much ridicule for both researcher and abductee alike. Not to mention abduction research’s hard won respect in ufology, rather recently won and still tentative at best.

Not Military Directed

The reason for a name change is simply that the acronym MILAB puts such an emphasis on the experience being military driven, which in turn causes so much derision. The perception it conjures falls short of including all of what is going on and also falls short of addressing why. It is doubtful that the military is actually directing this program. It is more likely that a covert intelligence and ET information management group (I call this a “cabal”) uses military personnel to conduct and carry out its operations. My guess is even UFO crash retrievals aren’t directed by the military, just performed by them. The term MILAB places an overemphasis on the military part of the equation and casts the military in a very negative light. They’re probably not the ones giving the orders – the cabal is.

Before I move forward, I want to be clear that my research data does not point to a military in-lieu-of ET abduction thesis, but quite the contrary; a military/intelligence community involvement because of ET experiences! It is because the ET experiences are absolutely real that these guys have any interest whatsoever in abductees! And, their interest is predominately in what the abductees know regarding the ETs, their motives, and what we know about ET technology.

Therefore, I can’t help but feel a redefinition is needed. I had attempted with my original sentence (“covert intelligence and paramilitary re-abduction….”), that is until I was interviewed by radio host Tim Binnall on his internet show Binnall of America. I was explaining how during a MILAB interrogation the abductee is often questioned about ET technology and he said, “It’s like they’re reverse engineering via the abductees,” but I thought he said, “It’s like they’re reverse engineering the abductees,” (no “via”) and then realized that is precisely what is going on. He was right, they are reverse engineering via the abductee, and I was right, they are reverse engineering the abductee.

RE-ABS: An Acronym is Reborn

I’m sure that many, if not most, readers upon seeing the title of this article thought “re-abductions” upon seeing the acronym RE-ABS. Well, you’d be right, or at least half right. The obvious play on words is intentional. But, while it does mean re-abduction in the form of experiences where some individuals are being abducted by military subsequent to an ET experience, or are taken again by ETs with military personnel present, it also means R.E. -ABS as in reverse engineering from abductees and/or reverse-engineered abductees.

Someone recently said to me that they were confused as to what the term “reverse-engineered” meant as is it is used in ufology (also referred to as “back-engineered”). Their comment helped me to realize this widely used phrase may not be as well understood as I, or other researchers, have assumed. So, for those of you who may need clarification, here is the Wikipedia and Wictionary (online encyclopedia and dictionary) definitions:

Reverse engineering (RE) is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, object or system through analysis of its structure, function and operation. It often involves taking something (e.g., a mechanical device, electronic component) apart and analyzing its workings in detail to try to make a new device that does the same thing without copying anything from the original. Reverse engineering has its origins in the analysis of hardware for commercial or military advantage. The purpose is to deduce design decisions from end products with little or no additional knowledge about the procedures involved in the original production.
Reverse-engineer. To derive or duplicate the design, technical specifications, manufacturing methods, or functionality of an object by studying an existing product.

When UFO researchers use the above terms, they are generally referring to the concept that captured, crash-retrieved, shot down, given, or loaned ET technology is either taken apart or examined closely to determine how it works, in order to duplicate it, or to develop something in human technology that mimics it.

Crash Retrievals + Reverse Engineering + ET Abductions = RE-ABS: Formula for a New Paradigm
This formula conceptualizes what my research is saying. I know that most folks would not see how adding such seemingly different ufology concepts would or could add up together. Yet, in my research the relationship is the key.
As I stated previously, this targeting of us abductees by covert agencies is some of the strongest evidence for the reality and importance of the ET abduction phenomenon. If there is no such thing as ET abduction, then why would RE-AB related events be happening to us, people who have nothing in their lives to warrant any covert mil/intel interest in them other than that they claim to have experienced an ET abduction?
Harassment, surveillance, and re-abduction by these agencies suggests there must be something very important about us and our ET experiences or why is all the time, energy, and money being spent? To most readers, the concept of covert black budget programs existing within governmental systems is well understood. Many highly secret covert programs’ financial accounting is buried in such “black budgets,” seemingly overlooked by those to whom government is entrusted. Yet, make no mistake; the appropriation of monies within black budgets is still within someone’s approval process. Somewhere in a chain of command the decision is being made to allocate money towards said “project.” That “project” still requires a “budget” regardless of how white or black it is! And in all standard business practices, budget line items still require justification.
So, given the extent of what must be involved in RE-ABS with operational task force teams, facilities in use, transportation logistics, data management, and military or intelligence personnel at every stage of the events, someone is justifying such an immense expenditure – right? My research into the experiences reported shows many common threads shared. One such thread is an interest in ET technology by these agencies. So, how do you justify the money that would have to be allocated for such experiences? The technology, that’s how!
From UFO crash retrieval cases alone we know the management cabal is obviously pursuing the technology! Thus, black budgets would be involved in running operations such as crash retrievals. In his research of the subject, Ryan Wood, author of Majic Eyes Only: Earth’s Encounter with Extraterrestrial Technology, 2005, suggests there may be as many as 74 known incidents of UFO crash retrieval operations. Even if the actual number is less, obviously someone is justifying the expense for those operations. And again, the justification would be the pursuit of ET technology.
Besides wanting to retrieve the technology, they would also be asking “how does it work?” Now, add that question with the sheer number of ET abduction cases out there, and wouldn’t it stand to reason that somewhere along the way they would have to have asked, “Could some of these abductees know something?” Especially if those managing the ET issue within the covert world are aware to any degree the depth of abduction research and the number of individuals involved worldwide?
It would be their job to know. Their job to know that two different Roper Polls conducted have respondents the Roper organization says statistically represents approximately 4,000,000 (four-million) ET abductees in the continental US alone! Their job to know that abduction researchers numbering well into the double digits have on the average between 500 and 1,500 documented cases each! And that ET abduction is a worldwide phenomenon. Of course, these numbers would be known to those whose job it is to know – the cabal managing ET information and technology.

No Dereliction of Duty
I go so far as to say, again, it would be a complete and total “dereliction of duty” for those who are managing the subject to not be involved in monitoring abductions and the abductees involved. Anything happening to that many people, especially something as covert in nature as ET abductions, would have to be a matter of national security. So, it should come as no surprise to anyone who seriously looks at the abduction subject, the numbers of cases, the nature of the whole problem with ETs taking people against their will, and all the forms of complex evidence that goes with the subject, to hear that abductions have become a matter of national security. Enough to warrant monitoring and surveillance of the participants, and even occasional questioning of those involved!
To this add the justification for a huge black budget expense, a rather convenient one of military technology, and the only questions that should be remaining are why didn’t the ufology community figure this out earlier? And, why aren’t there even more cases involved? An obvious answer as to why there aren’t even more cases of RE-AB involvement is that same budget that is justified to a great extent may also be limited to an equal extent. If you are an abductee with mil/intel involvement, they must really think you have information they want; after all, they’re spending all that money on you. Congratulations, you are a black project!
From my research, there are four categories of information the covert-ops cabal wants as reported from the RE-AB experiences:
• ETs’ motives and agenda
• ET and abductee genetics
• ET and abductee psi abilities
• ET technology and its operation

In the cabal’s efforts to get their hands on ET technology they gather and reverse-engineer craft, and just like they gather craft, they also gather and reverse-engineer abductees. It appears they are doing this for the exact same reasons: the development of advanced technologies, back-engineering of ET craft, information on the ETs themselves, and control over every aspect of these issues. I have deduced their push for technology may exist for the following three reasons:
1. Militarism – The old military mindset may be at work here and would certainly apply if the mil/intel community thinks the ETs may be a threat. Whether preparing for a “hot war” or a “cold war” with ETs, it sure justifies a whole lot of black project spending. Even if they are only preparing for some possible future scenario, that could be seen as justification enough for a military buildup in the form of ET-tech.
2. Politics – They may be attempting to level the playing field and hold their own with the ETs, or working towards eventually joining as an equal partner in a “galactic community”.
3. Economy – The bottom line may be the bottom line. ET technology would be potentially lucrative in preparation for commerce and trade with ETs, as well as in the military-industrial complex’s development and application for more mundane uses, let alone the economic potential from the advancement of military technology and any development of breakthrough ET-related technologies. Recently, I heard an insider say that “ET technology is an infinite source of wealth” for the management cabal and their secret programs.

Covert-Ops Reverse Engineering of ET Abductees
All of this begs the question: What specifically does the ET-info management cabal want to reverse-engineer from the abductees? Here is a list of questions derived from the abductees’ accounts shared with me thus far:
1. What makes us an abductee and why are the ETs interested in us?
2. What is it about our genetics that interests the ETs?
3. What genetic changes or enhancements have been made to us?
4. What do we know about an ET agenda?
5. What mind control procedures can they learn, develop, or practice from/on us?
6. What are our psi abilities and have they been enhanced? How do we do ET psi (i.e. telepathy and psychokenisis)?
7. What are our mental abilities and have they been enhanced?
8. What have the ETs told, shown, or taught us?
9. What do we know about ET technology (i.e. propulsion or weapons)?
10. How do abductees operate ET technology and can we operate a piece a mil/intel person may hand to us?
11. What types of training procedures can they develop from us?
12. What medical info can they develop from us or practice on us?
13. How do we process ET information and how do we adapt to the ETs or to living with experiences?
14. What can they duplicate and apply to our technology or to our personnel?

These questions come directly from the abductees’ accounts of what the interrogators asked during the re-abduction scenarios. They make logical sense when you follow a crash-retrieval and reverse engineering developmental curve. First, there were the retrieved ET craft, then there were the retrieved components from those craft, then there were the pilots and operators. These individuals would otherwise be known as the personnel. It is logical when you develop the hardware, you’re left with asking who’s going to operate it and how are they going to do it? Logical, right?
Don’t you think those involved with the management, these covert-ops, ever thought to consider the personal accounts of those with first-hand hands-on ET tech experience? Those who may have operated it, worked its components, navigated, or flown it? Of course they would have! Let’s suppose that crash retrievals are about having ET tech and reverse engineering it is about having human tech that does what ET tech does, or mimics it. Then, reverse engineering crashed, shot down, or retrieved alien craft is not about the cabal having ET hardware, but about having human tech that does what ET tech does.
Reverse engineering the abductee may also be about learning how to abduct people; hence all the practice and development of mind control procedures. Obviously, they’re getting better at it. But, that would more likely be secondary, a useful byproduct. Reverse engineering the abductee is more likely about having personnel that are able to do what abductees are able to do. Besides abductees having lots of hands-on ET tech experience, some have also proved to be very resilient in dealing with the effects of interaction with the ETs and adapting to their experiences.
I’ve also come across the use of abductees in military and covert-ops training exercises in my research. Not because they plan on using abductees in some future scenario, although they may be, but more likely to develop training procedures vis-à-vis the abductees. After all, it would be too big a risk to use abductees directly. We are too unreliable, prone to go public at any moment, too talkative, would insist on disclosure, and usually don’t have the military, covert-ops, or intelligence training needed. Face it, we’re just not “yes men!” But, what we do have can possibly be taught to these individuals. It appears they may be trying. To put it simply, if reverse engineering the craft is about the technology, then reverse engineering the abductee is about the personnel! Or, better yet, it’s about the personnel and the technology. Because, when covert-ops’ interrogates and tests an abductee, they get both technical info and operational info.
Another way to look at this is you need a hybrid person to operate a hybrid technology. No wonder the covert-ops’ also have an interest in abductee genetics. And to be even more accurate, you need a hybrid functioning person to operate a hybrid functioning technology.

Know RE-ABS, Know Disclosure: No RE-ABS, No Disclosure
This research ends up redefining the UFO cover-up and policy of non-disclosure along with the abduction paradigm. There can’t be a truthful official disclosure without addressing the abduction phenomenon. It is likely ET abduction remains one of the prime reasons why the policy of non-disclosure remains. If this is true, it helps one to understand that disclosure may not be forthcoming anytime soon. And, there certainly can’t be disclosure without someone answering for the obviously illegal and unconstitutional actions of those involved in perpetrating events experienced in RE-AB scenarios.
I believe we may be able to learn a great deal about the cover-up from the RE-AB abductees by looking at what they’ve been questioned about by their human abductors. RE-AB abductees have witnessed things in their covert-ops experiences that the cabal is involved in. Just as the cabal learns about ET tech and plans from the abductees, ufologists may be able to get a better idea of the cabal’s plans by carefully examining these cases! Knowing the answers to these questions would go a long way in providing ufology a roadmap for how to bring about official disclosure. It is time for ufology to take the RE-AB evidence out of the closet. After all, it is some of the best evidence for the reality and importance of ET abductions.
Could it be that abductions are a central reason why a policy of non-disclosure is still in place? What if abductions are the main reason the ETs are even here? And what if the ET-info management cabal has known this? Hence why abductions became a matter of national security, maybe they always were.
With RE-ABS research, ET abductions are no longer the bastard stepchild of the UFO research community, relegated to being considered only in very separate terms as if somehow unconnected, or at best marginally connected, to the other areas of research.
Ufologists can no longer afford to separate crash retrievals, reverse engineering programs, technology development, the accounts of insiders, national security issues, UFO history, the cover-up, and our disclosure efforts from the abduction phenomenon. To leave out any aspect of the UFO equation that may lead to a better understanding of a human cabal agenda, an ET agenda, or of a human & ET cabal agenda, is to have only an incomplete picture of the phenomenon. RE-AB research builds the bridge for the inclusion of abduction in the disclosure discussion. A partial disclosure is no disclosure at all. All you have then is a repackaged, new and improved cover-up.

I’m not really trying to get anyone to change the name – to replace one acronym with another. Even I’ll continue to call the phenomenon “MILAB” out of sheer habit. The actual problem is not the name, but the paradigm.
I am asking that ufology expand its current abduction paradigm to include an even greater appreciation for the reality and significance of the abduction phenomenon as it relates to the overall UFO subject. And in particular, appreciation of the fact abductees are being reverse-engineered by the military and/or intelligence ET management cabal to access many forms of ET information. Ufology must shift its paradigm to include that abductees are being reverse-engineered because these experiences are an indispensable and integral part of the picture, a complete ET presence realty picture, that abductees are reverse-engineered in experiences known as MILABS…I mean…RE-ABS.

Any of the following pictures may be used in conjunction with this article and more are available upon request.


Technical rendering based upon Melinda’s original drawing to right


 Melinda’s original drawing of ET craft propulsion system



Melinda’s medical procedure in a “haz-mat” type clean-room environment


Black helicopter flying very low and circling repeatedly right above an abductee’s home


Boot print left by a military camouflage-uniformed abductor who leaned against wall with his foot up while in abductee’s home



Damage to door frame and foam weather-stripping from forced-entry into home during Melinda’s covert-ops experience.  Picture on left shows pulled apart door frame on right shows damage around door lock.  Foam and paint were brand new just one week before!


Bruises as a result of Melinda’s covert-ops experience involving an interrogation and threats made.  Arm bruises are from a guard holding tightly while walking.  Leg bruises were from a combination of situations.



Melinda on elevator in underground base

The following graphic best describes my current research of the development and unfolding of the furthering levels of involvement for abductees in the RE-Abs program.


The following article is the story of one of my general abduction experiences:

“Detour” – The Abduction Experience of Melinda Leslie and Two Friends

July 21, 1990 two male friends and I were abducted together while driving on a mountain road and experienced 2 hours of missing time. We each had some conscious memory and had separate hypnotic regressions for the details. The hypnotherapist later said we each remembered the same experience.
We are UFO investigators and had left at 10:30 p.m. planning on going sky watching at a local sighting “hot spot” less than 2 hours away. Shortly after leaving we stopped at a drive through for some quick food and drinks for the road. We had decided to take a route over the mountain because it was the quickest way. The beginning of the drive was uneventful and we were making good time since wanting to get out to the location as soon as possible and due to our leaving late.
As we started up the mountain road and entered a forested area we started seeing a variety of animals; a deer, black dogs, and coyotes. Each of us remembered seeing a coyote in the road. At some point we started seeing lights off in the distance that we speculated may have been UFOs. The 3 of us started to argue about whether we were seeing UFOs to the right or the left of our car.
I was sitting in the back seat of our SUV type car and looking out the right side window. One of the guys was the driver and the other was sitting in the right front passenger seat. My friend on the right seat was shining a large spotlight up in the sky out his window. We often bring this along on our investigations in hopes of “calling in” a UFO and increasing our chances of having a sighting (be careful what you ask for).
As we argued about whether we were having a sighting or not and what side of the car it was on there was suddenly three bright, blinding flashes of light inside and outside of the car and we all reacted saying “what the?!”. I then noticed my friend on the right still had the spot light out his window so that wasn’t the cause of lighting up the whole car. Then suddenly my friend who was driving slowed down the car and pulled it over to the right. I said “why are you stopping?” and he pointed out the front window and side “because of that”.
As we came to stop, I saw a 4 foot tall gray alien being standing in front of the car. My friend driving later said the being, or some force, took over the car after the flashes and brought the car to a stop, not him. He said the car was no longer under his control at that point. Then 2 alien beings came to the front passenger side door and opened it. My friend who was sitting there appeared to panic and a being touched him on his forehead and his head slumped down as if he was just “shut off”.
Meanwhile another being had come to the driver’s door, but my friend appeared to get out of the car on his own. I moved to the center of the back seat and then heard the car’s back hatch door open behind me and suddenly I found myself floating up off my seat. I was laid out floating flat on my back over the seat and out the back door and then set down on my feet, standing up behind the car.
To the left of the mountain road the hillside dropped away becoming a high cliff and there hovered a large UFO craft. The artist simplified the craft for his drawing, but the ship was actually layered, like a wedding cake, and was much larger. A ramp came down to the road from an opening in the side of the craft.
My friend who had gotten out of the car on his own was now walking onto the craft ahead of the being that was escorting him. My other friend was escorted by one alien to his side and another behind him. He was still slumped over and appeared to not be moving on his own. He would take a few steps and stop, then the being behind him would push on his back and he’d take a few more steps and stop again. This continued all the way up the ramp.
I was escorted by a being that took me by the hand and led me up the ramp and on board. Once on board our clothes were removed and we stood there, naked in front of each other. Each of us recalled later how we were so concerned, not for our own wellbeing or embarrassment, but for each other’s discomfort. While we weren’t speaking, we each later said we were trying to comfort each other with our eyes as if to say “it’s okay that you are seeing me this way and don’t be concerned for me, I’m okay.”
We were each walked into an adjoining room where there were 2 examination tables and a large reclining chair, similar to a dentist’s chair. My alert friend was escorted up onto one of the tables, the other was sat in the chair, and I was escorted up onto the other table. The beings preceded to vaginaly remove eggs (ova) from me. This was an all-too familiar procedure for me.
My friend on the other table was positioned in such a way as to give him a clear view of what they were doing to me. He kept turning his head away for my sake, but the beings kept forcing him to turn back and watch, but he wouldn’t. Later he said the beings were trying to excite him so they could extract sperm, but that he was mortified for me and that the beings were frustrated at his refusal. The beings attempted to remove sperm but discovered he had a vasectomy. He said the beings questioned him and did not understand why he would do this to himself. That they were very perplexed.
Meanwhile, my friend in the chair had some kind of headpiece that looked like headphones placed over his head and ears. He just stared ahead, motionless, but would blink every now and then. After the beings were done with my procedure, they removed me front he table and escorted me to another room. This room was large and I was made to stand in the middle of it. There were at least 20 beings in this room and they formed a large circle around me.
A black metallic mesh bag was pulled over my head, shoulders, and upper arms, and then it was tightened below by chest as if a drawstring was pulled. This pinned my arms to my sides and restricted their movement. It was completely dark inside this thing and I couldn’t see. Next thing I knew I was being pushed sideways and I started to fall over. I tried to move my feet to step out and catch myself, but my feet and legs wouldn’t move. This was very frightening because I realized that if I fell over I wouldn’t be able to break my fall and I’d be banged up to say the least. I was scared to death.
Suddenly my leaning over was stopped in midair and I started to go upright again only to then pass the standing position and start falling in the opposite direction. They then repeated this going back and forth. It started slowly without leaning me too far over, but then the speed and distance increased with each push. Each time I’d be pivoting and falling in a different direction. Eventually I fell so far over I was only feet from the ground before they’d “catch” me and send me in the other direction. I felt like one of those kids’ blow-up clown punching toys.
This was a horrific experience and at first I was never sure if I was going to go crashing to the floor. I was screaming and begging them to stop. I was also getting sick to my stomach from the motion and completely terrified. It seemed to go on forever. I eventually realized they were not going to drop me and learned to relax with it. The less I resisted, the less distance they’d drop me and the more I relaxed, they’d slow down the process. Eventually I was left standing still.
They took the bag off my head and it took me awhile to focus my eyes and get my equilibrium back. The room was still spinning. I was pissed off at them for scaring me so bad and I said “what the hell was that? You could have killed me!” The beings offered a weak apology and said I had to learn that I could trust them and that they couldn’t stop until I realized they were never going to drop me. I have a fear of heights and on this and one other occasion the aliens somehow knew it and knew they could push that button.
In retrospect, this was just like some corporate executive’s training exercise where you fall back with your eyes closed and your coworkers catch you to build trust and teamwork. Accept this was a trust training exercise on steroids! I was still angry as they took me back into the other room. Later one of my friends said he had no idea where they took me, but that I looked really pissed when they brought me back. He said he knew I was okay cause of the look on my face.
While I was out of the room from where my friends were, the beings gave my alert friend some specific technical information. He later said they showed him how to build a small simple device that would detect the presence of a UFO by detecting a difference in the magnetic field around the device. The UFO detector had both a light and an alarm that would go off if the field was disturbed. You could set the device for the light or the sound to go off. He later made these devices, gave them to UFO researchers, and sold them at conferences and events. While the devices did work, they often malfunctioned and eventfully he gave up making them. He always claimed the whole idea and design of the device came about in this experience during the time I was out of the room having my “trust” exercise.
Our other friend just sat in the chair the whole time, but eventually without his headset device on. He appeared to slowly regain awareness towards the end of the experience. It should be noted that during his multiple regressions for this event, from the moment the car stops, till the moment he got out of the chair, all he gets is a server violent spinning sensation that he’s not been able to break through. This may be the product of his having been “shut off” to some degree.
We were all walked out of this room and back into where are clothes were waiting. We were instructed to get dressed quickly and we did so on our own. We were walked back down the ramp and over to the car. We each got into the car on our own, but with the beings direction us. We were each positioned as if moving a manikin into position, back to exactly how we were before the car stopped. My friend who was driving drove the car off the shoulder back onto the road, I was in the center of the backseat, and my other friend had the spotlight placed back in his hands and was back tilting it out his rolled down window.
We drove down the road, but my friend with the light couldn’t get it back on. My friend driving said something about the radio scanners he brought were not working, that they were making strange buzzing sounds. The one was explaining about the light, but the other thought he was talking about the scanners. The two of them argued about which equipment was not working before they figured out that all the equipment was having problems. We were all agitated and confused, but had no memory of what had just occurred. One moment we were arguing about what side of the car we were having a sighting on, and the next moment our equipment is going haywire and we don’t know why. We didn’t realize the 2 hours were seamlessly gone till a short time later.
We drove a short distance when suddenly all 3 of us talked about having to use a rest room. The driver couldn’t wait so he pulled the car off the road into a large dirt turnout and both guys jumped out of the car to relieve themselves. Since this is never easy for girls, I opted for waiting till we got into town. We also all complained about being very thirsty. This is particularly strange because we had only stopped at the drive-through and had drinks only an hour earlier.
We drove into town and just off the freeway and because I couldn’t wait any longer we quickly found a convenience store. I darted in to use the restroom and all 3 of us bought large drinks. We sat in the car and each of us finished our drinks! We wondered why when we had just had drinks at what should have been only an hour and a half earlier. We also discussed how odd it was that we weren’t seeing any cars at all on the roads or people anywhere. We were in a busy area and it should only have been 12:00 midnight at the latest. My friend in the driver seat then commented that it seemed much later and looked at his watch.
He then said “you guys aren’t going to believe this, but its past 2:30! This didn’t make any sense; it should only have been 12:30. We joked this off, yet we really couldn’t account for the discrepancy or how the trip could have ever of taken us so long. Especially since we had been in such a hurry!
We then drove and tried to find the location we had planned to go to, but got horribly lost and drove in circles arguing the whole time. After much frustration of driving nowhere, we eventually turned around and decided we were way too tired to do any sky watching at this point. So, we started the drive home. My friend in the front passenger seat fell sound asleep. We later learned that this was a very odd thing for him to do. It turns out that his whole life he’s never been able to sleep in a car or any moving vehicle. Later his mother confirmed this for us, that to her frustration, even as a child he never slept in the car. Yet, this time he was out cold almost the whole way home! And, we took the long way back!
A few weeks later we drove this same route again just to time it. And we drove it many times since, but have found repeatedly that the whole drive should have taken about an hour and a half and not over 3 hours! On that occasion the trip took a full 2 hours longer than it ever should have and the 3 of us experienced quite the unexpected detour. Over subsequent days our memories of the event trickled back, but we agreed to never share what we remembered with each other till such time that we each had remembered as much as possible or received hypnotic regression. It took months for all of us to get up the courage to get regressed and more months still to get through the sessions.

Any of the following 2 pictures may be used in conjunction with this article.




  1. I meant to leave a comment on this several weeks ago thanking you (& Melinda) for sharing it. As it happens, I just finished reading a book by Leah Haley, “Lost Was The Key”, published in the 90’s. A lot of Melinda’s material including this post kept running though my mind the entire time I was reading it, I HIGHLY recommend it! Thanks again! ~S 😉


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